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my parent's have been drinking vinegar lately and now the entire kitchen reeks of it :/

The more weird stuff they do the more I'm convinced they're slowly losing their sanity

JD2005 :O

Emelyisaway my mom do that too :(

ArtistGirl my mom did that

KnightStar My mom's been drinking lemon, ginger and garlic mixed together and now it's everywhere. It's so gross, she's convinced it'll cure COVID.

ArtistGirl ew.

ArtistGirl during the great plague they thought that swinging a bag of lavender around and then jumping over it would cure the plague, so its kinda similar

Emelyisaway OOF, knight, it's good for ur immune system! i've never taken them all mixed together tho sounds painful

KnightStar emely it's awful

GemHeart Ew. All I gotta say bout that

supernuggets77 Whaaaat?? Vinegar??

Currently reading Yakosuko no Neverland (aka The Promised Neverland) right now, I'm on chapter 141. Holy moly, I'm getting whiplash from all these plot twists but I ain't complaining.

Also Ray is best boy and I can't believe he went from a main character to Emma's sidekick. Rip his screen time.

Queeny Now on chapter 161, HOPEFULLY all these plot twists are over, but I got a feeling there's gonna be another big one

KnightStar yall too obsessed

Just finished reading Tokyo Ghoul!!

gonna move on to Tokyo Ghoul: re next.

all I can say about it is... woah. The ending was intense. Everybody in this manga needs to eat a snicker.

UmmKairi My brother started on re and was so confused I just laughed at his unknowledged being

ammyk XD


Queeny Maybe the reason ghouls are so salty is because they can't eat snickers lol

GemHeart Touka: What's a snickers? Ken:... it's this, like, candy that humans eat. Touka: I hate it already

ammyk Of just above them all down the SNICKERS HOLE!

Every single darn time I look at the comments for a manga or webtoon, there is always that one person who just HAS to post spoilers. I've had too many of my favorite mangas/webtoons ruined because people spoiled the whole darn plot. Nowadays I avoid even looking at comments ._.

Neomarshmellow Omg! Of you need some webtoons recommendations then you should read True Beauty, IF, strawberry Seafoam, Cat Loaf, Lord Olimpus, Everywhere and nowhere, clinic of horrors, internet explorer, good day to be a dlg , and meme girls. ( they all THE BEST)

KnightStar @Neonmarshmellow, my mom reads True Beauty!

lunamoonlight Hey there Neomarshmellow! I have two of those on my series (IF and Lore Olympus), and they are pretty good, I recommend unOrdinary, it is really good too! I have more, but I am not sure if you would like them, so if you want more recommendations just ask, I will check out some of those others though!

Queeny Thanks for the recommendations! But those webtoons aren't my thing. I tried reading a lot of them, but I'm not really into the romance/comedy theme most of them seem to have.

JD2005 @Neomarshmellow IF and Lore Olympus, I'm reading them!

FairyPrincess Watermelon is pretty good too!

ammyk Have you read Lone? It has some bad words but I REALLY LIKE IT.

lunamoonlight Lone is good! I am waiting for the next episode.

Queen157 Oh... did you know that in Beyblade Burst Volt did *spoilers*

lunamoonlight Valt* and yes I did. Did you know in Beyblade Burst Evolution Valtryek *spoilers*

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Hey KidzSearch,
This is a stretch of a request, but could you make it so users could upload videos from their device? Obviously, I know this creates a problem with users posting their face, voice, or other private info but so does pictures technically (minus voice). I know we can post YT videos, but the video I would like to post is me playing piano (no voice, no image minus a black screen), and well, the only thing I know how to do on YT are watch, like, sub, and comment on videos, idk how to post them and I know a couple of users are YTers I think and will probably tell me how to do so in comments (that would be helpful, but please PM to do so, that way I don't seem like more of an idiot).

KnightStar That's a cool idea!

JD2005 I totally agree!

yall wanna see an aesthetic pic of my eyeball 👀

Queeny Oof the filter made my eye color super dark looking, usually my eyeball looks more like dis-

KnightStar ur eyebrows 👀

ammyk Cool

Emelyisaway ur pupils r so dilated :0

KittyKat Your eye color is so pretty!!!

JD2005 So pretty!

Just watched Angel's Egg... didn't understand what was happening but i'm sure it was very deep lol.
(jk, jk, it's a good movie, I recommend it!)

More paintings, i tried going for an aesthetic but idk

KittyKat So pretty!!

ArtistGirl that looks really cool...

JD2005 WOW...

FairyPrincess Pretty!

Jabber that looks AWESOME!!!


Kinso thats so------GOOD