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FunHeart1010 XD

JD2005 #RandomPost

Jabber wat?

yeetman64 :O

lunalovegoodmolly *confused*

Who wants to join group, anything splatoon pro?

ArtistGirl sure, what’s it about?

What if I told you.... IM BACK!!!

JD2005 YAY! How are you, Octo? Do ya remember me?

Kitten Hi

FortnitePlayer Hello!

FortnitePlayer I don’t think you know me but I’m the user Nathan in kidztalk and I’m glad your back

Octolongboi12 @FortnitePlayer epic!!

Hey I can’t be on here anymore but I am on Kudos that’s what it’s called. My name is InkBoyJay13

FortnitePlayer Whats kudos?

Kitten Kk

lunalovegoodmolly Same question.

Kitten Goodbye, my friend

Kitten 😭

JD2005 Goodbye. Can you remember me, Octo? Stay well... :'-(

Kitten okay. After research, I know "Kudos" is https://www.kudos.com/

Dear KidzNet, I’m banned! ;-; bye

cookie122105 ?????????????????

GemHeart Banned? Why?

lunamoonlight ummmm... ok then... bye.

KnightStar That's my question /:

TylerTheDrummer Ummmmm? Why?

Kitten ?

Octolongboi12 Cuz mom

ammyk sorry!

Kitten 😓

Kitten sorry!

Hello people! Im sorry I haven't drawn in awhile! But I will get to that!

KnightStar Its fine!! I never saw your drawing before!

Octolongboi12 just click my profile name and scroll through my posts.

KnightStar Okay!