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I've never played Fortnite because it's addicting. And I don't want to be an addict, because I've already learned my lesson from Geometry Dash and Minecraft.

LouTheLuver Me too

TwilightStarDust It sounds like a really cool game though!!

FunHeart1010 And it is!

TheUltimateRealDude1 I ❤ Geometry Dash! LOL


Crafter4017 I kno da wey

FunHeart1010 Ya I KNOW DAT WHEY

LuckyAssassin101 it's dead now


Crafter4017 Hello, welcome to KIdznet!

LuckyAssassin101 Am I supposed to know who you are?

TylerTheDrummer No. He's just saying welcome to kidznet.

LuckyAssassin101 Oh. Thanks.

LuckyAssassin101 Wait a minute...How did you find me?

Crafter4017 There isn’t much people on Kidznet, only about as much as the amount of troops Bulgaria sent during the Korean War

Crafter4017 Probabbly there are less than 100

Crafter4017 *clicking intensifies*

FunHeart1010 Hi! Welcome to the world of KidzNet!

GemHeart Lucky, everything you post goes on either your wall, or your news feed. Everyone sees it. Not just your friends. Welcome, anyhow!