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JD2005 Yaaaaaaay!!!

GemHeart Cool! We will probably watch it when it comes out on DVD tho..

JD2005 #WreckItRalphSequel

Queeny Yaaay!

Hello I am back after a while I have been busy 😁 😁

FunHeart1010 Welcome back dude! <3

JD2005 WB!

GemHeart WB!!!

I'm back I'm posting again after 10 months 😃

TwilightStarDust Cool!!

FunHeart1010 AYYY!!!!

TylerTheDrummer LOL

GemHeart WB!

LouTheLuver Yay

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taboosinss Oh my gosh it worked

FunHeart1010 It worked! Super cool

taboosinss Yeah super cool!!

dragongirl101 It worked! That's really cool.

KS can you aprove my video please

KidzSearch Your video would not play, since it is not in standard mpeg format (mp4) that is required by us.

I uploaded a video and And I am waiting for approval three days to long.

KidzSearch We have approved it and will try our best to get these out sooner. We get a lot of requests. Out of curiosity, why did you submit it? Was it just to share with others, or so you could view it yourself because you don't have access to

MrTNT254 share with others

KidzSearch Okay. Thanks for the feedback.