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So, I posted some in my online diary. Please go comment and read.

lunamoonlight I did,

GemHeart I will when I can!

JD2005 Same Gem!

Um, so this is my second thing for the #RinjiContest thing

KnightStar #gh2019contest

GemHeart Awesome Knight!!!! (Could u post them on PW when you can?)

My ocs headshots WIP, which is your favorite that I drew? Character design wise

GemHeart Tom totally!

Rinji contest! Here is my entry. Um, so it's messy but I hope you like it anyways. Also can i do more than more than one entry.

KnightStar *?

GemHeart Yes, you may if you'd like! And this is awesome, great job. If Queeny wants to join in she can too. Anyone's welcome!

KnightStar Thanks! Queeny is going to enter

GemHeart Awesome!!!! Thx!

Okay, guys, so, I have a couple of friends and I've learned something about them. I've learned that ALL my friends are gay or bi. And I don't really support it so I don't know how to feel about it. Plus, they're making me feel like an oddball being straight and them talking about girls and stuff while I like boys. So yep......any advice?

GemHeart Never been in the situation, but maybe say this, "You guys, I accept/ respect you, but please don't talk about girls around me. With each other, fine, but with me, please don't!"

lunamoonlight I don't know how I could give you advise for this. Sorry.

FortnitePlayer Same luna

KnightStar Thanks Gem!

GemHeart NP Knight!

izziegirl my aunts gay but i like her girlfreind because ive known her my whole life

Digital art thing I did. I guess is okay

FunHeart1010 Nice!!

GemHeart Good job Knight!

Kitten woah! That is amazing!

Realism challenge WIP. I'll add shading in later

GemHeart Good job!

WIP will post finished results later

FunHeart1010 L O V E

GemHeart Awesome!!!

KnightStar Thanks

Lorekeeper Q&A. I wont be doomg any books until school is done...sorry. but I promise I'll get it done! Anyways, this is a bad drawing I did considering I rushed because I have testing right now. Anyways, ask question! Sorry for the handwriting, couldn't do it fancy

KnightStar *doing

GemHeart My question: How do you like school?