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Ow. My forehead hurt.

GemHeart Why?!?!

Kitten rip

lunalovegoodmolly ...

KnightStar There's a huge pimple on it...

I'm...this year....[:

GemHeart Yay! I've been here 3 years!!!

FunHeart1010 Awesome! I've been here for 3 years.

KnightStar yep, my anniversary was a few days ago

lunalovegoodmolly yay

lunamoonlight I am one year too

lunamoonlight I am one year too

Autumn YAY!

I have to say this....

My dad: Nuts are VERY expensive!
Me: Can't possibly be that much more than 4 dollars...

LATER (Queeny): They are 33 dollars.
Me: 0_0

FunHeart1010 Whhhaaaa? WHy ArEEE THeY ThAT ExSPEnsIVe??!!

KnightStar YES, they range from 33-57 US dollars ):

Kitten WhAt? hOW caN tHAt bE?

lunalovegoodmolly Wut?

ArtistGirl its true, my dad always says that when we’re shopping, and he only eats the most expensive kind...

KnightStar Meanwhile, my mom: IF IT'S FREE IDC IF IT'S HORSE *BEEP* IS FREE

FunHeart1010 XDD

GemHeart Oh my gosh XD

Autumn LOL!

Does anyone know how to do link letters? Like, say i want to link something, but I want it to say something else instead of the ugly, unaesthetic link it was before. Like how?? Does anyone know???

lunamoonlight If it is in a google doc or kt post, you can just type what you want and delete the link characters. As long as it is still blue it will work.'

Emelyisaway I think I know what ur talking about but I have no idea how to do it D:

lunalovegoodmolly I do.... not on here tho... it is hard to explain.

lunamoonlight I think you can do it with most text as long as the link turns blue.

KnightStar Thanks Luna!!!!!

KnightStar LLM, it doesn't have to be on here, I just need to know lol

lunalovegoodmolly Oh okay

14,216 nots, I'm proud

lunalovegoodmolly Cool!

Kitten Yay