Drum roll please~
My new webcomic "4 of a kind"

KnightStar Wow! Did you do that art?

GemHeart Awwwww cute! I like the artwork. Sorta anime and sorta cartoon. I do anime and should get published soon....

Emelyisaway Cool!! Welcome to KN!!

GemHeart Hopefully. IDK, maybe I'll do a webcomic, but I cant figure out how to post to Webtoon.

JD2005 Ok...

Greyson15 Love that!!

FunHeart1010 OH MY GOD!! I LOVE YOUR ART STYLE!! WEEEEEEELCCOOOMMEE TO KIDZNET! At first I thought it was a webcomic that someone else made! IMPRESSIVE!

lunalovegoodmolly Nice

ArtistGirl cute! and welcome!

lunamoonlight Technically it wouldn't be anime, it would be manga for a book. But nice job.