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Share if I izzz a fwwwiend

Kitten ye

my mom also has been cleaning everything, washing her hands every minute and has all the doors and windows open. she said to me when i went downstairs earlier, "DONT TOUCH ANYTHING!!!!"

KnightStar you know what wish me luck boys im going t go get toast

Queen157 germaphobic?

lunamoonlight If there wasn't a disease pandemic this would just be an extreme case of OCD. Also, as long as you use common sense and don't go around people to much, y'all will be fine, so the OCD-like extreme isn't needed.

JD2005 Oof.

KnightStar Yes, she is indeed a Germaphobe. I'm a Germaphobe too but in my own way.

Ada4 Yup same with me

supernuggets77 Bruh,I have OCD

GemHeart Same with my mum XD

im so hungry but there are PEOPLE at my house SO I CANT GO DOWNSTAIRS.

Also, the workers at my house, my mom is harassing because she's so paranoid their going to give us the virus. She literally forced one of them to take medicine. like what the-

Queen157 Oooof

ArtistGirl oof. sneak food?

JD2005 Oof.

〴 hey brothers 〴

Queen157 Hey sister

JD2005 Hey sister.

KnightStar hEy sisters it's James today-

ArtistGirl hi auntie

lunamoonlight Hey dude

lunalovegoodmolly Hi grandma

Queeny Hello uncle

GemHeart Hello aunty Knightsy

i was so happy two days ago what happened

Queen157 What happened???

KnightStar that's my question LOL

There's more then 28 states in the US with over then 1,000 cases... A lot of them are over 10,000. oof.

JD2005 OOF.

supernuggets77 Oof citizens!!

Queen157 Hope everyone gets better

Hey guys, long rant-like post ahead.

Like last time, I feel like I need to do this again. I've been noticing another unconnection from the World, like a numbness and brokenness I can't fix until I figure why. So for now, I think I need to figure out why that feeling occurs, why I feel so empty. And I love all you guys. I've also just became a Christian and it's getting harder to get my relationship with him. I believe, but just because I believe doesn't mean anything truly changes in that sense. I don't reject him, so I hopefully will find my own life from now on.

Good bye guys.


('cept for the religion part LOL)

Did i fool u??

Queen157 No sorry... I saw the last part 1st

JD2005 HoW dArE yOu FoOl Me... 😭

supernuggets77 Yeah kind of knight!!

supernuggets77 😁😁

KnightStar I expected that lol

ammyk IDK why I found this funny but I did. After you said April fools, don’t worry

Posted in my dairy!

JD2005 *diary. Kk!

KnightStar i always make that mistake ll

lunamoonlight Dairy, lol

lunamoonlight Di-ary, die-ar-y. Help you remember

KnightStar I know what it is but my stupid fingers always slip lol

Watched the new movie about COVID-19 with my fam last night! I suggest it because it's actually really good but it has gore and child death, along with swearing. BUT NOTHING CHILDREN CANT HANDLE.

JD2005 What's the name of the film?

KnightStar Contagion is the film!

i have so many unread messages lol

lunamoonlight Lol

Queen157 Lol

JD2005 Lol