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To those of you who has heard that some want to lower the voting age to 16:

RavenHeartBooks I think we should have the right to. I’m 15 and on a debate team. I’ve never lost a debate and know my politics. If we know what we want and believe, I don’t see why we shouldn’t have a say on our country’s future. #Trump2020

Scruffypenny xd

RavenHeartBooks XD

lunamoonlight I am 12, I really don't care.

FunHeart1010 #Trump2020

Kitten Lol

RavenHeartBooks 😁

GemHeart #Trump2020 !!!!! But 16 year olds are sorta dumb. That's coming from me, and I'm 15.

lunamoonlight Everyone is sorta dumb, have you ever watched Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?

whereintheworld I think they could be they should take a class to learn about this stuff

I'm double-jointed! Is anyone else?

lunamoonlight Me

rockabillykitty123 i am!

lunalovegoodmolly Nope!

hghux555 ya

FortnitePlayer I am

Kitten Nooooooooo

KnightStar Yes

Emelyisaway Yea!

RavenHeartBooks I honestly creep my family out with everything I can do with my hands. I can touch my left thumb to my left wrist, bend the fingers backwards, and dislocate my thumb at will! The looks on their faces are hilarious.

ArtistGirl lol