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If the Earth were flat and not round than cats would've knocked everything off the Earth years ago.

Romi330 Haha ;)

Romi330 Haha ;)

CatGirlTiti HAHAHA

Kitten lol

This Google doodle is so cute! Happy mothers day!

GemHeart Aww, thx

Kitten :)

Kitten of the day

lunamoonlight awww

qwerty456 cute

Queeny Aw!

CatGirlTiti Aw so cute!

Kitten I know, right?

fluffykitten12 aawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww sooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kitten :)

If anyone likes kidzsearch, you should check out kiddle. It is like kidzsearch, but it does not have extra features like chat. Kidrex is another search engine that is also made for kids. and are the names of the websites

Kitten Kidrex screen shot

WhizKid Those sites are good for little kids, like K-3 grades. The results are not good enough for school homework if you are an older kid.

Willow7890 I use Kiddle and KidRex, but I still think KidzSearch is the best. It lets you research on a wider variety of topics but blocks out the bad stuff. Also, the design for Kiddle and KidzSearch is cleaner than KidRex, which is why I'm the most comfortable with KidzSearch,

ammyk Oh yeah, I sometimes use those articles for my website.

qwerty456 My sister uses kidrex

Kitten @whizkid the site kiddle has decent content, as both kidzsearch and kiddle and kidrex use the same search technology. Google custom search (

Kitten @ willow7890 I agree, but the kidzsearch homepage looks a little dated.

ammyk I think Kiddle is better if you are looking for photos, but Kidzsearch is better with other stuff and has KidzNet and KidzTalk.

Kids search Updated!

lunamoonlight Yep, I saw that either when I checked out KT last night (I go to bed late) or this morning (well, same thing)

FunHeart1010 Yay!

GemHeart Yup!

Queeny :D

ammyk Yeah, I know! I saw that the bar thingy on top is dark blue now.

lunamoonlight I likez blue!

CSeriestechhero KidzSearch is on their way to looking like Google

Kitten it looks like yahoo.

Did you or will you go anywere for spring break?

cookie122105 i went to texas

KnightStar Naaa

Hobbypony I live in Texas

Kitten cool!

I went to cape disappointment. I stayed in the lighthouse keepers cabin and had alot of fun. Tomorrow I am going to Minnesota to visit my grandparents! I will post some lighthouse photos soon.

cookie122105 kk