ROblox players what year did you join roblox?

lunamoonlight 2020, I used it once at the library to play with a friend lol

tacoboi 2016 NERDS

tacoboi im not bein mean

JHAMMER2 I've never played in my life

Queeny 2019

darksun I don't know.. it was a while ago i was like 8 and now i'm almost 15- but i only started actually playing playing and not jet trying it out and watching my older cousins this year lol, i like to play with my friends a lot

EloquentRacer92 I hate ROBLOX anyways I joined in august 2020.

SHA1 2020

JD2005 Um... 2019 I guess.

bubblegum i joined new years 2017

Y u no load kidzsearch

lunamoonlight Good question

Pumpkin omg saaame

Ash Yeah Kidzsearch y u no load

KidzSearch It should be working now, but may take a while to initially load new content.


JD2005 ?

Ash No


JD2005 ?

Ash Yes

Yo who is from cali

Raven My uncle lives there

Sugarrushfa Not me!

Dash201 I dont live ther and im not from there

PurpleMochi I was born there and lived there until last summer.

JD2005 Not me.

I am from Poulsbo guys

Raven I kinda like it there

JD2005 Noice.

My cousin is from fort collins

JHAMMER2 I'm not from there, but I was born in a hospital in a Army base

Raven That’s cool

Is anybody from Miami

boyyyy77 me

JD2005 Nope.

JHAMMER2 Nope. I from mid south

EloquentRacer92 Nope I’m from the north

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Roblox meta verse event how to get the free clothing and eggs from the egg hunt

MrGoodGuy I got them! Thx for posting this.

JD2005 Cool.

EloquentRacer92 not parcipting