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Who here is part of the BTS army?
If so who is ur bias?
Mine is Jin or Kim Seokjin he is an amazing singer and he is adorable

What is ur fav song by them? I love Dionysus and Dope, but Boy With Luv is a bop as well.
They brighten my day up so much I luv them lol

fluffykitten12 same I don't listen to them

fluffykitten12 aint they chinese

fluffykitten12 ?

GemHeart Well, I like them okay, but IDK if I should become a fan. Eh. (I like J-Pop more). What do you guys think? Do you think I would like them?

FunHeart1010 I don't, i only like there song idol..

CSeriestechhero fluffykitten, BTS (K-Pop) is Korean

fluffykitten12 oh sorry

KnightStar fluffykitten12, they're Korean!

Queeny I don't listen to K-pop! And fluffy, they're korean!

fluffykitten12 oops

The first image of a black hole!

xxpainitewolf my brother showed me, it's so cool!!

JD2005 I saw it recently, SUPER COOL!!!

I just finished the Divergent trilogy and I. AM. SHOOKETH.

(WARNING: spoilers!!)

I was heartbroken that Tris died at the end. She survived the death serum but ended in such a sudden way! I was crying my eyes out. Also, because there is no Tris, my reason of reading all three books has vanished, which is because of the amazing relationship of Four and Tris. THEY ARE JUST SO DARN GOOD TOGETHER THEY ARE THE BEST BOOK COUPLE YOU CAN'T FIGHT ME. When I read Tobias's point of view on Tris's death, I cried even more because it was clear that Tris was his life and he was terribly heartbroken. I was so sad. However, I came to a realization that this ending was meant to happen, to show us what a beautiful bond we have in the book, so even though the protagonist and alive love interest has died, this book has shown me we should love, mend, and fight our way through life so beautifully, thus, making me rate it 10/10. It was marvelously emotionally a huge journey. Now, on to the movies!

LouTheLuver How was it for u guys?

GemHeart I read it all (and watched the movies). Personally, I liked Hunger Games better prob cuz I read dem first XD

KnightStar Haven't read either, but sounds cool.

happy late April fools lol

KnightStar My parents are watching Aqua Man rn lol

Queeny Clever, using Aquaman for a Shazam trailer lol

lunamoonlight I am hearing my mom watch a video about Aquaman rn.. woah. And also, Shazam just seems like a mix of Superman and The Flash, and Aquaman doesn't really impress me that mush, I find them both weak superheros.

GemHeart Yeah, Luna...

lunamoonlight I don't like Aquaman that much because, what if you are in a desert, Aquaman can't do nothing now. If something happens to take place by water, cool, you're good, if it doesn't, you're screwed.

Aye he is my favorite along with Finn and Mommy Steve omga

hi! I',m back from a long time. U may have seen me a lil bit here and there but I haven't been completely active. How r u all? I am dreading tests this week but I shall try my best.

KnightStar I had testing today and I have four more testing next month, so I'm not happy for that either.

FunHeart1010 Wlcome back!

cookie122105 welcome back i have state tst n fri

Queeny Welcome back!!

GemHeart WB!!!!!!! MISSED YA!

LouTheLuver Thank u :)

LouTheLuver Thank u :)

best siblings ever lol

lunamoonlight I have seen Ragnarok (Did I spell that right?) but none of the others, this was funny.

To me, I think that Farkle is a very underrated but amazing character. He grew throughout the series so much and how his personality is exposed in the show makes me feel like I've known him for my whole life. He and Maya are my fav

FunHeart1010 oh gosh. This is so sad.

lunamoonlight Yeah, I agree that Farkle is a very underrated character.

KnightStar I don't watch the show, only a few eps, so I wouldn't know what makes it sad.

FunHeart1010 I watched maybe 3 seasons, and lawd is farkle underrated.

lunamoonlight I watched every single episode at least 2 or 3 times.