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I am thankful for emotions #give thanks

lunamoonlight Ha. Haha. Yeah, i aint thankful for those.

My dog is only puppy, and he bites me a lot. I always tell him: I am not a chew toy. He disagrees.

lunamoonlight Lol, dogs do that as puppies.

My dog is only a puppy, and he always bites me. I always say to him: I am not a chew toy! He disagrees.

My little sister chases after our cat saying,"kitty kitty. Come here kitty kitty". LOL

lunamoonlight Reminds me of a line from Little Misfortune.

I am thankful to have food, shelter, and a loving family. #BE GRATEFUL

lunamoonlight I have shelter, very little but some food, as for loving family, meh-