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Hey I can’t be on here anymore but I am on Kudos that’s what it’s called. My name is InkBoyJay13

FortnitePlayer Whats kudos?

Kitten Kk

lunalovegoodmolly Same question.

Kitten Goodbye, my friend

Kitten 😭

JD2005 Goodbye. Can you remember me, Octo? Stay well... :'-(

Kitten okay. After research, I know "Kudos" is https://www.kudos.com/

Dear KidzNet, I’m banned! ;-; bye

cookie122105 ?????????????????

GemHeart Banned? Why?

lunamoonlight ummmm... ok then... bye.

KnightStar That's my question /:

TylerTheDrummer Ummmmm? Why?

Kitten ?

Octolongboi12 Cuz mom

ammyk sorry!

Kitten 😓

Kitten sorry!

Hello people! Im sorry I haven't drawn in awhile! But I will get to that!

KnightStar Its fine!! I never saw your drawing before!

Octolongboi12 just click my profile name and scroll through my posts.

KnightStar Okay!

Anyone else having torrential downpour nonstop every day for the last two weeks?

TylerTheDrummer Yeah! Since you live in Texas and I do too, we are probably getting the same weather!

GemHeart Haha sometimes...

KnightStar I have it here all the time, surprisingly though not recently


Kitten XD

Dang, how long was I gone?

GemHeart IDK! I was gone over the weekend. WB!

TylerTheDrummer I don't know, but pretty long!

FunHeart1010 XD idk! Its probably like a week XD

hai guys! Im doing a reader's theater called bridge of blood for my co-op. I need to have my lines memorized by the week after next. Wish me luck/pray/whatever u do 4 encouragement

JD2005 Best of luck, Octo!

saku All the best for your readers theatre. I am sure you will shine

GemHeart Cool and I hope you do well, best of luck!