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Who plays fort nite

FortnitePlayer Sometimes I do

FortnitePlayer Btw welcome

forgxtten I do not either

forgxtten but FortnitePlayer does, obviously.

Jabber I do not

JD2005 I don't either.

Najeebsco im a fortuite addict

FunHeart1010 I play Realm Royale.

KnightStar Nope, I don't really play games, only really go on Roblox every few months if I am extremely bored. And this answer really would have been a simple "No" or "no", seconds reasons "no" un caps even though that is not the correct term for starting a sentence; this is a bad example because this one is already started, but the quotations say enough (and the captions) say enough about whether that is a single sentence.

Twentyonepilotsan No offense but I hate fortnite