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Every Harry Potter fan would want this name

KnightStar LOL, Lily James! Snape and Lily tho….James was kind of a bully.

ArtistGirl yup!

lunalovegoodmolly Yup! I noticed that recently.... But if Lily and James hadn't gotten married Harry wouldn't exist.... I have mixed feelings...

KnightStar Same Luna, I want them to be together, but James was just a bad person.

KnightStar *LLM if anyone gets confused lol

ArtistGirl I have friends who’s last name is James... If I was their sister...

GemHeart LOLZ

Do y’all like my pfp? It’s my favorite one

Kitten Yeah

CSeriestechhero Very nice! Did you draw it?

GemHeart ;D

lunalovegoodmolly I like it

Queen157 @Kitten I didnt I cant draw XD

ArtistGirl I LOVE IT!!!

Kitten oh kk]

Kitten *kk

CSeriestechhero oh an i oop sksksk

ArtistGirl lol... my sister wore all my scrunchies on her arms and took my hydroflask and kept saying that CSeries

I must be really dumb for asking this... but....


KnightStar Go to your account by clicking your name.

KnightStar then it will be by your name.

Kitten go to your profile, and look at your name :D

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Woah, it looks like luna started a trend! MY TURN!!!!

ArtistGirl 9, 10, 13, 16, 19(in a good way) and 21