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Hi I am Melody and I am excited to learn new things, make new friends and so much more! I have a younger sister a mom who is very independent my dad who's been a chef for almost 20 years more than half of his life, and there is me I take over some things from each parent frommy dad I take the "non-shy personality" I can communicate with almost everyone(except my crush) and I can stand up for my friends,myself and once a complete stranger, I take over the "what's next?" also from my dad I always look forward for the next in education and much more things! My favorite subject is math. and my mom teaches me math sometimes. My mom is very independent as I said earlier and she is a very strong woman she took care of me for 4 years without my dad to help. I am a very independent person since I was 4. I like the color pink and thats all I can say lol.

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