Hi guys am here because I need friends.

ammyk Okay!

ammyk I sent you a friend request by the way. Also, cute profile pic!

Kaitlyn Thx

Kaitlyn 😊😊😊😊😊😊 hi guys I love it here

GemHeart :D

Holahi Friend request sent

KnightStar I'll be your friend! Welcome!

Emelyisaway I sent a friend request :')

Pumpkin Idk

ammyk Peppa Pig is like the FUNNIEST kid show ever!

Hey guys I'm almost 16, I will be June 21st! I Love dancing and singing! I love Stranger Things! Looking forward to watching season 3

hghux555 why u have no profile pic tho

Emelyisaway Welcome to KN! :DD

lunamoonlight Fluffy, while not a lot of older kids do go on here, last time I checked there was no age limit on kn. And people don't HAVE to choose a profile picture, and Kaitlyn could just not know what to put yet.

FunHeart1010 There are a lot of teens on here, so this is normal.

Queeny I agree with Luna, there's no age limit to being on KS. Gem's almost 15 and she is still here frequently.

KnightStar Your a kid till your 18, so she's not too old! And there is no age limit to KS