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Sry! Been soooooooooo long!
How r u guys doing?

GemHeart Good!

FortnitePlayer Who are you?

Emelyisaway Good hbu?

fluffykitten12 Yh who are you

Queeny I'm good! And welcome back!

hghux555 IDK who you are

Hi and happy thanksgiving! we all know it's coming soon so I'll post

get it, 'cause it's my signature!

Kittycat46 Have you played the halloween doodle 2018? it's so fun!

Kittycat46 search google doodles and click on google archives. youll have to scroll all the way down though

xxpainitewolf hi!! happy thanksgiving to you too <3

JD2005 Happy Thanksgiving! No, I'ven't played, but will!

GemHeart Heyhey!

lunamoonlight i used this actual pic for a dog vs cat report, i also had string i taped to the poster to make it play with string

lunamoonlight i played it a bit but no one is playing it at 9:35 in the morning,

FunHeart1010 Happy thanksgiving!

FunHeart1010 <3 Happy thanksgiving everybody!

Queeny Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi everyone! I'm new to KidzNet here. I've heard it's awsome! 😃

JD2005 Welcome! and yes it's really awesome!

KidzSearch Welcome to KidzNet Kittycat46! Let us know if you have any questions and we hope you enjoy it here.

FunHeart1010 Welcome! And im sure you'll love it!

GemHeart Hello! Hope you enjoy your time here. You can make tons of friends, and it's a great way to say connected-- if you have any questions we would all love to help you!

AlbiSeli Hello!!!

mockingjay222 Hey Kidznet is awesome!!