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no one is ever active anymore

CSeriestechhero Umm.. Yeah we are

GemHeart ;(

Emelyisaway ive had school and im stressed D: sorry

lunamoonlight I am

hkc Yeah..

JD2005 Yes, sadly. :/

Scruffypenny I got school too

hkc :(

Sophiacodingirl, why are you commenting on all my old posts??

Twentyonepilotsan Cause she wants to

JD2005 Lol... What's your problem with it?

What did you mean by this, Crafter??

JD2005 IDK, probably they are just kidding.

Scruffypenny No idea

Oh my gosh. I just looked at my first post. 3 years old! No way!!! I was one of the first people to join KidzNet!!!

JD2005 You rarely come online lol.

Romi330 I know ;-;

Hey KS, are you hiring yet? I'm currently 14. "Legally" allowed to have a job.

Kitten They aren't hiring kids 😅

JD2005 I think you can't apply for a job at KS until you are 18.

GemHeart Lol, no. XD

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Idiot- Lets say, for the sake of the arguement, water rose another 5 feet, or 10 feet over the years. You really think people wouldnt just sell their homes and move?

lunamoonlight Im dying, im absolutely dying.

JD2005 XD

Romi330 Lol!

Romi330 😁 😁 😁 😁

Queen157 Hahahahahahahaha

KnightStar no, sell it to a fish family, yknow they are suffering to find homes.

GemHeart Hahah Knight

Romi330 This deserves a lot more likes than 3! ITS QUALITY!

JD2005 XDD

lunamoonlight XD Thanks my dude.

not a 6 and not a 9 but they are 420.

supercoolpenguin ????

ThatBluePikmin He means the 69 and 420 which is inappropriate

lunamoonlight Well 420 isnt necessarily inappropirate, 69 is but 420 is fine.

Autumn inappropriate

JD2005 ?

Any OGs? (Other than me) The definition of OG: No ads.

GemHeart Yup.

animalcrossing10 In the 1

Hey KS? Are you active anymore?

lunamoonlight Yez

KnightStar yes

Queen157 Yeas!

JD2005 Yep!

greatamazingCheezits yup

Hello friends, I'm back!

Crafter4017 I haven’t heard this name in years. Ever since Machinama became defunct, ever since the Xbox 360 dashabord changed,

JD2005 WB!