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lunamoonlight Self-cencored.

FunHeart1010 2, 7, 11.

ammyk 7 & 11

Kiddlol288 2,7, 11

KittyKat 2 or 11!

PrincessKittens I would if i saw me in real life... 14

Kinso 2 7 11

Queeny 7

JD2005 7, 11.

PrincessKittens Cool

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Like and #share this post if you consider me as your friend!

Kinso Add me @Kinso


Pumpkin ye

ammyk I too!!!

JD2005 You too!

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XD jk

On Wednesday (Feb. 5, 2020) the Senate acquitted President Donald John Trump on two articles of impeachment, rejecting the House’s charges that he should be removed from office for abuse of power and obstructing the congressional investigation into his conduct.

How does this make you feel?

Ada4 what is this post

Ada4 it doesn't make me feel good

Pumpkin Same ada4

JD2005 Same @Kitten and @Ada4.

Jabber same @everyone who's commented on this post

FunHeart1010 Yay! But Dems are already planning to impeach again.

PrincessKittens Really again?

238 + 20 = ?

238 - 20 = ?

238 × 20 = ?

238 ÷ 20 = ?

Please try to do math yourself! Please don't answer if you used a calculator!I

Tintin1956 4760

Tintin1956 10.9

Tintin1956 its easy

PrincessKittens Did you use calculator?

PrincessKittens Tintin

lunamoonlight #,#,#,#

JD2005 Lol luna.

Tintin1956 nope

Tintin1956 I don't use calculators but my dad and grandfather are VERY VERY good at math, I think I inherited it ;)

PrincessKittens Ok tintin good job (honestly i don't know what the answer is cuz i never trie to figure jt out) lol

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In class, I learned that over 5 million teens (25%) vape. Please spread awareness and share this post and use the hashtag. End. The. Trend.

JD2005 #EndTheTrend

KnightStar Dont vape yall!

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Dear KidzSearch,
Can you please add reactions (e.g. Love, Haha, Wow, Angry, Sad) like Facebook? They'd show up once you click on the 'Like' option, and then you'd have to click on a reaction.
It'd be so cool then!

JD2005 And friends, please share this post if you agree.

lunamoonlight There is on Kitten's version of KN

JD2005 @lunamoonlight Then it's also possible on KN. As far as I know, Kitten and KS use the same open source software.

Pumpkin Correct!

Ada4 Oh that would be cool

KidzSearch We will be upgrading KidzNet soon and will have these features. However, since we have a customized version that moderates everything for safety, it will take some time.

JD2005 Okay KS!

JD2005 Thanks for sharing!

PrincessKittens Ok great! @Kidzsearch

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#share this post if you LOVE 💓 Christmas!!!
#joiningtheshare #MEEEE!!!

KittyKat lol Thanks for sharing!

PrincessKittens Your welcome

Hi I am bored as usual

JD2005 I hAtE bOrEdOm

Pumpkin oof

lunalovegoodmolly Being bored is so boring

PrincessKittens Yep

lunamoonlight Same LLM