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Happy birthday Robin Williams, three days late!
Robin Williams, an outstanding actor with the kindest eyes. He was down to earth, friendly, humble, and easily connected with people. Robin Williams looks like the replica of my late grandfather, my grandfather also died in 2014.
Robin is my favorite actor, every time I see his face I get emotional, because you can feel the passion and love he had for people. I feel so sorry he suffered in his last moments of life. Fly high Robin, maybe in Neverland <3

JD2005 Happy belated birthday to him :)

Momobami i cant even... happy birthday

Hey guys I updated my diary

forgxtten mk

JD2005 Kk!

Share something embarrassing about yourself! If u want. Let me share mine, which is super embarrassing but oh well,

For me, I still play with toys. Not really play as much as a collect though. I collect LPS (I'm sure you know it), but the discontinued ones. I have a lot I bought in store when they were still continued, but now I buy them off of sites that sell them for cheap. Because trustttt me, LPS can run for high prices lol.

Anyways, I don't even play with them really, I just like having them haha. Which is why I'm a collector? And they remind me of my childhood, specially the horse molds, Idk why because I'm not even sure I had a horse mold (I do now).

Anyways, a bit embarrassing, but there's a bunch of people like me and I know of it. My phone screen bg is LPS, my computer bg is LPS, I even check up on new deals for them even if im broke _-_. Sometimes I fall out because there's more important things, but my heart is always with them, because they symbolize everything I was when I was leetle. So they give me ~nostalgia~

Yall dont judge, yall have things to judge too LOL.

Some of you guys are like, 8, 9 or 10, and will never know how great those creatures were... ToT

JHAMMER2 I still have a costom baby book from when I was born. You have to go to a website and the website would ask you some questions then they will send the book to you. We never gave it away because it had my first, my complete middle, and last name in it plus the date to when I was born, so that's why we still have it.

forgxtten yeah lps were amazing (i still have a few, i think one’s a pink cat-) but anyways i have a teddy bear that i’ll hold when i’m stressed/anxious, idk it’s just comforting bc ive had it for 10/11 years so it gives me nostalgia

AstrialFlames Same

AstrialFlames about the still playng with toys, i mean

Twentyonepilotsan I still sleep with a stuffed cat I got when k was one TvT

Twentyonepilotsan His name is fluffy

EloquentRacer92 One of my brace brackets was wiggling.

EloquentRacer92 I also have a cross bite

JD2005 Welp, same lol. I don't play with toys though (mainly cuz I don't have time to), but I like to keep them. I still have many of my old childhood toys. You know, they give me pure nostalgia. 😌

hilolo some times i sleep and/or talk to a stuffed corgii

Happy b day Mochi! @PurpleMochi

PurpleMochi Ty UwU

Chubbybunny happy bday! sorry if im too late TwT

Chubbybunny happy bday! sorry if im too late TwT

GuitaristKid Happy b day :D

GuitaristKid Happy b day :D

JD2005 Happy belated birthday, Mochi! I'm sorry for being so late T.T

forgxtten started, everyone else did! Actually everyone already knows me here, but idk, there has been a lot of new users.

Age: 14
Gender: Female
Country: 'merica
State: Every far southern state.
Time Zone: central
Personality: Kind of rough online tbh LOL. I think I come off as strong???
Likes: Collecting vintage LPS (WHEN I WAS 10 I WANTED TO BE REBORN INTO AN LPS DO NOT JUDGE ME), Jesus (loves), all my 7 (alive) pets, ROBLOXXXX
Dislikes: the fact i have so many health problems, being celiac, kpoop ( just the industry o.o), drunkards (hate when they call u while u're walking down the street)
Fun facts: my mom is calling me for dinner, im from panama, i have 4 sisters, idk theres nothing much fun about me ehe.


Chubbybunny Omg!!! I also play roblox!!! whut ur username?

PurpleMochi You live in a place where drunks catcall minors?! I would never leave the house lol

Fuzzyjellyowl @Chubbybunny I don’t think KS let’s people share usernames on other sites, but I’m not totally sure.

forgxtten @purple I do too but not exactly where i live, more in the city

KnightStar @PurpleMochi when u look mature enough it starts, drunkards are too drunk to think, "oh they're a minor, i won't spew nonsense onto them"

JD2005 Same about the health problems thingy T.T

There is nothing more sad than having an online shopping spree and ending your spree with only 11 dollars left on your visa 😎


forgxtten oof, i dont shop online bc i only have cash-

Pumpkin oof

KnightStar Both my parents are online shopping addicts, mostly my dad tho. My dad needs to CHILL. A new package for him comes like EVERYDAY.

Pumpkin lol

JD2005 Oof.

Posted here.