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Y'all should listen to "You love I" by Melanie Martinez, I'm not a huge fan of her newer music as much as her older (I do like Highschool Sweetheart tho) but it's good

FunHeart1010 hmm...i havent heard of that song yet, but i do enjoy some of her songs.

JD2005 Kk!

This is Bubby. He's a puffish, and he's been stuffed 10 years ago, so he's been gone for a long time. Don't really know where we got him. Don't know the story, just that he now hangs on our wall in our room with a cute smile on his face. Sorry for the camera quality.

Jokerrocks Is that a real fish? it looks weird.

Queeny @Jokerrocks yeah it's real, he was stuffed a looongg time ago so he lost most of his shape, but he's still cute to me.

jester That is nasty.

Kitten weird

GemHeart Cool! We went to a local taxidermy shop recently and I saw stuff like that XD

Autumn Wait..that is real?! At first I thought it was a stuffed toy XD.

lunalovegoodmolly Cool

JD2005 Same @Autumn. Lol.

Jokerrocks Jester, just because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean it’s nasty. It is actually very cool.

KnightStar hOw dArE u cAlL bUbBY nAaSTyyyy

I'm going to tell you something that really happened to me and it crosses my mind still to this day.
When I was eleven, I had been seeing lots if hallucinations at my FL house. Anyway, me and my sister made a Fake board and used a penny to use. Basically a homemade Oujia board.I've been wanting to contact this person I've seen in my hallucinations, so I played the game with my sister. When we asked questions, something mindblowing happened. My finger was basically hovering over the penny, and my sister thought I was moving it as I proved I wasn't even barely touching it. But this strong force moved it. BTW, it was late at night. It was weird, and that's why I believe in the paranormal. It may not work because a ghsot may not be there. But trust me, a strong force moved it. C r a zy.


Kitten I halusinate too

lunamoonlight That is crazy. I know how the normal illusion works, normally when the questions are asked somebody subconsiously moves it, obviously not knowing that they are, but if you weren't touching it then...


lunalovegoodmolly OMG this freaks me out... but also cool

GemHeart I believe in the paranormal and I don't wanna get hurt, that's why I will never touch a Board XD

Queeny The only reason we did this was because it wasn't a ouiji board, it was a Japanese board that is said to lure innocent/harmless or playful spirits to you, and if they're feeling nice they might answer your questions. The instructions for the game also warned us not to trust every answer we get, since some mischievous spirits might just be messing with us. But yeah, it was definitely weird.

GemHeart Whoa that's odd.. no thank you...

How pretty, well the first and third and fourth one.

I remember when I was nine and was obessed with Orlando Bloom to the point it was sad. I printed pictures of him, used any electronic to search him up and stare at his brown eyes .... oh the days... when I was like , "YaS pUncH jUsTiN bEaVEr !" But then cry cuz I realized he's married ^_^

Jokerrocks I just googled his music, and I am traumatized.

lunalovegoodmolly Lol


lunamoonlight *laughing, literally, and metaphorically dying here* (And yeah, I would be traumatized too if I searched it)

GemHeart When I heard that song, Knight, on the radio, I had headphones on and I felt like he was whispering to me like a crazy stalker. It was like this... me: *song comes on and I'm like, 'ok, I'll listen, maybe it's better than his other stuff* *listens* OH GOOD LORD WAS I WRONG/ my brother: What?/ Me: Justin came out with a new song, wanna hear? It's terrible. *is desperate and doesn't wanna listen to anymore*/ My bro: Okay. Can't be that bad. *puts on headphones* MY EARS ARE BLEEDING, HE SOUNDS LIKE A *censored word XD*/ Me: IKR? *turns station; Katy Perry plays* Shall I take my chance with the new JB song... or with the man-stealing Katy Perry?! Eh. I'll just turn to the country station XD

lunalovegoodmolly I LIKE JUSTIN BIEBER. ok now he kind of sucks.... but lookimg at pictures of him when he was 14.....

KnightStar I kept getting ads for Yummy and I was like "hey this is kinda catch" "WAIT" then realized how bad it was.

Jokerrocks I am sorry, but we don't have corny singers in gotham. We don't have singers in gotham in general. No one plays music unless they are extremely rich in Gotham.

Jokerrocks I just listened to knight, and Harley screamed when she heard it playing. She says she thought I was dying.

KnightStar Lol

Random facts about me!
1. I sleep with a coat on.
2. I take a shower / bath with my glasses on.
3. When I go out of my room, I dress up (but lipstick on, fix my hair, make sure I look presentable) not sure why. Just to pretend I'm outside of my house I guess.
4. My favorite song is "The Blackest Day"
5. My favorite movie is "Drowning Love" (2016)
6. The last time I've been outside of my house was last week. Before that it was three months.

lunalovegoodmolly I am glad to know you better. But, I have to say that it made me sad to read some of these. I feel really sorry for you that you rarely leave the house.

Kitten thats sad

GemHeart Yep LLM...

JD2005 Same LLM.