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I have not been online for so long along with vanillacake and cakelover. That is because I don't have very much time and have other things to do. I know that the other two are not online as I go to the same school and they keep me updated. So sorry for not being online. It has been about three months and I just read through everything. Keep up all the hard work and you will still be the best online friends I have ever had and will not forget this community. I may not be able to post anymore but I will try to find time to do kidsnet.
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I have not been able to post in a while but the prizes for the winners are gonna be their poem written out with a border and pictures. Hope your going to like it. And I think I will have them ready by 2 weeks as I have lots of after school activities and I have got camp and a cultural event.

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Anyone have any idea of where you can order violas online? We are looking for a new instrument for me and most stores do not rent or sell violas.

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My entry:

Trees all around me,
the trees whispering their stories,
sharing their dreams,
telling eachother,
what they have seen.

Do they talk about,
me and you?

If you listen in the silence,
you can hear them,
softer than the softest whisper,
but yet so clear,
to those who truely listen.

A/N Please no one steal this! Don't take it. Message me if you want to use it for something really bad and I will tell you. Please give me credit. Also, I can not write rhyming poems, sorry.

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Feel free to write feedback on my story and sorry that it had to be posted like this as me or my parents could not figure out a way to put it on a hyper link that would not lead into my google drive and that you all will be able to see my stories.

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Chapter 1

So let me introduce myself. I am a stray cat that escaped
the animal shelter two years ago (a year after my birth I was
placed there after my mother died giving birth to me so do the
math if you want to know how old I am) and I am black so
everyone thinks I will bring bad luck. Does the colour really
matter?! Just look at me and if I am nice to you (which will
rarely happen) Just adopt me, feed me and play with me but be
prepared to get nothing in return as I am a big fat pussy cat.
You might think that I am not including something and you
are right. I am not saying my name as I don’t have one. Nobody
ever gave me a name as the animal shelter wanted me to get a
fresh start with the people that adopted me but that never
happened. I was stuck there for a month and then half a year
and then a year and I had enough of it.
I was sick and tired of that place and I needed a new life
as nobody was adopting me. My best friend there a tabby cat
got adopted a week after she came there. We were both very sad
to know that we will never see each other ever again. Even though
it was a week she won a place in my heart and will never be
forgotten. Well those were my days of doom. Time to put the
past behind me and start a new future which is what the book is
all about. The first few chapters will be about my past and then
it will be about how I will find my best friend.
I have had a lot of trouble before I could get to the point
where I was stable and had found my friend but hey, No pain No
gain. That’s always how I think about it.

Chapter 2

The first day of my life. I was born next to a village close
by a big meadow. The meadow had all sorts of beautiful flowers
in it and the sun was high up in the sky. My mother was the first
thing I saw. She started to lick me the minute I was exposed to
the world. “Such lovely kittens” she said and then fell, not moving
anymore. When I looked around, not knowing what had happened, I
saw two other kittens lying motionless on the floor. I was the
only one that had survived.
So then I looked around and started meowing and making
noise so that someone saw or heard me. Then suddenly a tall
someone came walking by and noticed me and ran up to me. Then
he made a bunch of weird sounds and a group of other people came
to me. They crowded around and made lots of noises.
Then at last someone picked me up and the others and
walked away. I was scared and did not want to end up the same
as my brothers and sisters. My vision was also really bad like all
other kittens at birth and only when a few meters away did I
make out the shapes of houses.
I got placed in one of the houses with another elderly cat
and got raised up by her. After that I slept and ate most of
the time. And did nothing but that until I was two weeks old.
Then I soon learned everything about the village from the other
gazillion cats that lived there. I learned the rules and what you
can get a punishment for and everything but the only problem was
that I did not want to live in a village. The place was too
crowded and had so many people.
I wanted a place calm and all to myself. The other cats told
me that I was a boy and the eldest predicted that I would not

be loved by the villagers as much as the rest as I was a black
cat. And black cats bring bad luck they thought. That was exactly
what happened. I never got my food on time and had very little
amounts. Nobody but the cats played with me and I was not even
allowed to sleep with them in a bed and had to sleep on the cold
hard floor.
One day when I was about six weeks old, I had enough of it!
I was done with this village and wanted to live somewhere else
where I was respected and appreciated.
From that time I started collecting my food in a bag and
had found a wooden box right next to a house. I wanted to go
sailing on the ocean and find a totally new place. I wanted to do
that in five nights. I also went fishing by the beach about a mile
from here. Everyday I would just eat enough to fill me up and
then I would go to bed.
After about four nights I had ten bags of fish and two
bags of cat food. Which of them I would prefer, of course, was
fish. Like all the other cats in the village we only got fish twice a
month and I got less as I was a black cat and would bring them
bad luck by them not being able to get good fish if I ate some.
However, I still loved the taste only that I never got enough to
fulfill my wish.
The day arrived and I got ready to go. I put all my food
that I hid away in the meadow in the wooden box and made kind
of a balcony by putting logs through the holes in the opening to
get out, get new fish and fresh air.
Water should not be a problem as I will be on the ocean and
I can just drink the ocean water. Then I pushed the box down a
dirt track and to the beach. Then I put on the right side and
gave it a push to the water and jumped into it. It had worked
and I was floating away to the ocean and maybe new land.

Chapter 3

Hours turned into days and days turned into weeks and I
was still on the ocean. Onwards ever Onwards I thought. All this
hard work will pay off and bring me to a fantastical place and a
loving home. But no. It was the exact opposite.
I landed in the middle of a crowded beach full of people and
soon there was a crowd around me. There were all sorts of noise
and the place was really cloudy and polluted. They spoke something
completely different to the villagers and they were much more
awed by me. When someone lifted me up I did my cutest meow,
they didn't know what a devil awaited them.
Phew cats could not speak or I had the feeling that I would
be bombarded by questions. I felt scared and unsure of what to
do but then and idea struck me. As this is the opposite of what I
wanted I could just hop back into the box and leave to someplace
else. That's exactly what I did. I scratched the person holding me
and ran to my box and gave it a push and got carried off by the
waves immediately.
In a few minutes the land was nowhere to be seen but
another problem befell me. A storm.
There were fast, loud winds and lightning and thunder
everywhere. I was curled up in the corner, the bags of food
protecting me from direct winds and the cold. I was petrified and
didn’t move a muscle. After a few moments I was starting to
float and bounce a little and then I got carried away with the
wind. I was so scared I started biting my tail and itching my
back until it hurt.
Then after a while we landed back on to land on a beach and
the bok got stuck in sand so I had to dig my way out. All the

bags of food were gone but luckily I survived and they call black
cats bad luck after all that had happened to me.
The place was calm and really beautiful and had trees almost
everywhere. There were many palm trees and a bunch of coconuts.
I was really hungry so I climbed into the tree and pushed a
coconut down to the ground. Perfect it cracked open I thought.
When I jumped down I drank the water and ate the white parts.
I tasted delicious, even better than fish I thought. Then I
grabbed a few more and put them in a bag from the wooden box.
I ventured further into the place. Then Suddenly I saw a
van coming right at me. Oh no time to drop everything and run I
thought and that was exactly what I did. I ran straight ahead
and then took a few left and right turns but the van kept up
with me and always stayed on my tail. Then I made a bad
mistake I ran into a dead end and the van followed me in there
and closed me in.
I could see no way out and then one of the people came and
grabbed me with a harness. I was protesting as much as I could
but they grabbed me so I could not move at all, let alone bite or
scratch. Then they took me to the van and put me in a cell and
locked the door. I saw another cat and two dogs and a rabbit. I
knew this was doom.

“Yes! We will be going to the animal shelter and get
adopted! I have been waiting to find this van so they can take
me there. My scavenging days are over now at last! You should be
happy to go here!” said one of the dogs. “Sad no one will adopt you
as you are a black cat!” sneered one of the other cats. Ugh I
thought. I will just ignore them. Wait till they see me leave I
thought. The sad look on their faces when a rich lady comes and
picks me up.

Chapter 4

The cat was right. The days turned into weeks and the
weeks to months but the rich lady never came. Nobody even gave
as much as a glance to me. But the only thing in my cat shelter
days that I would not regret was meeting my best friend.
She was snow white with bright blue eyes. The opposite colour
of me but the same colour eyes. She was the only one that
Wanted to spend time with me. She was the most lovely person I
had ever seen. She felt like my sister even though I had seen my
own siblings dead.
Even though it was only a week and I barely got to know
her I would do anything to see her once more. When after a year
nobody came to adopt me I was tired of it. I needed a change.
Every night in the cage and spend the days outside in the tiny
little garden with fences nobody could climb over.
I worked on my plan. I would go and hide in the garage and
then when it was night I would just run out through the window
that was always open. Apparently I had to stay in the garage for
more than five hours before it was night as they only went there
in the morning to get food and I had to sneak in.
The plan had worked and that night I was successfully able
to escape the place. I took me a long time to figure out the
pattern but I did it at last and I was able to escape.
The first question was where to go and then was where I
would find shelter as it started storming.
I ran to a place where I found upturned bins to keep me
dry and I found a bag full of rubbish which I could eat out of.
Not a bad start I thought. Soon I drifted into sleep. The
morning was cold and wet but I must continue. Then after a long
time walking, I saw a poster that changed my life. My best
friend was on that picture.

Chapter 5

I then immediately tried to pick a scent of her from that
lamp post. I got it and I followed it to an apartment. Then I
found an open window with her scent leading to it. It was also
getting dark. The sun began to set and the streets were
emptying. I jumped in through the window and into an open
cupboard and hid at the very back. The place had no food in it but
it had a nasty odor of a rotting something.
After a few hours of waiting I heard footsteps and ducked
to the very back and did not move a muscle. I heard wheezing
from inside and the scent got stronger. I peeked outside and saw
an old lady. That is not what I was looking for, I thought. Then
the footsteps grew louder and then finally she came and opened
the door to the cupboard and screamed and I made a run for it.
Was my sense of smell that is responsible for this accident
or was it the correct location but not the right time? I could not
think until I was a safe distance away from that house. I
wanted to come back the next day and see if I could spot me
best friend anywhere.

Sometimes you gotta be creative and I just copy pasted my story here if it has not worked below. I will try to find a more efficient way to sort this out or will just keep doing it like this.

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