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If you can shut a door backwards and frontwards can you shut it side ways

EloquentRacer92 No?

Yusss I dunno nu :0

PrincessFairy Yes

Chubbybunny ?

Best friends that you have Rn (I’m not inculede)

Sorry I left for a lot of weeks ;(

JD2005 WB!

GuitaristKid hi. I dont think weve met

I’m sorry my first time watching him I love it I watched this 4 times already O-o

lunamoonlight Lol we just started watching this in anime club lol. He's great lol. His general attitude is hilarious.

JD2005 What is it?

lunamoonlight It's One Punch Man lol

Monnnotfound Anyone else feels sleepy

EloquentRacer92 😍

Yusss Me... ALSO where are my dang emojis

lunamoonlight Aw, it's so cute.


Is it just me or is demon slayer the most best thing we watched in the anime series

PurpleMochi It has the best animation!

lunamoonlight I'm an otaku, but I haven't seen it yet. It's on my list. My favorite is probably Assassination Classroom

lunamoonlight @PurpleMochi For good animation, have you ever seen A Silent Voice?

JD2005 @lunamoonlight My IRL friend from school told me a few days ago that "A Silent Voice" has an amazing storyline; and he just couldn't stop ranting about how much he loves the film and its MCs (Nishimiya & Ishida), lol.

PurpleMochi @luna Nope

GemHeart A Silent Voice is awesome lol—, you should try it.

lunamoonlight @JD2005 Understandable, I was ranting too. The story is beautiful, the colors are bright, the characters and interesting, the symbolism in the X's is awesome, and the animation is more fluid than water. I recommend it for anyone, even those who don't watch anime. One of my friends watched it, she doesn't watch anime, and she loved it too.

lunamoonlight are*

JD2005 @lunamoonlight Sounds cool!

one golden doge coin :D

EloquentRacer92 Yay a dogecoin

@county got banned quick thanks @kidssearch :D

Monnnotfound Kidzsearch :)

lunamoonlight That's so dumb.

GemHeart He should not have been banned for an opinion, guys. Also, wasn’t a ban.

JD2005 😑

lunamoonlight @Country most likely just a lack of communication. It's likely that what you said was just interrpruted wrong (spell check please lol)

Monnnotfound Hehe. Sorry

Monnnotfound Not made by me