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A friend of mine: So who's your favorite My Hero character?
Me: Uhmm... Stain
Friend: STAIN?!
Me: I find his ideology interesting. Otherwise, IcyHot.

LesbianWolfFurry Im not insane, just crazy.

TomBoyFoxGrl LOL

DukeSilver "Im not insane, just crazy." That made the post all the better.

Not their best, and it's off their country album, blech, but good song anyway.
"When You're Dead" by Aurelio Voltaire.

Ash Not a big fan of country.

BNHA meme wave below

Ash Uh-oh...

EloquentRacer92 *gets angry*

JD2005 Kk!

EloquentRacer92 Well, the memes were actually the best memes I've seen in my life, but not 1 meme can make me laugh.

Bravetea3 bnha

GemHeart LOLLL


Jellyfishlover OMG PLSSS

JD2005 XDD

Bravetea3 me

GuitaristKid LOLOLOL

forgxtten yess

Anonymous Deku, don't ask for any apples.

Bravetea3 RIP Izuku

EloquentRacer92 I have a fear of fire

LesbianWolfFurry I found a bunch of these if that explains a majority of them.


LesbianWolfFurry Bakugo would just destory the dishes tbh

LesbianWolfFurry The 4th one tho... who does that? Why?