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lunamoonlight It looks awesome

A "meet the artist" thing I did on Medi. Some people asked questions and I answered ;p

Q: How are you so good at art?
A: Everyday, I pray to the art god and feed him cheezits, and he gives me knowledge in return. But sometimes he punishes me with art block when I forget to feed him 😔

Q: What's your favorite song?
A: I don't really have a set favorite song, it changes way too often. My top 5 favorite songs of the week are:
Mama's Gun by Glass Animals
Never by mag.lo
Breezeblocks by AJR
Leave Me Alone by IDKHOW
Hidden in the sand by Tally Hall

Q: Do you have a youtube channel?
A: Just a personal one right now, but when I finish my animation I'll post it on YT and update you guys on it!

lunamoonlight 1. The art god thing was hilarious. 2. The children souls thing was hilarious.

KnightStar such quirky answers..

KnightStar mine would be... bland... and long... and i would turn it into a poem..



Borb boiiii

hkc cool.

Twentyonepilotsan What

Twentyonepilotsan Whoah*

lunamoonlight Reminds me of a Birds by Imagine Dragons animation I watched. Awesome tho

Scruffypenny WOW!

Shrek08 dude, thats like, g r e a t

Collab with Lani Salami on Medi, left is her drawing right is mine.

Scruffypenny Both look awesome! if i had to choose i couldnt. they both great in their own way.


JD2005 Wow!

Aoki, Knight gave her the name XD

Scruffypenny it looks creepy but the art is fantastic

lunamoonlight Reminds me of Kuchisake onna

KnightStar EHEHEHhhehehHHehehehHHehh

Emelyisaway Love it!!!!

JD2005 Same Luna!

hkc Ahhhh!

Twentyonepilotsan I MY gosh I LoVe It😁

A redraw of an older drawing

Scruffypenny OMG

Scruffypenny it looks awesome!!! Please, can you be my private tutor?

Scruffypenny i beg u

Scruffypenny sry, ima steal ur drawing style. it looks fantastic!


KnightStar @ScruffyPenny, when I first encountered it, I thought it was creepy in comparison to the other one. Seems like a she got plastic surgery and that's the before and after LOL.


Scruffypenny @Knightstar, its pretty great if you ask me, a little maybe on the plastic side but the overal effect is soo great

Scruffypenny must have taken a lot of paitience I assume lol

HeyitsBabyKiki WOW 🤩

For medi's theme this week, "vampire"

Kitten Dispite the good quality if the art, that's not something I need to look at right now

lunamoonlight YAS. The eyes remind me of Tokyo Ghoul

hkc ♥️

JD2005 Wow!

Twentyonepilotsan *gaasp* I lOvE ThAt


KnightStar i mean it tell me

hkc Lol

Scruffypenny if you drew that, then wow. You are fantastic

Queeny @KnightStar figure it out yourself, you insulted my japanese skills 😤

Queeny @Scruffypenny I did! Thank you!!

lunamoonlight Binoke

SHA1 Did you draw on a paper

Queeny @Lunamoonlight correct! Binoke is her name :)

CupcakeKing wow thats so cool!

JD2005 Cool!

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Who do you ship in Harry Potter?

If you ship Romoine, message me

If you ship Dramoine, share.

If you ship Harmoine, comment.

If you ship anything other, than like!

Queen157 Nope

lunalovegoodmolly Not me. I ship Romione

Scruffypenny neither