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so uh... like I sad before... making a game. click the link to learn more.

Kitten cool

Kitten It's not really a "Game" yet, but more of a web page. Any ways, Great work!

JD2005 I agree with you, Kitten!

FunHeart1010 He said he was "making" it, so it's not fully devoloped.

So me and a group of friends decided it would be a fun idea to make a Pokèmon game! We have limited resources (meaning creating software, due to hardware and software limitations) but we have a good idea.
We are trying to go for a Canada themed region, with a hockey mini game. We’ve decided we will use PSDK if one of us can get windows, and we have some concept art. We have two programmers, one musician, and one artist who is bad at drawing(me).
We need help with:
Concept art
And names!!
We also need Pokèmon ideas. If you stumble across this thread, thanks you in advance for your help. One more thin
We need general tutorials on PSDK if we ever get access to it.
Thanks so much for reading this far, if you didn’t already click away, and help if you’d like. No need

JD2005 So cool!

Octolongboi12 So uh.... yea

Octolongboi12 pls help

JD2005 I wish if I could help you, but I'm not so good at ideas.

FunHeart1010 XD

JD2005 #RandomPost

Jabber wat?

yeetman64 :O

lunalovegoodmolly *confused*

Who wants to join group, anything splatoon pro?

ArtistGirl sure, what’s it about?

Octolongboi12 ArtistGirl s p l a t o o n ?

What if I told you.... IM BACK!!!

JD2005 YAY! How are you, Octo? Do ya remember me?

Kitten Hi

FortnitePlayer Hello!

FortnitePlayer I don’t think you know me but I’m the user Nathan in kidztalk and I’m glad your back

Octolongboi12 @FortnitePlayer epic!!

Hey I can’t be on here anymore but I am on Kudos that’s what it’s called. My name is InkBoyJay13

FortnitePlayer Whats kudos?

Kitten Kk

lunalovegoodmolly Same question.

Kitten Goodbye, my friend

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JD2005 Goodbye. Can you remember me, Octo? Stay well... :'-(

Kitten okay. After research, I know "Kudos" is https://www.kudos.com/

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Kitten sorry!