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I am probably going to have my website done sooner than I thought and I added a social media network thing called princess kittens net and the first 5 users will get 50,000 points! Also please follow the rules! Because if you don't your account may be deleted! Don't worry the rules aren't that hard to follow but please follow them so I can approve it! If you dont follow the rules your post/question may not go into moderation and if it happens more than 5 times your account might be deleted! So please just follow the rules! I will give you guys the link within the next week probably!

THE TRUMPS ARE INACTIVE!!!!! They havent done anything for a month!


lunamoonlight What my dad would say "Just like the real Trump."

lunamoonlight But anyway, hope they become active!

JD2005 YES!!! I'm quite glad XD


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I am making a website! I will hopefully have it done by christmas!!

lunalovegoodmolly Cool

GemHeart ;D What's it gonna be like?

GemHeart ;D What's it gonna be like?

Kittens Its a cat site

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Time to unveil...
MY NEW WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's a Question2answer social network made just for kids!

lunamoonlight "suspected bot" for over 20 usernames.

lunamoonlight and two emails

lunamoonlight and two passwords

Kitten I fixed it

Kittens I am 🅚🅘🅣🅣🅔🅝🅢✰ on

lunalovegoodmolly I may not be able to join but I will ask my mom

Kitten awesome!