hkc Spooky


lunamoonlight Sup

HeyitsBabyKiki Hi

hkc Hey

SHA1 I took this scene

Scruffypenny Omg pretty like sooo amazingly pretty

lunamoonlight Oooooooh pretty! I love it

hkc Nice

This is my school tablet and my laptop is broken so I can't post any thing these days right

now I can post anything

hkc Ok.


Autumn ?

hkc Hmm

JD2005 ?

My country Maldives
My island lh. Naifaru
In my island one person is found positive to covid 19
And that is a teacher
Oh God, please save us from the covid 19
😭 😭 😭

JD2005 :(

Scruffypenny :(

KnightStar one positive? nah, they just ain't testing. but anyways, a lot of people I know got it and they say it's chill so. hopefully she just got a light case


lunamoonlight ..?

JD2005 ?