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What did y'all get from looting today?

Kitten um, I didn't loot. You shouldn't take stuff from other people, it's WRONG. you're using this situation to get you things.

Crafter4017 Nothing, what did you get from looting? A knuckle sandwich?

Crafter4017 pumped fulla lead?

Crafter4017 Making life even harder for the store owners?

Crafter4017 Actually, I kinda hope he got pumped fulla lead or a took a knuckle sandwich to the teeth.

lunamoonlight A penny on the sidewalk (jk, I wouldn't even take that).

JD2005 I agree with Kitten.

GemHeart I found a penny if that counts. Otherwise no, I didn’t loot.

NotRealNameNotAtAll could this possibly be a-a j-joke?!?!?

when you get called racist for talking about skin tones B)

GemHeart Yeah.

lunamoonlight Unless you are make rude comments about certain skin tones you aren't racist

KnightStar Whhaaaa why

GamerMcNoober have you seen giorno drink pee

GamerMcNoober it has a bad word in the title but don't mind it

NotRealNameNotAtAll y e s