@GemHeart has a whole folder on me in her plastic glass touch device thing, and apparently she needs guidelines to draw me? Disgraceful-

Hello mortals, the great @GemHeart drew this using only 8 colors. It was used with a palette I believe. Good day to you and yours.

Greetings everyone.
I have come to ask a simple question:

Lindalen Oh, right. I mean, what’s your name?

lunamoonlight Luna, Rain, Jaden, pick one.

Hello mortals.
The hashtag Gemlas (I believe you write it #gemlas) contest (you humans enjoy competition don’t you?) has come to an end. However it will not be judged until the great artist Queeny has posted her entry.

Good day.

Kitten Gemlas doesn't sound like logo's

Queeny Sorry for holding it up, O great elf girl! I'll post it real soon ;)

Lindalen Thank you O artistic mortal.