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The saddest convo I have had lately went like this.
LostLinerLegend: I took the last Poptart.
Me: 😱
#ComedySkitsby #GemHeart

FluffyBunnyGirl2 LOL

Crystal I love poptarts!

TwilightStarDust 😰😨😱

digglehead LOL...

Yusss LOL

lunamoonlight Lol Gem why did you use hashtags lol. I think we know it's you without #GemHeart lol

JD2005 @lunamoonlight Lolll...

How many pets yall have?
I have 5: 1 dog, 2 hamsters, 2 guinea pigs

They're all very sweet but for Pishy, my hamster. He loves to bite lol. As he's gotten older though, he hasn't bitten as much. Just sayin', he's never bitten me, but he LOVES to bite my lil sis.

Ash 0 :(

lunamoonlight @EloquentRacer92 That's unfortunate. Pets are actually a good way to learn responsibilty. If you've never had a pet before though, I recommend something small like a goldfish that you basically just have to feed a little each day and change the water occationally.

lunamoonlight I have 2 cats and 1 dog at my house and another dog at my dads'. I've always had pets. Originally, we had one dog and almost a whole aquarium of fish in our house, then we eventually got rid of the fish (I don't know what we did with them), we got another dog, we got a cat and a dog, another cat, the first dog passed away last august, and my dad brought the more recent dog with him to his house. So yeah.

KnightStar @lunamoonlight same. I've had so many pets. I'm too lazy to count but I'll do it lol. OKAY 20 something pets if im not mistaken.

EloquentRacer92 @lunamoonlight nope im not allowed to get a goldfish my mum wants the house clean

JD2005 @Ash Same :(

lunamoonlight @Eloquent ... how is a fish dirty? I can understand how dogs and cats can be dirty because they shed and make messes, but how is a fish messy? As long as you have it in a place where the bowl won't spill it's fine.

JHAMMER2 @Elo Tell your mom that it is a gold fish and it will be kinda easy to clean after, because you know it is a fish.

EloquentRacer92 @Lunamoonlight well u have to change the water and they poo

lunamoonlight @Eloquent The water (depending on if you have a filter) should be changed about every week-10 days. Which pretty much consists of using a net, putting the fish in another container of water, dumping the water from the fish bowl, putting new water in, then moving the fish back and dumping out the other container. It's not complicated. And as for the poo, that's why you change the water.

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Hi! I'm new here, just saying hello!

FunHeart1010 Welcome!

KnightStar Thanks!

greatamazingCheezits Sup

KnightStar Since someone shared Luna's haha.

Ash I like your first post!

JD2005 @Ash Me too!

lunamoonlight Knight's isn't total cringe. No fair lol

I have 1,030+ unread emails from my teachers. Ouch.

MrGoodGuy oof

Sugarrushfa Oof.

TomBoyFoxGrl Have fun

JD2005 Wow.

lunamoonlight i have 0

Queeny dude, check your mail. we have end of the year benchmarks today at 10:15 am.

Ash Why didn’t you read them-

KnightStar @Ash I have anxiety every time I look at them lol

11:04 PM, in 10 minutes time, my bedtime tunes in. Last year, my usual bedtime was almost 3:00 AM, but now I have more self control, so I got to bed at amazingly some point of 11. Right now I'm kind of overheated and going through a what feels to be sugar rush even though I haven't had sugar... Can you tell from my previous rant lol?
Also, I feel like I'm drenched with sweat in a swamp sauna. I wiped my hand over my forehead to get the sweat off, but my forehead was as dry as ever. It's so weird that lately, despite the cold weather, I feel this way even though I'm not sweating and it's a cool temp. I'm going to have to fan myself, I hate feeling like this lolz.


JD2005 I go to sleep around 1:30 / 2 AM usually. I remember I used to go to bed much earlier, like even before 11:30 PM when I was younger. Good for you though. Sweet dreams!

Ash :/

ammyk Wow. How’d you sleep?

lunamoonlight Forced ti get ready fir bed at 11, usually go to bed between midnight and one AM

Actually, was going to make this a comment rant on my post bellow. But for the sake of more people tuning in and sharing their opinions, I decided to post it separately...

UNPOP Opinion: Y2K FASHION WAS BOOTIFUL COMPARED TO EARLY 2010s FASHION. People like blaming the 2000s for it's cringe fashion but honestly... it wasn't bad, and it def carved it's own unique style. Other than seeing every girl at schools butt crack because of those low rise jeans - it was cool. But the 2010-2016 fashion... Oh, oh, oh... I was a victim to all those horrible fashion trends, and only a young one I am and was. Look, my fam still kept around a lot of early 2000s stuff during that time. I had a maze of butterfly clippers and butterfly merch, along with LPS & other early 2000s toys like those cute 90s MLP's (nostalgia at it's finest).But of course I feel victim to the 2010's jeggings (@Queeny still wears those ugly things), those flats that tangle around your leg, giving you a harsh tan line as well as cutting your blood flow. And of course blisters.. OH, and I can't forgot that mine were usually this clear rubbery plastic ones T-T. Ouch. And remember those Tumblr girl "aesthetic" blocky heels that plagued the internet 2014-2016? Or those low rise dresses that every girl on the internet posted themselves in?
Now, you may be wondering... "How do you remember the internet then, you were like eight!" Hehe, you see, I was on internet then because of my school computer cuz I'm online schooled. And I was bored since I like, never interacted w/ anyone lol. My parents never bothered w/ restrictions, so I had to witness to all those ugly internet Tumblr trends LOL + plus my good memory.

A lot of old people forgot those type of things... Like my dad, who is 60 yrs old and can't remember anything culture wise. He's been living under a rock all these decades hehe. I mean he can't even remember anything that happened in 2017 lolll. He's like, "that was a long time ago, why do you think I remember anything then?" Hahah. Unlike him, when I'm 60+, I'll have killer memory cuz I keep trendy stuff branded in my mind. I mean, it's crazy to think trendy stuff now will one day become "vintage" or even more so "nostalgic" /etc. I mean, I don't follow through the new trend hole recently... Who would want to bleach the grown fronts of their bangs? 2019-beyond, please burn that. I am sensible when it comes to fashion, even if I'm not very good at it myself.

What was your y2k / 2010's enemy in fashion? (I know most of you are teens now, so I'm sure you guys can remember -..-)


KnightStar Hey, I should be a fashion expert of the decades. @AmmyK can side me on the 19th century fashion, I can't do anything that far back lolz.

JD2005 Wow. You should definitely be a professional fashion expert, you already sound like one, NGL. BTW, you ranted about something I'm really uninterested in, lol.

ammyk I know a bit about 19th century fashion, but not really early 21st century. When I was 7 I literally just wore whatever my mom suggested.

KnightStar @ammky Lolll 7 yr old me wanted to be cool.

Sugarrushfa @ammyk I like your profile pic!Where’d you find it or why’d you pick it? Seems like 19th century to me but I’m not sure 😉😂😂

lunamoonlight *meanwhile I know nothing about fashion and literally, yes, literally, look like a homeless woman half of the time because I wear oversized flannels with missing buttons, jeans, a random t-shirt I've probably slept in, and a belt that's almost broken*

lunamoonlight That and I don't brush my hair much, so it always looks messy

KnightStar @lunamoonlight I wear the clothes I sleep in out sometimes-

ammyk @Sugarrushfa, It’s a portrait of Sophie Piper, by Charles Joseph de La Celle chevalier de Chateaubourg. I got it from Wikipedia. And yeah, she lived during the 1700s and 1800s.

Sugarrushfa Oh cool thanks @ammyk

2007 was the best year out of the 2000s, cuz I was born then hehe. And cuz of the fashion but eh, me being born is more prominent to 2000s culture--- JUST KIDDING YALLZ. People that remember 2007 well, what was your memory of my birth year?

Also... a lot of people here are '07 babies. AmmyK, Luna, ArtistGirl i think, Queeny cuz we're twins, ETC. We may be young, but at least we were born on a favorable year 😎

Gem is the apparently the oldest one still active and she was only born in '04... Oof. *whispers* a n y o n e? *loud echoing through the KS caves*


ammyk @EloquentRacer92 Well you didn't have to block us.

Queeny @EloquentRacer92 why'd you block me too? I understand you don't want to give out personal info, but no one forced you to reply to the post. If the post doesn't interest you, just keep scrolling.

JD2005 @Queeny Agreed.

EloquentRacer92 Because I hate u

EloquentRacer92 All of u

EloquentRacer92 except Sugarrushfa

KnightStar @EloquentRacer92 said she was 12 before. @lunamoonlight Lol ikr. If anyone can find someone simply by their age, they're literally a God. Also guys, I'm not blocked by her yet. I am proud of this-

KnightStar Nvm, she just blocked me. I checked her page literally yesterday :(

lunamoonlight @EloquentRacer92 All that hate can't be healthy.

KnightStar I have 24 comment, yet 2 likes. This is how KS works hahaha

I was talking about Prince Phillip being so old and still alive yesterday to @Queeny ... And just this morning, Prince Phillip passed away at 99.

ammyk @lunamoonlight let’s just wait for Queeny to respond to that.

Queeny :))))

KnightStar @ammyk @lunamoonlight actually, I brought up the convo 0_____0

GemHeart T.T ikr. The other day my family was watching the Crown and BOOM, next day: Mom: I HAVE SAD NEWS Me: what, did some celebrity die Mom: Kinda, IT WAS PHILIP Me: W H A T- *sobs in a corner*

Scruffypenny uHm you jinxed it didn't oyu

KnightStar @GemHeart we both jinxed

ammyk One of these days, we’re gonna find out that Queeny and Knight don’t actually know each other in real life, and that Queeny is a dark wizard controlling us all through a screen.

lunamoonlight @ammyk ... QUEENY-

JD2005 @ammyk 😶

KnightStar @ammyk And I am her pet monkey. But actually, I am a very controlling person- I mean monkey- so actually, it's not Queeny working her dark wizard magic, it's me telling her what to say as your ordinary talking monkey. Maybe she cast a spell on me with the pity in her still human heart years ago.. regretting it. Also @lunamoonlight YOUVE SEEN A PIC OF US TOGETHER LOLLLLZ. We know each other, but this is the twist heheh... #mortsrevenge

Beauty and the Beast 1978 is just as good as the 1991 version.
Beauty and the Beast 1978 is just T-T. If you haven't seen it already, watch it! One of my favorite movies. (When looking for it, don't forget to put 1978 also, it's free on youtube with subtitles in English.)

Ash Didn’t watch either 🤔

JD2005 @Ash Same, but would like to.

GUYS, me and @GemHeart are planning a new KidzTalk story. I won't spoil any details, but it'll be another fanfiction, kind of like the one we did two years ago. We haven't decided much on the plot detailing, just the characters and surroundings. Heh, looking back, Silens I was pretty cringe on my part (writing style, etc), but it was still something fun for me to do back then, so yeah. TOM AND LUCAS, YOU'RE STILL MEH FAV OC'S LOL.

Anyways, I don't remember writing 90% of Silens I, so it's fun to re read some of the chapters.. maybe I should read it in chronologically lol. Recently I've been feeling in the writing mood, so I'm actually also writing one of my own original stories on WORD. I don't think I'd ever post it anywhere, but yeet. It's something to me.

Also... 600+ hearts on my Quotev story! Another writing update, even tho yall dont care about any of this stuff :p if you're an new user, that is.

#QOTD What're some of your throwback stories? 💐

Ash 💜💜💜

Scruffypenny OOO YES

JD2005 Sounds exciting!

ammyk Pita's Story was probably the most cringe thing I ever did in my entire life, so that's my throwback story.

ammyk And I can't wait to see what this story will be about.

GemHeart :3

lunamoonlight Hm, Astell, The Story of Emily Grace, Rise of the Wolves, especially beginning chapters

KnightStar @ammyk haha, same with my first story on KT, "Beginnings"