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I had an idea how we could instantly transport electricity: Get a bunch of light bulbs and use mirrors to direct their light in a beam towards a group of solar panels. (The only problem is the earth is curved so it would have to be shorter distance than the other side of the world. A chain of these could do the job, though)

NinjaTal1 I realized this is very expensive though.

lunamoonlight Well, no. Firstly, it takes a lot longer for solar panels to charge with light bulbs than with sunlight (I looked it up). Secondly, mirrors don't reflect all light. Mirrors can reflect 95% of all light, so with each mirror used, it gets 5% darker. This is why if you go into a mirror room, eventually the image just looks like darkness, because after around 16 reflections, it's hard to see. (Saw a video of a dude in a mirror room, already knew this.) So in theory, it could work, but it would take an extremely long time because solar panels charge slow with light bulbs, and it's not even the full light from the light bulb.

JD2005 @lunamoonlight Well said. 👏🏻

NinjaTal1 Firstly, A LOT of light bulbs. Secondly, your right. Finally, ya maybe its not worth the amount of time for "instant" electricity transportation...

Why are there so many negative comments? It seems like there's always "idk"

Pumpkin idk isn't negitive

lunamoonlight That's not negative, it's literally "I don't know". In the same words, the person doesn't know. Lol.

Ash Idk :D

JD2005 IDK is neutral. Neither negative nor positive.

NinjaTal1 Oops, spelled it wrong. Or auto correct.

NinjaTal1 Might as well not even try to spell it...

Hi, I made my account a while ago, but didn't use it much, so I'm pretty much new.

Ash You’re older than me, but newer. Does this make sense?

JD2005 Noice. Welcome to KN!

NinjaTal1 Yes, and no

I am thankful for emotions #give thanks

lunamoonlight Ha. Haha. Yeah, i aint thankful for those.

My dog is only puppy, and he bites me a lot. I always tell him: I am not a chew toy. He disagrees.

lunamoonlight Lol, dogs do that as puppies.

My dog is only a puppy, and he always bites me. I always say to him: I am not a chew toy! He disagrees.

My little sister chases after our cat saying,"kitty kitty. Come here kitty kitty". LOL

lunamoonlight Reminds me of a line from Little Misfortune.

I am thankful to have food, shelter, and a loving family. #BE GRATEFUL

lunamoonlight I have shelter, very little but some food, as for loving family, meh-