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Knight Star and Queeny left?

Bravetea3 I think there parents thing was doing the thing that @kidzsearch said

Queeny Nah, i'm still here. You can't get rid of me even if you tried lol.

DukeSilver A week ago Queeny was still here, but she said something about not being able to get on here very often because she was someplace else or something...

DukeSilver I'm really confused, Queeny. You don't do anything on here, but you still read everything? Just wondering...

KnightStar @DukeSilver Yeah, we just read it and that's it lol. I don't do anything but read and scroll for social media ehe.

DukeSilver Oh. That's...good, I guess. (?)

JD2005 @Queeny & @KnightStar, you guys are mysterious lol.

KnightStar @JD2005 Gracias papi

KnightStar I'll stop now

Anonymous @KnightStar "papi" O-O

How did kitten make lickety?

Pumpkin lots of hard work

lunamoonlight Hard work and bieing awesome on internet-website stuff

Pumpkin I made it with love 💙


Did you notice i was gone

JD2005 Yes, WB!

GemHeart Yes

lunamoonlight Yas.

Sonic750 Yes