hey there! i am a bookworm, world scholars cup scholar, harpist and most importantl, a passionate music lover! the music i love include:

- ALL of the songs by the band “Why Don’t We” (I am a huge fan; yeah, a limelight. if any of you like WDW too, just know that Zach Herron is my lane 😤😜) 

-Lowkey by NIKI (Nicole Zefanya, or, NIKI, is from my country and her songs are pretty good!)

- Shawn Mendes!! I ADORE Senorita! speaking of which;

- Camila Cabello!!! her songs are amazingly great. (p.s. i ship shawmila)

- Ariana Grande- I love her Dont Call Me Angel song!

anyways after me geeking out about awesome people, i hope i’ll get to know y’all better! come chat with me if ur bored :D

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