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i have to get rid of kidznet............
My mom said "That kidznet thing you do is really annoying"
and then she said "i think it's time you go and get some real friends off of kidznet! " (I DO HAVE OTHER FRIENDS I HAVE PLENTY DUMBFACE)
then she said "i want you to have that kidznet gne by next week "(that was yesteeday so i have til the end of the week) i am gonna miss you guys!!!😢😭😢 :'(

lunamoonlight NUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!! Why would it be annoying!?

Kitten no!

Emelyisaway We'll miss you kittens D: I hope your mom changes her mind

lunalovegoodmolly will miss ya.

KnightStar wHHHY????? That must be sad, my family is different from that, the more isolated the better.

Queeny I'll miss you!!

ArtistGirl No!!!! Imma miss you!!!

Chaarkol Im gonna miss you too

Kittens I am sorry!😢 i wish i didnt have to!😢

Queen157 NO!

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ArtistGirl why is it showing the gif 8 times?

Kittens Lol idk

Kitten lol