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sorry i haven't posted anything for a while.. 😂

lunalovegoodmolly Its fine. Post as much as you can to make up for it! LOL

KnightStar Its okay!

Pumpkin Hi

forgxtten heylo

JD2005 It's okay!

FairyPrincess Hey!

Here's another sketch of mine:

lunamoonlight Cute! I like it!

lunalovegoodmolly Beautifu!

Queen157 Forst thing i thought when i saw this: cute!

FairyPrincess Cute!

This is basically the blurb for Black Clover. Also do blurbs only apply for books?

Thing:Asta is a young boy who dreams of becoming the greatest mage in the kingdom. Only one problem – he can't use any magic! Luckily for Asta, he receives the incredibly rare five-leaf clover grimoire that gives him the power of anti-magic. Can someone who can't use magic really become the Wizard King? One thing's for sure – Asta will never give up!

MoonPeach That thing and emoji thing wasn't supposed to be there

lunalovegoodmolly That soundss interesting!

GemHeart I was gonna read that manga... buuut then I saw that it was like Naruto.

I will never give up

P.S. this is from Black Clover

FairyPrincess Cool

Dude, why does it always change the privacy to just friends

lunalovegoodmolly Do you post from your page or the news feed? That is what determines it!

KnightStar Because you've entered what people call, "friend-zoned"

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Pumpkin I cannot see it

lunalovegoodmolly Ok.