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So I am going to tell u something creepy so i was with my friend and we called 6666666666 and that person awncered and he said that something would happen to we called the number back and it said there was no such thing as that number.we both look down and my hand is cut

Crystal Hmmmmm creepy

GemHeart Hm. I don’t believe in stuff like that. Since you were already jumpy, you could have cut your hand and not realize it because of how scared you are. Your brain can block pain when you’re scared sometimes.

Crystal I agree! Was is a small cut?

LouTheLuver Creeps! But it could be anything!

InkBoyJay I don’t believe in that stuff. It’s positivly stupid

So I need help i the olny thing's I want for Christmas is a iPhone a uincorn pop socket and a uincorn phone case but how do I get them from Santa Claus

LouTheLuver You better work hard and be good!

So dress and bathing suit or sirt and bathing suits

Crystal First of all, I don’t wear bathing suits.Only shorts and a shirt,that’s my “bathing suit”

Hey kidzsearch who has the most ponts

PrincessP Ples me

LouTheLuver Currently Gem has the most.

Pick my boyfriend s or c 💍 👰 👦 👨

LouTheLuver Um you're in 5th grade? It's nice of having a friend who is a guy, but I would definitely not go so far and have a boyfriend. And your choices of emojis are showing that you're going WAY to far. And also, this is people we're talking about, so it wouldn't be fair to judge them by letters. I'm not trying to be mean, but this is my opinion and the way I see the world.

Crystal I agree with Lou!

PrincessP Then cornor or Sampson

So I want u to pick out my outfit color for a week so frst out fit blue or pink.

LouTheLuver Which one is ur fav? Blue and pink are both of my favorite colors, so it's hard for me to choose as well. 😆

TwilightStarDust Blue!!

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LouTheLuver That's so pretty!!

FunHeart1010 Thanks!

FunHeart1010 Thanks for sharing!

TwilightStarDust OMG so cool!!! Maybe you can give me some tips?

FunHeart1010 K!

I am outside and I see to friends

GemHeart Ok?

FunHeart1010 Ummmm... Ok....

arkzo ok

Crystal Good for you

💐 💏 i have a boyfriend but I need advice if u have any coment

PrincessP Ples

GemHeart Excuse me? You’re in... 5th grade? You’re 10 years old! That’s no age to have a boyfriend... are your parents ok with this? If they are, then I’ll try to give some advice, but I’m 14 and I’ve never dated in my life.

GemHeart That’s just my opinion... :/ Anyway, Welcome!

LouTheLuver Agreed!

FunHeart1010 U have a boyfriend?? This is a Kid's site not a dating website. And you are just in fifth grade!😡👎😧😧😕

Crystal Boyfriend? Well that’s going to be badly

PrincessP Yes thay are