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Let notifications pile up for a Month.
How many I have got about 729 and cant find the mark all as read button.
Just have to stick with it then I guess. 🙄

KnightStar Lol I have 9,000

JD2005 XD

JD2005 BTW, I've 7163.

lunalovegoodmolly Crazy! I let them build up for a few days and have 179

Queeny I've got 5,659!

Kitten Wow

Kitten I only have 1,537

I have been wondering if in the harry potter books Voldemort turned himself into Dumbledore (using polyjuice potion) and while Dumbledore was away that he would wreck the school and that there was an "early battle of hogwarts." And that Dumbledore wouldn't have died. That would have been so amazing as Dumbledore would then go with Harry for the horcrux hunt. Nut then again there is a twist as he already had that rotten hand and the curse so he would have died anyway. So not cool and illogical. Well apart from if it happened in the order of the phoenix and Voldemort showed himself a little early

lunalovegoodmolly You should delete this. Not everyone has read HP. You could spoil it for someone. You can post it in my UP Group.if you want.

lunalovegoodmolly HP*

KnightStar Voldemort is quite weak after splitting his soul apart, he only has down to 2% of himself in his body. I think it's interesting on how it seems he has more of Harry then him in himself. But good theory!

GemHeart Hm... that would be cool!

Kitten Please delete it. You just spoiled it for me. 😾

Hello All
How is ur day going.

B Good
C Meh
D bad
E miserable 😡

KnightStar B, it's good and I live in America?

lunamoonlight C

FunHeart1010 C

JD2005 B, 15.8.2019, India.

JD2005 *16.8.2019

JD2005 *16.8.2019

lunalovegoodmolly A!!!!!! GREAT!

Kitten D

whereintheworld great i have school

FairyPrincess B,8.16.2019 and I live in Bangladesh.

Have u ever noticed that I comment one thing more than once or comment one thought in two comments. Well that is because of my iPad as I have to press enter to comments and if I have to use backspace then sometimes I press enter or just by accident. Please keep in mind this is not for points but by accident.

lunalovegoodmolly Ok! I never thought it was!

Hello all! Having a good time

Scruffypenny *?

Kitten Yeet

FairyPrincess Yup!

lunalovegoodmolly Yes!

Another drawing I made a few days ago. Like it?

lunalovegoodmolly Yes. It is cool!

FairyPrincess No. I don't like it. I LOVE IT!

Emelyisaway I love Pusheen the cat! This is so cute!

Kitten Yes

ammyk Aww! Great job!

ammyk 👍

loading0slowly its adorable awww

lunamoonlight Cute😻 I love it

GemHeart Awwwww!!!

A drawing I made a few days ago. Did not post as I could not find my iPad.

Scruffypenny Like it?

lunalovegoodmolly I do. It is great.

FairyPrincess Wow.. I think this is the best artwork I've seen today.

Emelyisaway So cute! :D

Kitten Noice

lunamoonlight Awesome

GemHeart Very cute!! I'm sharing, awesome job.

FunHeart1010 Cool, did you use that YouTube channel DrawTooCute? It looks a lot like it. Anyway cool!

Scruffypenny Yup I did

My hamster going crazy. Would not even give me a good pose like she used to.

lunalovegoodmolly Still cute tho.

hghux555 yeah definitly

Kitten Yeet

This is my first attempt on water color with my dad. It is a picture of wind mills reflecting on a lake and a boat in the corner at the end of the lake. Do you like it???? Please can you give me ideas on how to improve or what I could make for my next picture.

GemHeart Good job! ;)

lunamoonlight Woah, dats great!

CSeriestechhero A

CSeriestechhero Umm...

CSeriestechhero Ohmygodthatissocoolisuckatpaintingteachmehowtopaintpleaseyouareawesome!

hghux555 Great job! it looks really good

lunamoonlight Agreed @Cseriestechhero

Scruffypenny Well my dad helped me and I did most of the colouring and a

Scruffypenny Sketching and he just told me what to do

Kitten That is beautiful!