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It's been pretty slow here on KN lately...

JD2005 IKR?

Hi everyone! Since I couldn't find an (active) cooking club, I decided to make one! I'll be posting a lot of different recipes and stuff in there, if you want to check it out or post your own please join!


PrincessKittens Cool ill join but i may not post recipes i dont really make recipes i just follow them whenever i cook XD

PrincessKittens Which isnt very often XD

Jabber 👍

lunalovegoodmolly I sent a request!

JD2005 I don't know how to cook so...

PrincessKittens @JD2005 lol

JD2005 ... I'm not going to join.

JD2005 @PrincessKittens Lol.

Autumn I sent a request!

Queeny I accepted them! And JD, it's never to late to learn! ;)

Testing out simpler styles! If I ever want to do comics I don't want a super complicated and detailed style. I think this looks good, what do you guys think?

LesbianWolfFurry Awesome!

KnightStar Cute!! Florida girl and Japanese man hehe

Queeny tHat's nOt thEY'rE nAmES noR wHerE tHeY coMe FrOm, kNighT

JD2005 Amazing!

JD2005 @KnightStar LOL

I figured I'm never going to actually finish this painting so here it is haha

FunHeart1010 wow!!

lunamoonlight awesome

lunalovegoodmolly I like it

JD2005 Cool!

Have you guys ever tried to join a fandom for a book/anime/TV show/movie/comic that you really love, but the fandom's almost nonexistent because it isn't well known? Or you just refuse to join the fandom because it's toxic?

Yea, me too.

JD2005 Nah.

JD2005 Nah.


GemHeart Yes.

sunandmoon Yeppppppppppp

Hi everyone! I'm starting a short web comic (it's different than the one I'm working on with KittyKat, were still figuring everything out lol). It's more of a practice comic if anything, but I'm working really hard on it! When the first few pages are done I'll post it here for you all, but if you guys wanna see some WIPs I have then you can check them out here:


(BTW, this is knight's website. I'm mainly using it bc u can post more than one image)

FunHeart1010 yay!!

Emelyisaway its beautiful :0

KittyKat Gonna check it out!

JD2005 :D

Autumn "cherry-land.tribe.so unexpectedly closed the connection."

My mom's that type of person who will comment on a fb post saying "omg this is so sad i'm literally crying right now" and actually be crying.

GemHeart Aw... at least she's honest, right? (XD)

JD2005 Lol, she must be very honest!

lunalovegoodmolly Wow

Queeny You guys have no idea how many times I've seen her stare at her phone with tears in her eyes lol

Me: *binge reads this really good story where the protagonists get a happy ending*

Me: aww how swee-

Author: *uploads epilogue*

The epilogue: Protagonist dies, everyone's life falls apart because of her death, her son is now an orphan, and the world is ending.


Queeny Seriously though, why do authors love torturing the fans with these endings :(

lunamoonlight Cliffhangers, loose-ends, yeah

lunalovegoodmolly I HATE WHEN THAT HAPPENS

FunHeart1010 XDD

ammyk XD

GemHeart IKR. Like in LotR: YAY THE HOBBITS ARE BACK HOME. But now... now the Shire's overrun... YAY THEY SOLVED IT. Oh. Now Frodo's left for the Grey Havens. ELROND'S GONE, GANDALF'S GONE- NOOOOO! Me: *finds comfort in the fact that Legolas and Gimli didn't go yet* *reads appendix where a timeline is laid out and reads last entry, which says Legolas and Gimli did in fact leave* Tolkien... if you were still alive I'd strangle you.

Jabber XD

Autumn XD