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JD2005 Kk!

Ash Noice

Helllooooo everyone, I made a group!! It's for my art- so I can keep it all in one place and not spam the feed lol. Pleaseeeee join, all requests will be accepted!! ツ

Ash I love your art!

lunamoonlight Did you use the japanese symbol that looks like a smilie face for that? (fun fact, my first name in japanese actually haas the smilie face-looking symbol

JD2005 Membership request sent!

Queeny This is the katakana for tsu. I think you mean your name has the katakana for n.

lunamoonlight It could be, but like, I use google translate so...

lunamoonlight So I looked up the symbols. I do have the one for "n" at the end of my name, but in the beginning of my name it shows a symbol that looks like the katakana for "shi" with a ten-ten. My first name google-translated to Japanese is ジェイデン.

Queeny ジ is "ji"! It is a dakuten character.

lunamoonlight Makes sense... I guess. I'll never learn Japanese lol. I think if I want to make manga someday I'll just hire a translator lol (an actual human one who's learned both languages, not just Google translate)

Queeny It is hard. I studied Japanese for a short bit, I learned hiragana and katakana, a few basic vocabulary words and grammar rules, and then quite when I saw kanji loll. It was too intimidating for me. I want to pick up Japanese again one day though.


EloquentRacer92 🤮


lunamoonlight Unrelated- I have a scratch/scar on my eyelid-

ammyk XD

JD2005 Relatable, lol. 😅

ammyk Please don't put hand sanitizer on your eyes -

lunamoonlight I SAID UNRELATED LOL. My eye is itchy tho, which doesn't help considering it hurts to rub my eye.

GuitaristKid sooo trueee

ammyk I mean, if you want your eyes to be really sanitary.

lunamoonlight No thanks, burning enough lol

Queeny We have this hella old truck with these things. I got a workout every time I wanted to roll up the window.

bubblegum Same, both of my parent's veichles had these

lunamoonlight My dad had a cutlass at one point that you had to actually roll the windows up and down. It was relatively easy except in one spot. Inconvient when it starts raining tho lol,

JD2005 IKR?

CoralSophie08 My father used to have an ancient truck, and the windows were exactly like these.

GuitaristKid I like window cranks because you don't have to start the engine to role it down. Although yes, it is hard LOL

lunamoonlight I just don't like them because I've had to roll one up while getting rained on lol.

GemHeart IKR...