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Please reply---

If your a girl type A
If your boy type B
If gender Unknown type C
And if you won't say type D

Unicornfriend A

flowermagic B

Asasmellykid B

EloquentRacer92 D

JD2005 B

Momobami Cool thought I would ask.

HarryPotterLover123 A

GuitaristKid Sorry I ment to say b

Commando B

hilolo d

BakomationsYT Not found.


i was away for a day...

Commando lol. i was away for a night and had 50 extra in the morning

Momobami Lol I have forty nine now,

DukeSilver 100 over 18 hours once.

Hi guys... So look at this... My sister gets a bigger room than me even though I'm older!? My room ⬇️

Momobami My sisters room is like twice the size!? What's up with that?!

Autumn Thats not your room but yeah

Commando Yeah. I would kill for a room that size. And have you ever heard the saying, "Be grateful for what you have."? My room is like half that size. happy with you room I guess. You could be living on the streets with no house.

Momobami i guess your right @commando

Momobami @autumn it is my room

Commando @Momobami, I am not trying to rude. I was just stating a fact is all. If you are mad about it I wanted to say that. If you werent mad you didnt read this lol.

Momobami I read it commando and I'm not mad. It's just my sister gets everything and anything. When mother died she got all her belongings and when father died all his artwork and and just everything they both owned. Including their room. Sorry if I came across to be angry, I just get sensitive around that topic. Best wishes, Momobami 🙃

Can you please draw Yumemi Yumemite from Kakegurui?

PurpleMochi Sure!

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BTS permission to dance is now hottest song of the day yay repost and I will give you a shoutout

forgxtten isnt it from like 2013

Asasmellykid No

GuitaristKid I am starting to think that hs e like bts permission to dance.

Pumpkin isnt that from 2013

One of my fave memes:

Commando I have done many times

PurpleMochi Anxiety adrenaline is all I have left

Pumpkin that image be small tho