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Look this may upset you but i have to say Half Asleep Chris's Cat Tom Hanks deid on December 29th 2019 so may he rest in peace. So subscribe to him on YouTube to show support

Pumpkin zorry

Pumpkin *Sorry

JD2005 :(

Who wants to join my subreddit

JD2005 I don't have reddit.

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Fairy Tail

Erza- ... pure unadulterated evil.
Show- *happy outro music and cliffhanger*

JD2005 LOL

Boomers say :Video games cause violence but that is a lie

FunHeart1010 Ok, boomer.

lunamoonlight Nice FH. Nice.


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Hello! I am new here. I am lesbian and I am a wolf furry irl (not full fursuit though). I saw a LGBTQIAP+ Club, I joined, er, sent a membership request anyway.

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Lili07 Hewwo! i am very nice and friend i wanted to welcome you to kidz net som welcome 😄

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Wow, lot of shared posts lol

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