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I have received my first friend request after three years on this site.


EloquentRacer92 ok

Ada4 Oh, I’m gonna send you a request

ammyk Do you post often? I don’t I’ve ever seen your posts. Sorry about that.

lunamoonlight Oof. I just dont request much

JD2005 :O

LuckyAssassin101 I haven't been on this website for 9 months, and before that, it was three years, so no.

Sonic750 WB

I've never played Fortnite because it's addicting. And I don't want to be an addict, because I've already learned my lesson from Geometry Dash and Minecraft.

LouTheLuver Me too

TwilightStarDust It sounds like a really cool game though!!

FunHeart1010 And it is!

TheUltimateRealDude1 I ❤ Geometry Dash! LOL

Ada4 OMG, I was literally just thinking of Geometry Dash m,

Ada4 * OMG, I was literally just thinking about Geometry Dash, 8 don’t play it but it sounds fun. I watched a geometry dash video tutorial like an hour ago!! That is why I was thinking about it