I'm on hiatus tommorow senaro

Crystal 🤗

TylerTheDrummer ?

This a role play of me enjoy
Me: time to go to the news agents
Me:I foregot they do not sell jaw breakers
Me:went to the other news agents then saw loads of sweets
Me: oh my gosh I'm in sweet heaven
Me: found jaw breaker's but there isn't any left
Me: come on

FluffyBunnyGirl2 LOL

Kids search can you do a feature that you can play music

KidzSearch Please provide us with more information, since it sounds like an interesting feature we could provide.

Kids search can you make kids net safer for the younger users

KidzSearch Everything on KidzNet is first reviewed by moderators before it can go out. However, if you seeing anything that you feel might be a problem, you can always flag it using the Report link in the dropdown menu located next to all content. We would then review it again. We definitely want KidzNet to be friendly for kids of all ages.

I noticed some younger users

LouTheLuver Yas

Pumpkin Agreed

Good morning

TwilightStarDust Good night


Hi guys

Jen Hey!

Pumpkin Yo

Hey guys I won't be available next Friday to Saturday when I get back I'll show you some pics of rides and places I went

Pugkid I will not be available much next week and I can not put personal pics so the pics will be from the web

Pumpkin Ok

My Obsession's
Video games
Japanese nes games
Japanese SNES games
80s stuff
90s stuff

Pumpkin Nice

There is rain everyday in England

EmeraldJazzi That suckssssss