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To those of you who has heard that some want to lower the voting age to 16:

RavenHeartBooks I think we should have the right to. I’m 15 and on a debate team. I’ve never lost a debate and know my politics. If we know what we want and believe, I don’t see why we shouldn’t have a say on our country’s future. #Trump2020

Scruffypenny xd

RavenHeartBooks XD

lunamoonlight I am 12, I really don't care.

FunHeart1010 #Trump2020

Kitten Lol

RavenHeartBooks 😁

GemHeart #Trump2020 !!!!! But 16 year olds are sorta dumb. That's coming from me, and I'm 15.

lunamoonlight Everyone is sorta dumb, have you ever watched Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?

whereintheworld I think they could be they should take a class to learn about this stuff

I'm double-jointed! Is anyone else?

lunalovegoodmolly Nope!

hghux555 ya

FortnitePlayer I am

Kitten Nooooooooo

KnightStar Yes

Emelyisaway Yea!

RavenHeartBooks I honestly creep my family out with everything I can do with my hands. I can touch my left thumb to my left wrist, bend the fingers backwards, and dislocate my thumb at will! The looks on their faces are hilarious.

ArtistGirl lol

bella07 I'm not

bella07 It will be really creepy