Lol I made this

Queen157 Please do not comment.

Queen157 Do not ask why.

KnightStar LOL!

That joy you get when your dreams come true. WHERE IS MY ADVICE COLUMN?! I WANT IT NOW!!!

TylerTheDrummer lol

FunHeart1010 Lol, Patience Queen, Patience.

About to earn my column! Wish me luck!

FunHeart1010 I wish you luck!

New social media users be like:


lunamoonlight XD YEP

JD2005 What do you mean by those stars?

KnightStar Thats how I was when I first wet on KS, mostly cuz my phone didn't have a enter but then I realized it was the enter...

FortnitePlayer @JD2005 usually people putt it there if they swear

Person: I like your name!
Me: Thanks, I got it for my birthday.

Sliptooth35 Bravo, I actually didn't see that coming 😅

JD2005 Hmm...

GemHeart XD

FunHeart1010 lol

ammyk Lol!

Wanna get on this train?

poppyweasel32 yeah, if it involves something crazy, yep!

lunamoonlight Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can. Yeah I'd get on there.

FunHeart1010 YESSHH!

JD2005 Yeah! But why the girl is behaving like that?

GemHeart Which Spiderman actor is it? If it's the new guy, heck no, he annoys me so much XD

CSeriestechhero Yey. Hi Spidey!

KnightStar Yerp!

poppyweasel32 the girl kinda reminds me of my classmate lol

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Happy Birthday Nathan!!! 🥳

Queen157 Wow, so cool Queen157!

Queen157 You ar

Queen157 really nice!!!

Queen157 Aww shucks thanks guys.

FunHeart1010 ????

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What's your favorite fairytale? Mine is The Tale of The Two Sisters, it's a bit unpopular compaired to Cinderella or something like that, but it's a good fairytale.

lunamoonlight There are many different versions, so here is the one I know (no spotting out plotholes) : There once were two sisters, one was nice and kind, and so much so that butterflies followed her wherever she went and slept in her hair. Though she was kind, she was very ugly, her lips were thin, her eyes were dull, and her teeth were as crooked as a tumbledown fence post. On the other hand, her sister was beautiful, her hair was a nighttime black, her eyes twinkled like stars, and her smile was gorgous. Despite the sister's beautiful appearence, she was mean and cruel, so much in fact that flies and wasps followed her wherever she went. One day, the sisters's mother asked them to get a bucket of water from the well. When they got to the well, the beautiful sister, annoyed by the wasps and flies, told the other sister to lower her into the well, and pull her up as soon as her head went under water. The kind sister didn't want to, but she did as she was told, her arms hurt from the rope, but she didn't complain. As the mean sister's head went under the water, the ugly sister quickly pulled her back up. The flies and wasps flew away. When the mean sister was back on the ground, she told the kind sister that was too slow, and that the kind sister would have to go down into the well herself, to pay for the mean sister's discomfort. The kind sister worried about her butterflies, but got in the bucket to go down into the well. The mean sister started to lower her down, when she got distracted by her own shadow, and let go of the rope. The kind sister fell into the water, and her tears mixed with the well water, the butterflies drank it. Suddenly, there was a flash of light from the well, then another, blue, orange, yellow, pink, green lights flashed in the well, the butterflies, given courage by the kind girl's tears, started to help her fly up out of the well, the good sister started to climb. When the kind sister got over the well, there was a flash of light so big that it knocked the mean sister to the ground. When the light dulled, the kind sister looked different, she looked as beautiful as she was kind, her eyes were a leaf green, her cheeks a light pink, her lips as red as roses. "Oh no, what happened to you?" The kind girl said to her sister The mean sister changed too, she was as ugly as she was unkind, her eyes dull, her hair bleak, all the straitness gone from her features. The flies and wasps returned, angrier than ever, and chased the mean sister into the woods, where no one ever saw her again. The kinder sister got the bucket of water from the well and brought it to her mother. The End.

lunamoonlight It's my favorite fairytale because it shows that looks don't matter, it matters how you act and what you do. I like the moral.

Queeny I know this story, but I don't like it that much. I perfer fairy tales like Fitcher's Bird.

poppyweasel32 that is a very long comment lol

GemHeart I've heard of that one. I don't really have a fave, but lots of fairytales have really gruesome or mature versions (the Italian Version of Sleeping Beauty, for example)...

FunHeart1010 Rapunzel, but the grim

Queen157 Love the story!