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who has guinea pigs

JD2005 I don't. Welcome to KidzNet!

Pumpkin Welcome! BTW I would like to have one!

Queeny I don't but I have a hamster!

KnightStar I hamsters that's close enough??

FortnitePlayer Welcome!

GemHeart Used to!

KnightStar I used to too!

QueenBalletUnicorn thank you

favorite song?

JD2005 Maybe, 'When I was older' by Billie.

FunHeart1010 "My Boy" By Billie Eilish.

Queeny Hmmm, right now it's probably "Empty Crown" by Yas.

KnightStar Empty Crown is a good one.

Holahi “Bad guy” by Billie Eilish

QueenBalletUnicorn nice, those are great songs!

bella07 We are here

Queen157 Despacito by JB

hghux555 no clue by no clue

QueenBalletUnicorn despacito used to be my younger brothers favorite he's little so when he danced it was adorbs my other younger bro would start dancing too it was a hit

how's summer fun going?

JD2005 It's the raining season, aka monsoon, where I live!

KnightStar Could be better.

bella07 It's raining heavily where I live

QueenBalletUnicorn its raining sort of

QueenBalletUnicorn doesn't feel like summer

Pumpkin Idk