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Some days i may not be on very much due to school work and my sleep deprivation catching up to me, other days i will be on until late because i rebeled against my sleep and were able to stay up longer. So if you see less of me, thats why, however it could be normal some days.

JD2005 Kk!


Bravetea3 Hi

greatamazingCheezits Yo sup

greatamazingCheezits Wow! Where ya live?

No more gay spam after this.



LesbianWolfFurry I woke up today by my calendar alarm saying that it is pride month.

lunalovegoodmolly happy pride month! Even if I'm straight.

lunamoonlight If it weren't literally the middle of the night right now I would be screaming about pride.

JD2005 Same LLM.

Do you use the same password for everything?
If I get to choose the password (unlike for signing up to school sites), yup I do. It is a strong password so it works on most sites. I USED to use a password for everything before too, but then I changed the password I use. The password I USED to use is Colorado18, Colorado because I pretty much grew up there and 18 because I was in elementary school and 18 was my number in the class. (We got our numbers alphabetically by our names, idk y they used the system though.)

ArtistGirl not everything, I’ve got like 3 that I alternate

JD2005 Yep, most of the time.

ammyk I use a variation of the same password for a few websites, but for kidznet and kidztalk I use a SUPER weak password which I should probably change... ok, brb.

lunalovegoodmolly Mostly

Emelyisaway i do mostly lol

KnightStar YES.

Queeny Kinda? I use a variation of the same password for a lot of sites

GemHeart Depends...

Jabber depending on the website

yeetman64 i have a few goto passwords i basically use for everything

JD2005 I love this lol.

greatamazingCheezits sa cool