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Hello! I’m sorry that I didn’t come on for a while, I forgot the password and then I kept typing it wrong trying to log in. I’ll be on more often. And I read through almost all the new posts just no comment or reaction to most.

For anyone who is interested this is a clip studio paint drawing contest 2020!!!
I thought maybe ppl were interested so ill post it! if you wanna join then do so! dont be discouraged that you cant do it, not trying is the biggest mistake. but yea. ENJOY! yes that might be lavender town but i think she judge...


Dizzy ooo- I'll tRy but...... im not great at drawing lol

lunamoonlight Yeah thats LavenderTown, i watch her videos

I came home at about three. I did some hw to five thirty. Then I drew and drew till dinner and rn it’s almost 10 and I finally feel finished although my drawing isn’t perfected yet.

lunamoonlight Its really good! The proportions are even, the shading is great, i like the cartoon style, it looks really good. Reminds me a little bit of LavenderTowne's artwork (google if u dont know who that is)

Scruffypenny i JUST found out about her. ima post a clip studio link... TYSM FOR FEEDBACK@

Scruffypenny sry for upside down tho

Im sorry for not being on for about a week. School just started and i got piled with hw. I also configured my mac. Ill try to come on more often :D im busy rn with trying to sync this with my mac. its not going great....

lunamoonlight No worries

JD2005 Don't worry!

Today was my first day of school after the summer holidays! I’m soo happy to be back! We just did general introduction and reviewed time tables. School hours gonna increase and homework too. Tomorrow we will start lessons. I’m soo excited!!!!!

BLACKMAGICUNI1234 yay my school already started!

lunamoonlight Cool

JD2005 Cool :)

Gemheart, you might need this.

JD2005 Nice drawing and handwriting :)

GemHeart Thank u, works great!!!

Scruffypenny ty!


I was having dinner at my friends house. They invited me because my parents went to work and wouldnt come home till like 8. So yea. I was happy about that. Although I never said anything their mom is like amazing and she found out one way or the other.

My fav moment of the day was when we (me, my friend and her bro) were challenged by her dad at a try not to laugh contest. He tried for quite some time and then at the end he said.

If *Bro's name* were ever to start a baby-sitting program when his sign would say:

BABY-SITTING! 10 euro an hour!

Kid must be sleeping and has to sleep through the night. I only come to make sure of his safety.
A bag of chips must be ready on the table with a can of fanta.
Wifi name and code must be written on a paper.
There should be an instruction manual which says on how to use netflix.

btw, if the child dies its not my fault.

ofc it was in dutch but we all burst out laughing so hard the neighbours had to ask us to be quiet. and then I played with them on their Wii for an hour and we did contests. Me and her bro against her and her dad and we won But yea, it was a fantastic afternoon. rn I alone home. I called parents and its nine and they still didnt come. :/ hope they ok but they answered phone and dad comes at 11:45 and mom at 10:00.

Netflix is mine hehehe.

no just jk, i gonna read.

Scruffypenny and then I gonna finish writing my story.

lunamoonlight Sounds awesome. I dont know where any of my friends live, much less have i been there.

hkc cool

GemHeart :D yup you told mehz :D

JD2005 :D

Scruffypenny Well to luna, my friend lives 30 secs from me. ik her from my street.

I started reading the lord of the rings book!!! I just bought it a second ago but want a fresh start from tomorrow morning.

ArtistGirl :000 yass


JD2005 :)

BLACKMAGICUNI1234 omg i am reading the hobbit

The most notifications I have gotten over-night. 62

JD2005 :)

Sorry for useless spam below...hehe

hkc Haha

hkc 😉

JD2005 It's totally okay lol.