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Kinso Add me @Kinso

What time zone are yall in cause I keep getting notifications at 4 in the morning...

UmmKairi Uh im in texas

lunamoonlight Central standard time, I am in Iowa.

JD2005 Indian standard time.

FunHeart1010 Central, im in texas as well.

Jabber IDK I'm in Jordan

KnightStar Central, Florida

TylerTheDrummer Central, in Texas.


I saw this and laughed so hard. 😂 😂 😂 😂 Skip to 1:30

JD2005 XDD

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Everyone is doing this, so I thought, why not? Also, thanks to @lunalovegoodmolly for the briliant idea.

JD2005 Thanks for sharing!

Kinso NO problem!

HAHA the baby was having so much fun but this is what I see when I walk into class every day in school.


lunamoonlight Ikr?

JD2005 XDD

JOIN THIS GROUP TODAY! Underestimated.

lunalovegoodmolly I am underestimat ed

GemHeart Yup, true!


JD2005 XD

Jabber don't make me think about that.!

You guys wanted some more of my art so...

Kinso I only have two others but other than that Idk what to draw but if you have any ideas shoot me some.

lunamoonlight Awesome job on the shading!

JD2005 Cool!

Kinso Thanks guys I liked the shading too but I have the same one but in color.


Kinso Some o Y'all wanted to see so here you go!

KnightStar wow! where i live its hot now.

lunamoonlight Dang, just a couple feet of snow here.

lunalovegoodmolly It snows alot in MN too!

JD2005 Wow!

Jabber lolz

FunHeart1010 It's rainy where I live now RIP