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Check this out in the link below! I published it using a pen name: Rebekah L. Morrisey, and will be putting another one out soon!

GemHeart Awesome!!!

Emelyisaway cool :D


Who wishes to tell me what’s wrong with this picture!

lunalovegoodmolly 0% and it is still on

FunHeart1010 One, no internet, 2 it 0% and it's still on.

PrincessKittens This happened to me once I had 0% for a whole hour!

lunamoonlight It is dead, but technically my tablet is at 0% for 2 seconds before it dies, I have seen it!

sunandmoon Its at 0

RavenHeartBooks I was in the middle of nowhere on a road trip when that happened. I quickly grabbed my phone and snapped a picture of it. It shut off a minute later. Xd

ammyk Same lunamoonlight

GemHeart Whoa... phone: I MUST HOLD ON TO LIFE

JD2005 HOW'S THAT POSSIBLE!!? Same Gem, lol!


Novel Writer

Drumming fingers on a table
Sorting fiction from the fable
Fixing words and writing stories
Making lists of categories.

Late nights spent rewriting lines
Early mornings reading guidelines
Hours spent to reach a goal
Coffee always plays its roll.

When you think you just then finished
All your excitement diminished
Sitting there in bold and red
An obvious error you misread.

So back again to fix it now
You will find something else somehow
You pull your hair and start again
Your pencil breaks and dry your pen.

Why do we still put up with this?
For writing is a deep abyss
That we will fall into for weeks
While stronger temper ever peaks.

We live with this because we love it
And we will always rise above it
And then it feels wonderful
To know we have climbed from the hole.

We write the future, present, past
Each one of us hardly the last
To make the world’s latest prediction
Who cares if it’s written in fiction!

GemHeart YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! (also when I write fanfiction XD)

GemHeart YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! (also when I write fanfiction XD)

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Pumpkin lol

To those of you who has heard that some want to lower the voting age to 16:

RavenHeartBooks XD

lunamoonlight I am 12, I really don't care.

FunHeart1010 #Trump2020

Pumpkin Lol

RavenHeartBooks 😁

GemHeart #Trump2020 !!!!! But 16 year olds are sorta dumb. That's coming from me, and I'm 15.

lunamoonlight Everyone is sorta dumb, have you ever watched Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?

whereintheworld I think they could be they should take a class to learn about this stuff

ammyk It KINDA doesn't make sense that you can't drive until 16, vote until 18, & drink until 21.

ammyk Good idea @whereintheworld!

I'm double-jointed! Is anyone else?

hghux555 ya

FortnitePlayer I am

Pumpkin Nooooooooo

KnightStar Yes

Emelyisaway Yea!

RavenHeartBooks I honestly creep my family out with everything I can do with my hands. I can touch my left thumb to my left wrist, bend the fingers backwards, and dislocate my thumb at will! The looks on their faces are hilarious.

forgxtten lol

bella07 I'm not

bella07 It will be really creepy

ammyk I'm not.