Hey KidzNet? I was wondering if I could post some pictures of me riding. You cant see my face in them bc It is far away there kinda grainy and I have a mask on. Well anyway. Thanks. 1130 Notifications. Lots of drama going on in my life. Might start an online diary.

lunamoonlight I recommend diaries.

KnightStar it doesnt violate the rules, so yeah, tots post it!! ^^

ammyk I'd like to read your diary of you make one. Nice profile pic, btw.

JD2005 I recommend diaries too.

I feel like whenever I make a post and as questions looking for a response, I don't get any comments. What's up with that? I didn't come here to become even more invisible like being in school. I came here to make more friends and meet people from all over the world.

lunamoonlight *hugs* Sowwy

KnightStar There's not that many ppl on here so i feel u

Emelyisaway ahh sorry sometimes i don't see them D:

Updated my Bio pfp and Banner! So go check it out! And I have 1113 Notifications!

Queeny I've got 12,680 :0