Hey FortnitePlayer how many kills do you get in a normal Fortnite match? I get 1-4

FortnitePlayer I'm gonna be honest I haven't played in a while but I think I get around 5-7

hghux555 4-8

New profile pic.
Matches Youtube

Pumpkin cool!

AstrialFlames Yea

Video of mine

P.S There is no voice KS

FunHeart1010 Cool!

lunamoonlight Cool

FortnitePlayer Nice job!

JD2005 Cool!

MrTNT254 Thank you please subscribe!!!

FunHeart1010 I will!

hghux555 sub to me too!!

Im back on kidznet 😃

Queen157 Hi! You left 6 months ago!

FunHeart1010 Finally! WB!

JD2005 WB!

TylerTheDrummer Hey! Welcome back!

Queeny Welcome back!

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JD2005 Yaaaaaaay!!!

GemHeart Cool! We will probably watch it when it comes out on DVD tho..

JD2005 #WreckItRalphSequel

Queeny Yaaay!

Hello I am back after a while I have been busy 😁 😁

FunHeart1010 Welcome back dude! <3

JD2005 WB!

GemHeart WB!!!

I'm back I'm posting again after 10 months 😃

TwilightStarDust Cool!!

FunHeart1010 AYYY!!!!

TylerTheDrummer LOL

GemHeart WB!

LouTheLuver Yay

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taboosinss Oh my gosh it worked

FunHeart1010 It worked! Super cool

taboosinss Yeah super cool!!

dragongirl101 It worked! That's really cool.