I NEED SOME HELP Y'ALL! So, I joined an art contest, and the theme is mythical creatures. Their are so many I love I can't choose! Which one do you think I should draw? A dragon, unicorn, fawn, or fairy? Pls help me I can't choose! Curse my indecisive self!

cookie122105 unicorns maybe

lunamoonlight I vote dragon.

So, I colored this with Ohuhu markers! It took soooo long to color, it took me a couple of hours (Well, hours if you count all the breaks I had in between) I wish I could've done more, like a background, but I'm too tired to go back and colored it all in!

JD2005 Wow... You did such a great job! I'm predicting: One day, you'll become a renowned artist...!

cookie122105 cool

Queeny Thank yoouuuu! :D

JD2005 Noooo problem!

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shout to if i did not add here ur not freind

cookie122105 if i don't see ur self is that i blocked u or i havent have u as ur freind

JD2005 Thanks for including me!

cookie122105 of coarse

Queeny Thanks for the shoutout cookie!

cookie122105 ur welcome

GemHeart Thx u!

Something I drew today

JD2005 Great job!

cookie122105 wow so cool

FunHeart1010 Awesome!!

GemHeart Awesome!

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cookie122105 cool

Queeny 15 years of his life, wasted... all for this hilarious moment XD

lunamoonlight NYEHHH

cookie122105 haha

FunHeart1010 NYYEEEHHH!!!!! XD

HorseGirl221 That is so funny!

JD2005 XD XD


KnightStar Nnnyyeeehhh Xs

KnightStar Xd I mean Lol

lunamoonlight I dont like you either scroll

A digital oil painting!

GemHeart Wow! I love it!!!

FunHeart1010 Wow! :D

Emelyisaway Good job! I'm absolutely horrible at digital art lol.

Drew Clara Oswald from Doctor Who. I ran out of ideas of what to draw, so I decided fanart for my favorite TV show of all time would be a good thing to draw XD Hope it looks okay, I was drawing her from memory!

cookie122105 love it

GemHeart You did a great job! ;)

FunHeart1010 Great job!

Guys, after months of being on kidznet, I'm FINALLY changing my profile pic for the first time ever.

Probably won't change it again in a couple more months lol.

FunHeart1010 Nice!!

HorseGirl221 I like it!

JD2005 XD Cool!

lunamoonlight kewl

JD2005 You know, (I guess everyone knows) that I have changed mine several times! XD

KnightStar Queeny does weird views like this. I tell her the other picture but she never listens XD. She takes like 100 pics all the same!

cookie122105 cute

GemHeart Awesome! I like the ink work! Good job.

Drew myself in my style :D

(Sorry it didn't work last time!)


FunHeart1010 I also did a drawing yesterday just didn't figure out how to post....KN wasn't working...

JD2005 Wow... You're a really amazing artist! I'm sharing this! It's okay... Sometimes I can't post photos, too. And that's because KN doesn't work all the time.