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My YouTube is drunk..

lunamoonlight XD Wow i havent seen that one before. I have seen thousands of likes and hundreds of comments with no views, that is usually how i see drunk YT, but i have never seen meters

Kitten Lol

JD2005 😶

Sophiacodingirl Oh My Gosh

KnightStar I assume it means millions, but it's still rlly weird lol

(I covered all the personal information with black, however I left her icon be. It was already black BECAUSE.) This is my half sister's response to someone on her post calling her and rioters terrorists, which I agree with. My sister went to a riot and posted a picture of a cop on a building w/ a sniper pointed at something. I WAS NOT THERE. She said "we" came in love, who's we?! She's not in the medical field AT ALL, she's unemployed and forcing my dad to work for her so she gets some sort of income. She is trying to get people to sympathize w/ her in a wrong way. All she had said was a lie, every single one. I would never go to a riot and show support to them for goodness sake, don't put my face to that lie.

KnightStar say what you want, be what you want, but don't take me with you.

GemHeart Whoa. That’s wrong...

lunamoonlight Just by the way it is written it sounds like BS

JD2005 Definitely that's wrong.

I've been feeling high after hitting my head really hard in a car accident a few days ago. don't pay a mind to my nonsense muttering, it happens when you don't wear a seat belt 😜

GemHeart I paid mind, cuz I’m just as odd as you are

KnightStar @lunamoonlight I just got in the car when it happened, so I was going to put my seat belt on & it happened so unsuspected. Plus, I was eating which extended my "reasons of not putting on my seat belt". I do always put it on though, and now I will def start putting it on...

KnightStar @Sewinghedgies101 if i'm not dead, I'm fine. hit my head rlly hard and ripped the skin off both my legs but i'm still alive LOL

Scruffypenny are you ok?

greatamazingCheezits OMG dude! No seat belt, that wacky

Shrek08 n i c e g o i n g k n i g h t

JD2005 OMG... 😱

KnightStar @shrek06 I know I

KnightStar a so s m a r t

lunamoonlight Oofers. That does not sound fun.

"And the best at murder are those who preach against it
And the best at hate are those who preach love
And the best at war finally are those who preach peace

Those who preach God, need God
Those who preach peace do not have peace
Those who preach peace do not have love

Beware the preachers
Beware the knowers
Beware those who are always reading books
Beware those who either detest poverty
Or are proud of it
Beware those quick to praise
For they need praise in return
Beware those who are quick to censor
They are afraid of what they do not know"

Charles Bukowski - the Genius in The Crowd

Racist whites calling other whites racist. Delicious 😍

Wolves show their bright teeth, you know their tricks, so as prey you decide not to follow them. Now those who smile with their shiny canines can easily fool those who suffer. Lies to the desperate can be easily done.

Scruffypenny wow. thoughtful. I agree though.

I find it really strange how much my dad likes Indian stuff, he loves Indian music & Bollywood movies. He likes watching Indian dancing in the movies, he always says its his favorite part lol. I come to wonder if he likes any other unusual for him things. Last night at 3, I came down and saw him watching anime by himself. He always likes watching anime though, he says it helps him sleep haha. Welp, no wonder he always put on strange Bollywood movies when I was little 👽 👾 👻

GemHeart Wowza LOL

lunamoonlight Lol.

Scruffypenny :D

Scruffypenny I dont watch bollywood, I listen to barely any music but kewl!!

greatamazingCheezits :D

I have come to remember how corrupt the people you've always known were good. When their eyes bloom red do you know what they see. People you've looked up to as a figure above all others have another picture in mind. It comes to show that most everything in the spot light has a cruel undertone... However, a lot of things will always been left uncovered as it is hard to see between the cracks in a perfect glass cup always full. I come to wonder how such never gets shown to the public eye.

Scruffypenny wow. that is so thoughtful like what...

It's sad the most reasonable person in my extended family sells drugs. But hey, I'm blessed that my family I live with are all decently reasonable people.

GemHeart That’s good.

Scruffypenny :/

I can't with my cousin. She's in her middle 40's and scrolling through her FaceBook is a , "I can't believe I'm related to such an idiot." Yes, she may be a well known book author and if you search her up you actually get a page and she gets lots of likes on FB, BUT NO I STILL CANT WITH HER 😭

KnightStar Really had hope in my eldest sister - who is 34 - BUT NOPE.

greatamazingCheezits I am the oldest in my family