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Hello! I took a break from Kidznet, and now I'm back! How are you guys?

expect Im fine, wbu?

PrincessFairy good

hamsterkeeper123 K I guess

JD2005 Hey, WB! I'm okay. What about you?

Melody1546294 @expect I'm fine thanks.

youngshezzy15 i am fine

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Monnnotfound Not made by me

So I found a Kpop camp, it's called ACOPIA and it's in Korea! I think it costs 1200 USD(USD= United States dollar) and in CAD(CAD=Canadian dollar) it's 1496.94. So I planned to get a job when I am around like maybe 14 or 15 and save up enough money then when it's my 18th birthday I can run away when my family is asleep I can go to the airport and go to Korea for training. I will also leave my parents a note saying "Dear mom and dad don't worry about me I went to Korea for kpop training I will come back home someday and you can call you anytime love you Melody" and I can follow my dreams off being a kpop idol. I don't want to run away but my parents are against my dreams so I have no choice. I will only return home when I am a kpop idol though... Please tell me if this is a good idea or not.

Melody1546294 your right, but it's worth a try I am learning Korean, I know how to dance I am working on my singing. I don't have stage fear so it's worth a try right?

lunamoonlight Good luck with that is all I have left to say

Queeny As they say, YOLO. If this is your dream, then go for it! I wish you luck 😊

Ash Don’t go.... you’re American, so it would be absolutely harder for you.

Ash Don’t go.... you’re American, so it would be absolutely harder for you.

JHAMMER2 @Ash I bet it's in south Korea

JHAMMER2 By the way she is not American she is canadian

JHAMMER2 Do not join a k pop thing its VERY sissy

Melody1546294 yes I am Canadian

lunamoonlight also, before you go travelling to a far off country, read about it first. I say this so you see what rights you would have there.

I feel lonely, I thought my boyfriend won't make me feel so lonely but yesterday he broke up with me, because he likes somebody else. Now I am sad I don't know what to do, somebody please give me some advice.

Ash *hugs*

AstrialFlames My friend has a girlfriend and hes in fourth grade like me

Melody1546294 I am in grade 5, and I really appreciate the support thank you all so much.

AstrialFlames *hugs*

Melody1546294 Thank you all so much for being there when I needed you guys I very much appreciate this.

JD2005 @Melody1546294 No problem! *Hugs*

KnightStar @CSeriestechhero ah, elementary school relationships

CSeriestechhero k?

CSeriestechhero @KnightStar Oh god elementary school relationships are even worse. Thank goodness i'm' a middle schooler

EloquentRacer92 Good thing I’m not planning any relationships