Greetings everyone.
I have come to ask a simple question:

Lindalen Oh, right. I mean, what’s your name?

lunamoonlight Luna, Rain, Jaden, pick one.

Hello mortals.
The hashtag Gemlas (I believe you write it #gemlas) contest (you humans enjoy competition don’t you?) has come to an end. However it will not be judged until the great artist Queeny has posted her entry.

Good day.

Kitten Gemlas doesn't sound like logo's

Queeny Sorry for holding it up, O great elf girl! I'll post it real soon ;)

Lindalen Thank you O artistic mortal.

Greetings mortals. I haven’t been gracing you with my presence often lately, mostly because orcs won’t dispatch themselves.

Credit to @GemHeart , me in her new style. At least, this is one in many developments.

Queeny So pretty ❤❤

Scruffypenny :)


GemHeart Thanks :D

I am checking in on you mortals. I cannot control my feelings. I have grown quite attached to you.
This is bad. Now I’m going to be banned from Valinor—

Queen157 Um, ok, hi

Scruffypenny oh oop

lunamoonlight Noice

Thanks to @GemHeart for the brand new costume in honor of my manga debut.

JD2005 Cool!

greatamazingCheezits whoa dude! thats dark man!

Scruffypenny great

GemHeart :D

Hello everyone. Mortals. Yes, that sounds better.
If you would, feel free to take a look at #Lindalencomic . Thank you.

JD2005 I did.

Scruffypenny I would love to, they are peobably epic. Forgot to mention, howdy immortal Lindalen from our imagination! Is it rlly you writing this or am i imagining it?? XD just jk ofc hello gh!

Lindalen @Scruffypenny Thank you, and correct I am writing this...

Apparently @GemHeart has posted 3 pages of the Lindalen comic below.
Please enjoy it, mortals.

Also, what does LOL mean?
And TBH IDK? I asked Frodo and all he said was, “to be honest, I don’t know, Lindalen. Also, laugh out loud, why isn’t Legolas with you? Thought you two had a thing going?!” Then he and Aragorn laughed to the point that I believed them possessed by wraiths. Is this normal?

lunalovegoodmolly Lol means laugh out loud. Tbh means to be honest and idk means I don't know

Sophiacodingirl LOL is laugh out loud

Queen157 Idk...

GemHeart Y’all know this is a joke, right?! XD

KnightStar Linda (can I call ya that? it can be your human name), I have no idea. These acronyms are what these human creatures use and I think its rather lazy and strange. Thus, it should be abolished. Also because of my utter confusion on the subject matter. Start the abolish acronym movement with me right now, as we will start that, we can progress it into abolishing humanity.

JD2005 Hey immortal, you don't know what LOL means? You made me laugh out loud.

Lindalen @KnightStar I suppose. Though I find the name “Linda” a cheap knockoff of my beautiful name. Plus “Lindalen” is said “Lin-dale-en”, so the nickname would probably be “Lin”. Anyway, I have considered your offer and find it delightful. When will the rally be? @JD2005 I know now. But I shan’t use it.