Does anybody here watch you tube and think, "Why can't there be more clean AND cool youtubers out there?!" Well I put together a list for you guys!!
1. Brent Rivera
2. Rosanna Pansino
3. Dude Perfect
4. Collins Key
5. Yammy ( she only says the D-word sometimes I think)
6. L.D. Shadow Lady
7. I mean, there's the Labrant Fam, but they're meh...
I hope this helps!!

JD2005 Thanks for your help :)

lunamoonlight Bijuu Mike too. He usually blocks anything not kid-friendly. Like cussing

lunamoonlight And other stuffs

InkBoyJay Icecreamsandwhich. Odd1sout. Jaidenanimations. Something elder for the most part. Poke tips.

Queen157 Octo, jaiden is not clean

Ada4 I know some of those YouTubers!

Twentyonepilotsan Try

Twentyonepilotsan Ty*

Does anybody have dessert ideas for me?
I made some cookie sand cream rice krispy treats but I don't know what to make next...

Junior I meant cookies and cream

Kinso Pineapple upside down cake.

Happy birthday Luna!! Hope you have a wonderful day!

JD2005 HBD LLM!!!

lunalovegoodmolly Thanks!

So I had always wanted Instagram or something, but you guys are much nicer.I
You're so supportive and encouraging all the time!!

JD2005 😄

lunamoonlight Yup!

GemHeart No problem :D

Here's a real painting.


Queeny Wow, creative!

lunamoonlight I like the colors and proportions of said colors. Not much else I can say for abstract

JD2005 Wow!

greatamazingCheezits tots beautiful

Twentyonepilotsan 9999999

Twentyonepilotsan Oooooo

Another drawing!!!

lunamoonlight Beautiful

JD2005 Nice!

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you.....


Junior I didn't any milk... 😢

Junior have*

Twentyonepilotsan Lol

Happy B-day Gemheart!!!!!!!

JD2005 HBD!!!

Have any of you seen ZOMBIES and ZOMBIES 2???
They're really good.
Also Milo Manheim is rly cute as a zombie.
And as a human lol

Junior And Pearce Joza is too......

JD2005 Nope.

Junior No about watching it or about Pearce?

Junior Actually I did it know if your a boy or a girl lol so you don't have to answer that lol

This is now my wallpaper lol.

JD2005 Cool!

pakkash Beautiful!!!!!

Junior Uh I guess! It looks like bubble wrap doesn't it!!