Hello! Is anyone else taking the state (caaspp) test? Comment down below.

FortnitePlayer Yep i am

FortnitePlayer But I finished them all

FortnitePlayer 5 of them

GemHeart I took the Tcapp LAST year. Didn't take one this year

CSeriestechhero I'm taking SBAC tommorow

KnightStar Meee! i'm going to take them this week!

PINK221 Do u guys like it? I absolutely hate it.

Happy Easter!🐰🐇🌹💮🌸🥚

FortnitePlayer Happy Easter to you too

JD2005 Thanks, ditto!

lunalovegoodmolly Happy Easter!

poppyweasel32 Happy Easter too!

Bewitched67 Happy Easter hope u got a lot of chocolate eggs

GemHeart Ditto! Jesus is RISEN!!!

KnightStar Happy Easter!

Hi Guys!🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌 XD lol

cookie122105 hiii

Queeny Hi!!

KnightStar Hii!

My mom put this app on my iPad like 5 years ago and I was just gonna delete it but I found out it has a chat! It's awesome!

CSeriestechhero KidzNet?

FunHeart1010 Yepp!!

cookie122105 Thank goodness you did not deleted it

Queeny TBH, that's the same way I found KS! My mom put it on my phone so I was like eh, might as well give it a shot. Been on here since October and I've made so many friends!

JD2005 I agree!

KnightStar Mine too! My mom put it on my phone three years ago and I was going to delete it too, but I found Kidztalk and thought it was cool, so I had gotten Kidznet!

GemHeart I actually had KS and used it, I didn't know KT existed til later. And it's not a chat! It's a monitored q&a and social media!


KnightStar hey!

Queeny Hi! Welcome!

lunamoonlight hello!

cookie122105 hi

FunHeart1010 Hi, Welcome!

CSeriestechhero New here? If so welcome!

TylerTheDrummer Hi! Welcome to KidzNet!

KnightStar Welcome!

Pumpkin hi!