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Why did my school ban pride websites

JD2005 WTH!?

lunamoonlight 😡WHAT.

Scruffypenny idk. hope you are good to deal with it.

I got a new haircut and glasses! My hair touches my shoulders.

lunamoonlight My hair is a couple inches past my shoulders. It' also thick and hard as flarf to brush.

JD2005 Yay!

Bravetea3 Me to lunamoonlight

Scruffypenny great! mine has been growing and mine touches my shoulders freom about a week ago

Queen157 Mine is kinda easy now. I have a Karen bob.

greatamazingCheezits my hair is about 2 inches past my shoulder is SOOO thick! I have glasses but I like to wear contacts going out places

Remember the scene where draco says, WOW you can read?

That wasn’t his lines. It was bc he forgot his lines but they just stuck with it.

GemHeart But it’s awesome. It’s great they kept it.

Scruffypenny yes


JD2005 Hey!

greatamazingCheezits hey girlfriend

Me: mom can we talk about lgbt
Mom: what is lgbt
Me: uhhhhh *sweats* ummm
Mom: *searches on youtube*
Mom: how do you know about this
Me: ummmmmm

JD2005 :/

lunamoonlight Don't search it on YT lol. I'm pretty sure the results would not be ... What's a word... well I'm sure not all of the results would be kid-friendly lol. Search it on Google.

GemHeart How does she not know?! Wow. My mother had to tell me about it when I was 7 so.

Queeny I found out from the internet

Had a dream last night that i was the daughter of Poseidon #percyjackson

GemHeart Looolz

KnightStar I had a quite strange dream last night....

Scruffypenny I had a dream once about being the sister of mallory, jared, and simon grace in spiderwick chronicels. Why i rmeember that is because was/am obsessed with those five books.

Queen157 @knight tell me about it

KnightStar well darn now i frogot, but something about eating someone alive. Handsome someone, someone who tilts away from war a famine... thats all I remember. Mother figure was the destroyer.

KnightStar *forgot

lunamoonlight I had a dream I saw Laito and Subaru Sakamaki cosplay at Wal-Mart.

Queeny @KnightStar So, in translation, you were eating someone during a war because the country you were residing in had no food due to a famine? And the stranger (perhaps a fallen soldier) was also handsome?