JD2005 WB!

lunalovegoodmolly HIIIIIIIIIIIII!

FairyPrincess Hello!!!

hey guys! sorry for the hiatus, but anyways... today's my birthday! lol i feel like im promoting myself 🙈 actually what i really want is pop song suggestions because my playlist is getting dangerously full of why dont we songs

SZ07 thanks :)

FunHeart1010 Happy birthday! And welcome back!!

JD2005 HBD & WB!

forgxtten HAPPY B-DAY! hold on while i make you a google doc...

Pumpkin happy birthdat!

Pumpkin *birthday

SZ07 aww thank you guys!

Pumpkin :)

literally- am i the only one who listens to Why Don’t We?

forgxtten I do!

KnightStar aM I tHe only oNe wHo lIstEns to tHis???

JD2005 I don't.

FunHeart1010 I listen to some of their songs...

GemHeart I listened to one song and was done.

Pumpkin I do not

KnightStar I use to but same Gem, it wasn't my style I guess, it reminded me too much of some other kid...

Queeny ehhh, I've heard of them...

Hi! I know it's been a while but I want to start something
Reply to this post with your favorite lyric of a song without telling me which song
I want to see what you'd reply with and if I can guess where it's from 😋
I'll start below...

SZ07 "And if I said I'm falling, would you just reply, 'I know you are, but what am i?'"

Lavendershrews And sometimes I go out past till. And I look across the water.

lunamoonlight People change, even Satan used to be an angle

KnightStar Luna, that is from one of NF's songs, isn't it? Anyways, I like "Flames so hot that they turn bluePalms reflecting in your eyes, like an endless summer"

GemHeart "But I gotta say this, running out of self-restraint, it's getting too late, turn your back on me so I say, bye, bye, bye~" (BTW this is the English version of a Japanese song XD)

Queeny "Bye bye baby blue, I wish you could see the wicked truth, caught up in a rush it's killing you, screaming at the sun you blow into"

SZ07 wow this is tricky

SZ07 lol i know where they’re from but i searched them all up 😅

PrincessKittens 🎵But shes my princess with a mild case of PARANOID SCHIZOPHRENIAAA!🎶

hey guys! im back lol
what's your favorite singer/ band?

Pumpkin Wb

lunalovegoodmolly Shawn Mendes, Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber. Can't chose!

KnightStar I dunno, Jack Stauber?

lunamoonlight Skillet, Bad Wolves, or Linkin Park.

FairyPrincess Welcome back!!

Queeny I don't really have a favorite singer lol

FunHeart1010 Billie Eilish and mxmtoon.

FunHeart1010 Billie Eilish and mxmtoon.

SZ07 cool! my personal favorite is the boy band “Why Don’t We” :D

SZ07 you guys should try listening to them, they are actually really good.


Queeny Hello!

lunalovegoodmolly Hi.

FortnitePlayer hey there!

Romi330 Sup

FairyPrincess Hello

Hi! Sorry I haven’t been on for a while since I just got back from a competition in Beijing. To people who are interested in learning many different things and are interested in debate, writing, multiple choice quizzes where you can pick multiple choices, gigantic kahoots, and most especially making friends from different countries and having fun together as a global community, I totally recommend World Scholars Cup. In this competition, you will have to study up on 6 different subjects;
This year’s was:
Special Area; Unsolved Mysteries
Science; Enabling Technologies
Arts & Music; Louder Than Words
Literature; Voices From The Margins
Social Studies; On The Edge Of Society
History; Neglected Histories
And the main theme was A World on the Margins
So basically in this competition you will have to be in a team of 3 (if you dont have one, thats okay you can enter as a soloist and they’ll find a team for you)
And go through
Team Debate
Team Writing
Team Challenge (the hardest multiple choice quiz ever) (you can pick multiple choices)
Team Bowl (kahoot)
And after you pass our regional round (wherever you are, from Argentina to Zambia, they have it) to go to globals, the process starts all over again but of course, a liiiittle harder. BUT
Thats where the fun begins:
Scavenger Hunt (you will be put in teams of 11. No one in the group will be from the same country or school and you get a chance to make new friends.)
Scholars Ball (THE BEST. You get to dance the night away after stressing through your academics. The DJ will blast out loud pop music and you can dance or get food or watch dance battles. Your choice)
Cultural Fair (Represent your country proudly in this fair and visit other booths too! My school usually puts up a dance in our booth bc we r extra
And dont forget the talent shows! You can boast your talent or untalents (some people got up onstage and just started chugging ketchup) onstage and have flashlights waving at you from the audience. I’ve been there. Its cool.
Age groups:
Skittles; 9-10
Juniors; 11-14
Seniors; 14 up
Just convince your teacher to join.
TRUST ME. Yu wont regret paying to get to the global rounds. It is an AWESOME experience.
Here’s the official website: www.scholarscup.org

SZ07 They r all about alpacas (u get super cute dollz!), chairs (thank your chairs) and the song ‘Sample Of My Pasta by BTS’ XD Website: http://www.scholarscup.org/ Subjects: http://www.scholarscup.org/subjects/ Video u can watch to learn about the program: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43nNQ0p9jDY Its completely worth it. I came home with amazing memories that are completely unforgettable. Trust me no matter how expensive its worth it. Its a global learning celebration for socially awkward people who love to learn, make friends and party :) If you guys are joining, tell me and maaaybe we could meet? Thx (Sorry if it was long :P)

KnightStar That sounds cool!

Pumpkin Kk

whereintheworld Sign me up!!

SZ07 You can do it through the website