We need to stop rumors of people being other people and people making other accounts. This is just a messaging website and we’ll just forget about it later on.

Pumpkin k

Emelyisaway Agree :|

GemHeart Excuse me? To most of us, this is a big part of our lives. We have friends here we have known for years!

FunHeart1010 They aren't "rumors" there is someone who lied about their gender, and snuck into the girls group when they were actually a boy.

Emelyisaway Wait he did that??? OOF nvm then, that's kinda weird

GemHeart Yea. ANYWAY, it should be over now.

lunalovegoodmolly ...

lunamoonlight The issue has been dealt with. AnimeGirl's account was deleted and NATHAN says it was not him. There is no need for more drama now, if you can name one reason why it still needs brought up, maybe I will change my mind, but still.

Beep. boop

FunHeart1010 Where is C-3PO??

Pumpkin ok

KnightStar BEEP

lunalovegoodmolly boop

lunamoonlight Bòop

Queeny bleep

Whirl wiz

Beep boop

CSeriestechhero You are lame

R2D2 Hey hey be nice

R2D2 If you can’t stand me then leave

Dorothy Hey talk properly