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I pray for the Muslim and New Zealand community. My heart goes out to you

LouTheLuver how is this cool

Queeny Me too, I hope everything turns out okay :(

Kitten not "cool"

JD2005 COOL!? How can it be so?

JD2005 Praying to the God!

FortnitePlayer San very sad

KnightStar Aww! I watched this vid awhile bac!

KnightStar *back

FunHeart1010 Awww! Im am so lucky to have a father with me all the time....I'm so happy for those kids!

lunamoonlight I'm glad that got to have that day.

Queeny I'm glad they saw dads for a while.

I luv this

Queeny Love the Odd1sout! Will watch when I get a chance!

lunamoonlight "I'm afraid humans aren't that smart" ain't that the truth.

lunamoonlight And bees are nice, only stinging in self-defence because they die if they sting you. Wasps will live after stinging someone though, meanies.

omg did my favorite fav artists just unite their beautiful voices? HOLY GUACOMOLE THIS IS AMAZING I LUV IT AHH

KnightStar I LOVE IT!!!

CatGirlTiti Cool!


lunamoonlight Huh, never seen Umbrella Academy but I have watched Phantom of The Opera and instantly recognized it.

KnightStar Awesome!

1) I really want to live in the 80s
2)The final episode of Stranger Things bought me here lol

KnightStar Awesome!

Riley & Lucas: HISTORY partners (past partners)
Maya & Lucas: CHEMISTRY partners´╗┐

KnightStar Cool!

lunamoonlight Here are ships for Girl Meets World : Lucaya, Ricus (IDK WHAT THE SHIP NAME IS), Rillie (Riley and Charlie), Smarkle, and Zay dies alone.

lunamoonlight oh and Mosh (idk ship name for Maya and Josh a.k.a "Boing")

lunamoonlight no ships yet for Zay, so he dies alone.

KnightStar Lol Luna

I don't really like any new Disney channel tv shows anymore, but Girl Meets World is beautiful and spreads a message to young girls all around the world.

LouTheLuver YASSS

LouTheLuver But I rlly think that she deserved Lucas

lunamoonlight Farkle: why can you only see half over her? Lucus: *makes Farkle shut up*

lunamoonlight But I really do like Maya, she kinda reminds me of myself in a few ways.

KnightStar Cool!

LouTheLuver I luved that scene Luna! So emotional

GemHeart And I'm over here having no idea what y'all are talking about... I've never watched Girl Meets World.


lunamoonlight But with Maya, I can relate to how her character feels, she has a lot of hidden emotions in her character, I loved Shawn and Maya's mom together because Maya was so happy when that happened, truly happy. Maya has an outside edgy sort of vibe but when it comes to her family, her dad and things like that, she breaks down, which I think makes her seem real. Her character has been through a lot, and I liked the episode where she met a couple of her old friends at the 4 statues after she got out of being like Riley.

LouTheLuver Yes. Those reasons are exactly why I love her character. SHe is amazing honestly