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Happy Birthday Gemheart!!!! The magical birthday corgi will grant you your birthday with!!!!

JD2005 :D

lunalovegoodmolly Awww

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Elfy girl


GemHeart Thanks Kinso!

Just read Killstagram on webtoon. Let's just say, I will never get social media now.... 😬

ArtistGirl lol

lunamoonlight I want to read it, is it any good?

FairyPrincess I deleted my Instagram after reading it 😱


for those of you who don't know what im talking about, read the latest webtoon episode on UnOrdinary

ArtistGirl hehe

lunamoonlight Ikr? Isen is gonna ded ded, and John is gonna ded him.

Queen157 Hehehhehe

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Queen157 Wow! Thanks!

I thought that Perfect Boyfriend on Webtoon was cute and nice and sunshine and ranbows..... Boi was I wrong.....

Queen157 Nuh uh..

blabbitydoodah oof

@lunamoonlight, I JUST FINISHED READING ALL OF AWKWARD MAGIC!! I LOVED IT!! *internal screaming*

ArtistGirl I read it all :)

JD2005 Gonna check it out.

Queen157 Ok I wish I could check it oit

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ArtistGirl lol

Sewinghedgies101 Lol

Queen157 Viruses are grandmas

Queen157 Lol

KittyKat OMGGG...StOp

lunamoonlight G R A N D M A G O T E B O L A ! But lol.

JD2005 Lol.

Queen157 Lol

JD2005 XD

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First of all, Hi! I'm loving webtoon so far and have gotten into a few of them but I nEeD mOre!!!!! Here are so.e of the webcomics that I've liked (gosh... I feel so embarrassed right now..)

1.) unOrdinary (love the superhero-y stuff and its art)
2.) Let's Play (I like how the author portrays that there is more to a character than you think
3.) Lore Olympus (I like the plot line, but it's getting to a point where I just want the story to end)
4.) True Beauty (I've just started reading it, but I like it so far for its take on how makeup ruins a girls life
5.) NOTHING!!!! I nEeD mOreEeEe! 😅

Edit: I have read Castle Swimmer, True Beauty, SubZero, Freaking Romance, Lore Olympus, let's Play, unOrdinary and Midnight Poppy Land.

lunamoonlight Freaking Romance sounds like a good fit. It's a romance one, and it cute. You seem to like the top WebToons (all of those have been in the top five a lot). So maybe other popular ones like Castle Swimmer or SubZero (I have read the whole series so far, the title still doesn't make sense).

Queeny Ahh the webtoons I read are probably not for you, but by the off chance we share some interests here's my subscribed list: Ghost Wife (Horror/Romance), My Boo (Romance), Love Advice From The Great Duke Of Hell (comedy), Ghost Tellers (Horror), Melvina's Therapy (horror), Cursed Princess Club (comedy), B*stard (thriller/horror), Hidden In Plain Sight (Romance, Sci-Fi), Glacias (Adventure/Fantasy), Internet Explorer (comedy), Lookism (Drama)

FairyPrincess Cursed Princess Club, I love yoo, Lumine, Watermelon and Lone.

Queen157 I don’t use webtoons

Queen157 I don’t use webtoons

ArtistGirl I’ve only read unOrdinary and true beauty so I can’t help u there

KittyKat I edited it a lil bit so it's more specific. Sorry for the previous confusion!!

ammyk Seed has one of my favorite styles, and Tales of the Unusual is horror, but its not as scary as you might think. Most of the bad things that happen come from Karma and its incredibly satisfying when people get payback.

Queen157 I can’t have webtoon