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Happy Birthday Gemheart!!!! The magical birthday corgi will grant you your birthday with!!!!

JD2005 :D

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GemHeart Thanks Kinso!

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forgxtten lol

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Queen157 Viruses are grandmas

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lunamoonlight G R A N D M A G O T E B O L A ! But lol.

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First of all, Hi! I'm loving webtoon so far and have gotten into a few of them but I nEeD mOre!!!!! Here are so.e of the webcomics that I've liked (gosh... I feel so embarrassed right now..)

1.) unOrdinary (love the superhero-y stuff and its art)
2.) Let's Play (I like how the author portrays that there is more to a character than you think
3.) Lore Olympus (I like the plot line, but it's getting to a point where I just want the story to end)
4.) True Beauty (I've just started reading it, but I like it so far for its take on how makeup ruins a girls life
5.) NOTHING!!!! I nEeD mOreEeEe! 😅

Edit: I have read Castle Swimmer, True Beauty, SubZero, Freaking Romance, Lore Olympus, let's Play, unOrdinary and Midnight Poppy Land.

lunamoonlight Freaking Romance sounds like a good fit. It's a romance one, and it cute. You seem to like the top WebToons (all of those have been in the top five a lot). So maybe other popular ones like Castle Swimmer or SubZero (I have read the whole series so far, the title still doesn't make sense).

Queeny Ahh the webtoons I read are probably not for you, but by the off chance we share some interests here's my subscribed list: Ghost Wife (Horror/Romance), My Boo (Romance), Love Advice From The Great Duke Of Hell (comedy), Ghost Tellers (Horror), Melvina's Therapy (horror), Cursed Princess Club (comedy), B*stard (thriller/horror), Hidden In Plain Sight (Romance, Sci-Fi), Glacias (Adventure/Fantasy), Internet Explorer (comedy), Lookism (Drama)

FairyPrincess Cursed Princess Club, I love yoo, Lumine, Watermelon and Lone.

Queen157 I don’t use webtoons

Queen157 I don’t use webtoons

forgxtten I’ve read Freaking Romance, unOrdinary and true beauty so idk

JD2005 Oop...

lunamoonlight You go Remi!

GemHeart ...yeah that's me.

Queen157 I wanna be her

lunamoonlight Well, Remi is the Queen of the school, they aren't going to disobey her lol.

JD2005 XDD

lunamoonlight This was the one I was talkin about!

lunamoonlight Uru-chan makes these on WebToon, she is the author of UnOrdinary.

GemHeart LOL yep

Queen157 XDDDD

Queen157 @ScruffyPenny it is a webtoon

KittyKat I didn't draw it! This is uru.chan! Go follow her on webtoon or stalk her on insta!

Random unOrdinary pictures in my camera roll

lunamoonlight Dude, I have this in my screenshots... What the heck....

Queen157 Lol

lunamoonlight Me as Remi- *Looks at Isen* Boi, I ain't protecting you. Git yo butt over there. *lightly kicks Isen to Arlo*