Hey guys! Just a heads up, I won't be on all day because I'm going to visit my grandma for her birthday, she's turning 90 years old! Anyways, how are y'all?

JD2005 Happy Birthday to your grandma! 🎂

JD2005 And I'm fine!

KnightStar Kk

fluffykitten12 good

Last pic I'll post today!

cookie122105 wow


JD2005 Good job!

FunHeart1010 Omg! This amazing!

lunamoonlight the top part reminds me of Corpse Bride a little

Knightstar asked me to draw this!

cookie122105 awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

GemHeart AWWWW ! ;)

JD2005 So cute! And I love how you drew it!

FunHeart1010 Aw...I WANT TO CUDDLE ITTT!

I was randomly doodling and I got this :3

I named him Foozie

cookie122105 cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

GemHeart So cute ;3

JD2005 Nice work!

FunHeart1010 Cute!

Happy B-day Nathan!

JD2005 #HBD

Here's all my friends! Thank you so much for being the best friends ever guys!

CSeriestechhero Your welcome Queeny. I will always have your back and so will our other friends

KnightStar thanks!

FunHeart1010 Thanks! Thank u too!

LouTheLuver Thank you! You are an amazing friend as well!!

JD2005 Thanks my friend!

cookie122105 thx so much

KnightStar Yes....Queeny...your an amaz-I'm kidding your awful (; (when you try burning your sister but you fffaaaailll)

GemHeart Thank you and ditto!

cookie122105 lol knight

My mini TARDIS that I keep on my desk as decoration, it looks a lot bigger on the inside....(i took the pic on top of my sketchbook, and my messy desk!)

Queeny It's gotten quite dust from sitting on my desk for such a long time, I hope you guys don't mind 😅

GemHeart Haha, awesome!!! Love it!

KnightStar Dragon photobombed the picture

CSeriestechhero COOL

TylerTheDrummer Cool!

cookie122105 cool

I spilled ginger ale all over my sketchbook, I'm waiting for it to dry.


lunamoonlight That sucks! I'm glad it didnt happen to mine, though i once got Kool-Aid on my mom's college books and she was really mad, i am not allowed to have drinks in the living room now.

GemHeart Wowza. Sometimes I get water on my manga pages and I'm like: DRY, DRY, DRY, PLEAASE! YOU ARE MY LIVEIHOOD And I'm not kidding

CSeriestechhero i ThInK yOu MeAN giNGeR aLE

Queeny Thank goodness it dried and it's back to normal, I would be so sad if all my drawing were gone! I'm not allowed to have drinks in my living room either, or my room, but sometimes I get thirsty and break the rules.... now I realize we have rules for a reason....hehe

A sketch I did yesterday, the photo didn't turn out half bad


FunHeart1010 Ooo amazing! What type of marker did you use? I bought some artist loft brush markers the other day..

lunamoonlight Good

Queeny I use Ohuhu now! I like them a lot better then Artist Loft, they last a lot longer and their a lot cheaper!

cookie122105 are those copics????

KnightStar No cookie! They aren't, were too poor to afford them.

Queeny Nope! Like I said to FunHeart, their Ohuhus!

GemHeart Thanks for the suggestion, I think I'll get the Ohuhus for my b-day!

lunamoonlight I never use anything except pencil and paper for my artwork, this is cool.

KnightStar I use pen and paper, I usually never do sketch first when I'm doodling lol

I just learned something new today guys...

The turritopsis nutricula is a jellyfish that is immortal, it can live forever if it doesn't get eaten. So can lobsters, their cells are constantly regenrating so they can basically live till someone eats them.

That's... woah.

lunamoonlight Immortality, cool.

JD2005 Woah... I didn't know that immortality does exist in real-life, beyond stories and films!

KnightStar Me too JD!


Queeny And of course until they either get sick (what kinda illnesses lobsters get, I have no idea.) or beat/crushed to death. The oldest lobster in the world lived to 140 years old! That's older than the oldest human alive!

lunamoonlight Now I'm thinking about how long trees could live without people bothering them...

Queeny Actually, now that you mention it, the pine tree can live up to thousands of years without disturbance!