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when you get called racist for talking about skin tones B)

GemHeart Yeah.

lunamoonlight Unless you are make rude comments about certain skin tones you aren't racist

KnightStar Whhaaaa why

GamerMcNoober have you seen giorno drink pee

GamerMcNoober it has a bad word in the title but don't mind it

NotRealNameNotAtAll y e s

Kitten ...

CSeriestechhero yes

CSeriestechhero This is funny! Have a like (since upvotes aren't a thing here)

JD2005 Don't make fun of Obama...

Ain't that crazy?

lunamoonlight Seriously, i need to bring MiRe to this website.

Kitten Shush up satanist

lunamoonlight @Kitten it's a JoJo's refrence meme, my friend MiRe has probably showed me 20 of them.

supernuggets77 Umm. A bit weird tho

KnightStar I dont get the Jojo reference so I'm just going to go fall into a uncultured hole

GamerMcNoober isnt jojo on adult swim

JD2005 XD