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Me this month:

lunalovegoodmolly Lol

ammyk Thanks a lot, now I'm hungry!

lunamoonlight I'm selling cookies, and I bought $38 worth of cookies...

Ada4 ha!

ammyk LOL

Ada4 my girl scout selling booth starts toomorow

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Do you support abortion? Explain your answer please

lunamoonlight Same as CSeriestechhero

ArtistGirl definitely not. its killing the baby no matter what the circumstance is.

Ada4 na na no no nooooooooooooooooooooooo!

lunalovegoodmolly Same as Luna and C series

ammyk No way! I find it so sad when single moms don't know what else to do and abort their babies, but then usually live to regret it.

Kitten No

Queeny No.

JD2005 Agreed AG!

Jabber same as LLM, Luna and C series

GemHeart Same as Jay!!!

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Dear KidzSearch,
Can you please add reactions (e.g. Love, Haha, Wow, Angry, Sad) like Facebook? They'd show up once you click on the 'Like' option, and then you'd have to click on a reaction.
It'd be so cool then!

JD2005 And friends, please share this post if you agree.

lunamoonlight There is on Kitten's version of KN

JD2005 @lunamoonlight Then it's also possible on KN. As far as I know, Kitten and KS use the same open source software.

Kitten Correct!

JD2005 Thanks for sharing!

Can I just ask for some non biased, truthful, info about the "Argument" in the Political Club?

Queeny From what I've seen: Kitten shared a post from the Politics club that had Democratic ideas in it, GemHeart and RavenHeartBooks both commented on how they disagreed with the post, but their comments got deleted by Kitten. FunHeart got upset with this and commented on how it's unfair their comments got removed. Kitten and FunHeart ended up quarreling about this over private messages, then FunHeart blocked Kitten. This made Kitten more upset so he made several public posts about it. When another user, JD2005, messaged Kitten about all the drama Kitten blocked him, which caused JD to get involved and make a post claiming he wasn't being disrespectful and didn't deserve to get blocked. Kitten responded to JD in another post by sharing some screenshots showing that he warned JD he was going to block him if he kept contacting him. Sorry if I got anything wrong, this is just what I've seen.

FunHeart1010 I thought you left??

lunalovegoodmolly I understand

Kitten temporary

Kitten not anymore

Kitten Good job queeny, that was pretty much as unbiased as it gets. But I don't want people to talk about it

Kitten something to add: Kitten told luna not to comment on his post, ThatBluePikman thought that was unfair and drew a picture of kitten. Kitten did not like being drawn and made public posts about it.

lunamoonlight Sorry

lunalovegoodmolly Those were really good at not being biased.

KittyKat Thanks @Queeny!

Some pastry shells that I did!

Tintin1956 wow

lunalovegoodmolly Cool

lunalovegoodmolly Cool

Jabber YUM!

JD2005 Cool!

Queeny Those look so good!

KittyKat Thanks!

JD2005 NP!

Do you like movies? If you do, do you like Romance, Mystery, Thriller/Action, Sci-fi, or MuSiCaLS?

Im ObViOuSlY RoMaNtIc MuSiCaLs!!!

Jabber something you probably do not know about me: I LOVE Romance movies

Emelyisaway I'm the type of person that will watch anything if I like it, even if it's a romance, a musical, a thriller, etc.

Queeny aLl of tHeM!!

GemHeart Musicals, fantasy... and action.

GemHeart Musicals, fantasy... and action.

lunalovegoodmolly Romance, and Romantic Musicals!

Kitten i love movies

JD2005 Same Emely, except action. I hate violence lol.

I got a new post(s) in my journal! Its about my old town...

KittyKat Also, thanks to @JD2005 for creating the first journal and giving me the idea! 😝\

JD2005 Lol @KittyKat... No problem! 😝

Did you start school already? If so, are you private schooled, home schooled, charter schooled, or public schooled?

I already started school. I am home schooled because I missed the dead line to get into school.

Queeny I'm online schooled, I started school a week ago.

Kitten yeah

lunamoonlight Public, i am in school

lunalovegoodmolly I am a private Catholic school. I started.

bella07 I'm private schooled and I resumed on the 6th

ArtistGirl same as LLM, but a different school, we started last monday

JD2005 Yes, I already started. I'm public schooled. A 9th grader.

FunHeart1010 Online schooled.

Emelyisaway Online school

Jabber I am in a private catholic school ( even though I am not catholic )