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I am Scruffypenny! I am a happy member of the kidznet community. 

This is a short paragraph about me, just a bunch of facts put together.

I am from India and my birthday is 25/05/2009. My favourite colour is black and my least favourite colour is yellow. I am really introverted, I will speak to people if necessary but wont have a conversation unless I have to. My hobbies are animating, reading, colouring, playing, gymnastics and viola. I hate dance and am quite good at singing but I dont like to sing that much. I have a pet hamster named Wendy and she is white and great! I have no siblings and dont want any. I really want a cat because they are amazing. Yes sorry I know it sounds like a five year old wrote this but I have only spent like 15 minutes of school time and I cant spend any more!


Link to journal:

I also have a community fun/games group that I made and this is the link if you want to join:


Word Guessing challenge winners:

Queeny, Lunamonlight, greatamazingCheezits, Kinso, JD2005 They are super amazing and smart to have guessed the word.

The word was unicorn :)



Thats all you have to know about me! Bye!


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