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IT GOT BETTER OML (look at post below for context)

JD2005 lol

HELLO PEOPLE! I made the best decision of my life and I’m gunna share it with you: Put your name and comfort character(s) names in a random quote generator, and go buck wild. ITS THE BEST

JD2005 Lol, that's accurate though- 😂

JD2005 Can you please give the link?

PurpleMochi It’s the second website when you google incorrect quote generator

Ok, I’m going to stay out of this for the most part, but! I’m getting a lil tired of people here and on media being like OMG yOu HAve a DiFFreNT oPiNion. It’s okay to disagree with opinions, just stop being mean please.

JD2005 Agreed.

HarryPotterLover123 I agree.

I introduce to you, the dialogue of an animation my friend Hilary made and sent me

Hilary: Your a loose cannon
Daniel: No, I’m not. A cannon? Maybe. But a loose cannon? Is that what you think of me?
Sonya: I think you play by your own rules
Maddie: No way. He thinks rules were made to be broken
Hilary: Those are both attributes of a loose cannon.
Daniel: No, I’m just a reckless renagade. Sophia is a loose cannon
Me: *smashes chair*

JD2005 lol

My friend: I’m not allergic to anything! Isn’t that cool?
My other friend : everyone is allergic to bee stings
Me: Everyone is allergic to death.
The others: ….


And that’s what you missed on ✨ME✨

forgxtten thats something i’d say though

JD2005 I-

Momobami ...

MICHAEL MY BELOVED!!! (Canon adopted child of 1E and 2F)

Twentyonepilotsan You need to put a tiny chicken in his hair next to tubee

Updated ver. :3

Autumn do 1c :)

Pumpkin Do georgenotfound

PurpleMochi Sapnap and Gogy coming right up :D

Twentyonepilotsan Techno and duck boi

Twentyonepilotsan Techo and duck boi would be interesting

PurpleMochi Duck boi? Who-?

Commando @purplemochi. I think he means 1b cause it kinda looks like a duck.

PurpleMochi @Commando I don’t see it- WAIT

hilolo 2f plz