Sorry haven’t been on in a while. I just finished school and got straight A’s! 😋 My parents let me get my first phone. Typing this on my new iPhone SE!😛

FunHeart1010 Hi!

FunHeart1010 Hey Maddie? How did you make your profile picture!)?

TwilightStarDust So cool!! I'm done with school too!! Good to have you back, Maddy! Is it ok I call you that?

100musicmaniac I got straight A's too, but I don't have a phone yet.

Just a thought kids net, maybe you could make an app for IOS and Android phones and tablets

@Crafter4017 Sorry I accidentally declined your request to the group. Please send another one. (Sorry)

Crafter4017 It's fine, I will now

Hi, sorry I haven't been on in a while. But now I'm on spring break 😄 😄

TwilightStarDust Welcome back!

100musicmaniac ME TOOO!

PrincessLuna What's spring break?

TwilightStarDust Taking a break from school in spring! (It's in the name)

FunHeart1010 I don't have spring break. 😭 😭 😭

Crafter4017 Spring break is a break during the springtime, which occurs due to Easter.

PrincessLuna I don't get spring break.

Minnion In 2018 i got spring break of 4 days

100musicmaniac I got 5 days

Good morning everyone! 👋 😄If you like ROBLOX, feel free to join my group. Ty!

FunHeart1010 I love Robox but my dad said I cant play it 😤

Madeline @FunHeart1010 I just started playing it in 2014 and didn't tell anyone and just sort of gradually started bringing Roblox more often and then they knew but I had done it in a way so they didn't get mad

Madeline bringing up Roblox*

FunHeart1010 But now I CAN!

is anyone online?????

lol this is reality of dunkin donuts in ROBLOX

TwilightStarDust Lol

FunHeart1010 Lol

this is literally the only socail media site i found for kids that is actually decent

Madeline social*

TwilightStarDust Yes! It take a while for you to see somones comments tho

KidzSearch Thank you! It is new, so please help spread the word and invite your friends!

FunHeart1010 Ikr!!!

Sup guys I'm new here 😁

TwilightStarDust Welcome!!!

FunHeart1010 Hi welcome to KidzNet!

Crafter4017 Hi