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If you can be anything in this world a super hero, a doctor ANYTHING in can be a career or a fictional super hero/villain a princess/prince anything what would you be?

Bravetea3 Everyone is more interesting than me

JD2005 I would be a music producer/composer, songwriter/lyricist, and a DJ. And maybe acting as a side job. :)

Melody1546294 Nice I would like to be a Nero surgeon(brain surgeon) you guys all have amazing thoughts I enjoy posting things on kidznet there are so many nice people on here!

Ash I’d be an artist so I can at least have some talent 😩

Bravetea3 @Melody1546294 *mean while with me* I would be a villian

Melody1546294 @Ash Being an artist is a good idea you know when I was a little girl I wanted to be a artist and then as I grew up I realized that I suck at art and then I wanted to be a police officer and that lasted about a year and then I was like nah I am literally the least- bravest person in my school so that dream was also gone and for the past 4 years I want to be a Nero surgeon(Brain surgeon) when I grow up some people think that's a lame thing to be and it's a boring profession I think it's a nice profession and now I am confused about being a Nero surgeon when I grow up.

KnightStar I want to be a mother and a pediatric nurse :DDD *as u can tell, i love bebes.*

Anonymous Do whatever makes you happy and won't leave you hating your life one day.

Melody1546294 @Anonymous Omg your soooo right! That's some advice I can seriously use thank you :D

Anonymous I recommend pursuing whatever you are good at, makes money, and makes you happy, pursuing that most of all, and you will never be dissatisfied with your life when you are older. But, if it is an art career, art, music, writing, and such, then make sure you have a trade as a backup, a job you know you could fall back on in case you don't get the job you want right away. Make sure you can still be satisfied with that trade however.

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To the KidzSearch artists: I have an idea. I heard about these people online who, not knowing what their online friends looked like, created images, drawings, etc. as they thought that their subject would appear in real life. Maybe you guys should do that. There are even posts on KidzTalk bout things like that (like my post
which describes how I, personally, prefer to dress. I think that you guys should try it. You could use anime or pencil sketches, too.

Melody1546294 WOW what a great idea is it okay if I can post this too? with your user one it?

lunamoonlight Lol most of us have

DukeSilver Uh, sure, I guess.

Melody1546294 heck yeah I am sharing it! and reposting this!

Melody1546294 is it just me or is there so much nice people here?

DukeSilver I'm not sure. What do you mean by that?

Manu2009Gymnastics Nice!

JD2005 :D

Melody1546294 Not my idea its a idea by dukesilver

DukeSilver Thanks

Melody1546294 No problem 😃

What would you do if your parents say "Your adopted"?

DukeSilver Thanks. (I think?) I like my mom, but my dad is my worst enemy. His military experiences and PTSD just makes it all worse. I've some serious problems with him.

Scruffypenny i honestly dont know...

DukeSilver I know that it wouldn't be true, though, because that was the reason my dad was able to keep me and my mom couldn't take custody when she took him to court.

Melody1546294 I didn't know my first post will get this much comments and answers lol

lunamoonlight @DukeSilver I understand a little of where you are coming from there. Although, it sounds like your dad still tries with you. My dad has off and on neglected, verbally abused, and borderline physically abused me. Then he left the week before last Thanksgiving, and now I'm struggling with a very deep hatred. *says all in a somewhat sarcastic cheery tone*

DukeSilver Ha. I get you there. Dirty Sorry, though.

Melody1546294 ouch this post is getting sad I am so sorry for posting this I didn't know I can hurt people through this post

lunamoonlight Lol it's fine Melody. Honestly, I can't be made worse when it comes to my dad. I don't care anymore. Stuff like this, it's fine hun.

DukeSilver It seems as though it isn't the case with Luna, but you're definitely not hurting me.

Melody1546294 Thanks you guys you know I always thought I was adopted cause my mom sometimes says "go look for your mom" when we are fighting same with my dad my family kinda has curly hair I have straight like STRAIGHT hair. I have complete different behaviors from my parents but I act like them.