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cats are liquid.

rockstar hahaha😂😂😂😂

lunamoonlight Indeed

Autumn Yes indeed

Autumn Reddit is banned in my country :(((

Ada4 Ha!

CSeriestechhero That sucks reddit is banned. Maybe when you are old enough try using a VPN?

JD2005 @Autumn Oof.

JD2005 @CSeriestechhero Wish I had reddit.

lunamoonlight Reddit is just band at my school lol

lunamoonlight Banned* personally, I don't care for reddit for what I've seen of it.

CSeriestechhero Same, i just use a proxy or i use the android app

KnightStar @lunamoonlight same. I've never cared to check it out, despite having access to it.

cats are liquid.

rockstar hahaha😂😂😂😂

lunamoonlight Indeed

Happiness the puppy vs Grupy cat

mycatlovesme99 lol

RobloxPlayer Cute

RobloxPlayer Cool

My Q&A website is a fully moderated platform just like kidztalk... Except, It's more focused on asking questions and recieving answers, and it's less focused on general chatting.
Everyone who joins gets 100 bonus points. However, If you don't want to join, you can give me feedback on how I can make it better in the comments section of this post. I'd appreciate it!
Link: https://flippyanswers.com/

Note: this isn't spamming, I just want to showcase my hard work on making the website.

lunamoonlight "This isnt spamming" "#spam" ?

Raven Are you looking for any mods?

Pumpkin sure.

Pumpkin lol luna, whenever I post anything about my website, I say #spam

JD2005 Cool! And lol @lunamoonlight. 😂

KnightStar spam the meat

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My counter is covered with tin foil.

My cat keeps jumping up on the counter, and she started doing that in one spot, for I put a piece of tin foil on there to keep her from jumping up there (it's a good way to keep cats from jumping up on surfaces, it scares them). Then she got smart and jumped on a different spot. She kept doing that and now the counter is covered in tin foil.

JD2005 Oof lol.