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lunamoonlight Self-cencored.

FunHeart1010 2, 7, 11.

ammyk 7 & 11

Kiddlol288 2,7, 11

JD2005 7, 11.

lunamoonlight 7

LesbianWolfFurry and 2

Happy New Year's!!!!!!!! 2020 here we come!!

JD2005 Also, WB!!!

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KnightStar hi. how are you?

JD2005 Hey!

Pumpkin hey

lunalovegoodmolly Howdy

forgxtten heylo

Queeny Hello!

Lavendershrews Why did this get removed?!

Shared Post you?

forgxtten ummm.... just a guess, but... blue, chocolate, sport, fruit, books, tea, jeans, flats, lipstick, and funny. I don’t know you that well tho..

Queeny Blue, vanilla, girly, fruit, books, tea, jeans, flats, nails, funny!

Chaarkol Pink, chocolate, girly, McDonald's, books, tea, dress, heals, nails, funny. How close am I?

Chaarkol Lol I just guessed I don't know you at all

Lavendershrews Lol here are the right answers,blue, vanilla,sport ,fruit, books, tea,flats , dresses,nails funny

Happy hoco!!!! My bf gave me his garder!!!! He is so sweet!

lunalovegoodmolly Cool

FunHeart1010 CooL!

Emelyisaway Cute :D

JD2005 Congratulations!

forgxtten congrats!

Jabber congrats

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here, sorry I couldn’t send this before. And it’s ok to laugh at my attempt at drawing with a crayons 12 pack if colored pencils. also sorry its sideways. something’s wrong with my computer. -ArtistGirl

KnightStar Wow, that's awesome!

forgxtten *crayola IDK why they changed it to crayons

forgxtten do you like, Lav?

lunamoonlight NICE JOB DUDE!

forgxtten thx KnightStar! 😊 And Luna!

Emelyisaway This is amazing!!!

forgxtten I learned from a Chris Hart book, but put my own twist on it.

forgxtten I’ve only been doing this style since May. before that... let’s not talk about that XD

JD2005 Great job!

forgxtten thx JD & Emely

Lavendershrews Thank you!

lunalovegoodmolly I like it!

forgxtten np and thx llm

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Woah, it looks like luna started a trend! MY TURN!!!!

forgxtten 9, 10, 13, 16, 19(in a good way) and 21

lunalovegoodmolly Lol

lunalovegoodmolly 20

GemHeart Queen (9) and Lav (1, 9, 14)

Lavendershrews Thx

Lavendershrews Thx