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Sakutotade Wanted a little help wit my work anyone who knows the answer??

digglehead The liquid in the right rises up 👆

WhizKid When there are two liquid columns with a hole connecting them, the water will always go to the same level on both sides. This means the water on the right side will go down and the water on the left will go up until they are at the same level. The correct answer is A.

WhizKid For part 2, you should be able to pull the water from the 200 ml bottle into the 500 ml bottle, but it would depend on their positions. The bottle getting the fluid needs to be lower for it to work as a siphon.

WhizKid Part 3 does not have enough information really to answer. I'm guessing the answer is b, since a cube bearing in a syringe would leak water because it does not seal it well enough.

Crystal Whoa,that homework looks hard!

Jenny What grade are you?😶😶

GemHeart Whoa Whizkid. You deserve your name.

Sakutotade Hey thank you very much whizkid that really helped alot

Sakutotade And crystal my homework is really very difficult