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cookie122105 good afternoon


Queeny hi

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my mom made me watch a video of a guy named Bob Ross paint, I was amazed. That hippie can paint! (I call him a hippie cuz he was wearing an afro and most of the things he said seemed hippieish like the "happy trees" in the painting) But that was really cool, he made it seem a lot easier than it really is.

KnightStar aww...bob was my childhood, too bad he died of cancer...

FunHeart1010 Ikr... bob ross is the bomb! HOW DID YOU ONLY FIND OUT ABOUT HIM NOW?!?!

TylerTheDrummer Happy little accidents! LOL

cookie122105 My teacher showed me that video

Queeny Bob Ross is the art god, everyone knows him in my house :) I use to watch his painting tutorials, even if I didn't paint myself back then. You could say he was one of my inspirations. Rest in peace, Bob.

lunamoonlight I am barely allowed to go on the internet, and the only shows I watch by myself are Disney or Nickelodeon, and whenever I watch something wih my parents it's normally The Big Bang Theory or something like that, my teachers wouldnt have a clue who he is (even the art teacher), and i never had much interest in painting or paintings before. How would I watch or find about Bob Ross again?

KnightStar I watched him when I was seven by randomly flipping through channels.

KnightStar He also inspired me to do many of my 7-year-old (horrible) artwork.

JD2005 Agreed luna!

GemHeart I've heard about him!

I'm going to confess to my crush. THIS IS A REALLY BID DEAL TO ME!!! I'm going to confess Thursday, and I'll put this letter on his spot telling him that I like him, but he won't know who I am. WISH ME LUCK!!!! I HAVE THOUGHT ABOUT THIS FOR AWHILE!!!! AHHHhhhhhH!!!!

FunHeart1010 Ooo! Good luck.

cookie122105 wish u luck

lunamoonlight Hope all goes well.

GemHeart AHHHHH! Plz tell me how it works out!!! PLZ!!!!! Good luck and godspeed!

CSeriestechhero wish u luck! 👍

PINK221 Good luck

KnightStar Thanks! I will! I will either do it this Thursday or next Thursday...


KnightStar Okay!!! I won't...…...I'll try not to!!!!

KnightStar And btw, If that doesn't work out, I'll tell all my friends!!

Sorry I haven't been on lately lol. I have been doing some stuff.

JD2005 It's okay!

KnightStar Thanks!

GemHeart Good to see you're back ;)

KnightStar Thanks!!

Hey! Guys!! Just had gotten back home from going to see wedding dresses!

JD2005 Wedding dresses? Oh cool!

KnightStar Yep!

GemHeart WOWZA! I've only seen my mum's dress, but I think my oldest cousin may get married soon, IDK. (Soon as in, like, a few years, he's 21 and has a girlfriend)

Queeny Our oldest sister's getting married (she's 30 but still looks like she's in her early twenties!) were gonna be bridesmaids!

lunamoonlight I don't think anyone in my family is getting married anytime soon, my half-bro, nope, my mom or dad, nope (my parents aren't married, only dating), me, never, my uncles and aunts, nope.

KnightStar Cool

GemHeart Oh, you'll get married.

KnightStar Yerp

KnightStar I'm getting married!! One day!! IN DECADES!! LOL