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Charli Dasmelio

Sewinghedgies101 It's a joke bruh

I wish we could all meet irl

lunamoonlight Same


greatamazingCheezits yup

Happy bday penny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a stellar day!!!🌺

JD2005 HBD!

Scruffypenny Thanks!!!

Dear JD, happy birthday! You were my very first online friend and I am so grateful. You are so caring and kind to everyone. Thank you for being you.✨
Xoxo, Lav💮

greatamazingCheezits aww

Does anyone have a tik tok account?

lunamoonlight Nope

Crafter4017 Uhhh, you aren’t allowed to share account names because that is not okie dokie, also no

darksun Yup

JD2005 Nope, wish I had.

Just got two molars pulled........ I feel like blah

Pumpkin oof...

Monkeymad60 Oof, I had one pulled a few weeks ago.

lunalovegoodmolly I feel you.

ArtistGirl ooooof

Hey guys........ What is a drapple?

lunamoonlight Draco X Apple, it's a Harry Potter ship.

Sewinghedgies101 Oh ok thx