baseball tryouts in 30 minutes! SO EXCITED!!!!

JD2005 YAY!!!

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Lol it's raining here rip (i have permission from kidzsearch don't worry lol)

FunHeart1010 I lOoOk LikE a PoTato

Twentyonepilotsan No you don't

lunamoonlight I like rain.

JD2005 No, you don't! Cool!

KnightStar i like your bangs!

FunHeart1010 Thank you!

FunHeart1010 I cut them myself as you can see XD

Jabber your really pretty FH, and you look great in bangs

FunHeart1010 Thanks for sharing! 😊

Jabber NP 😊

JD2005 I agree Jab! 😊

You Got:

Lovable Ladybug
Your soul is a multi-faceted machine that can handle almost anything! The ladybug ducky represents you best because you can be anything you need to be when life is asking for you to shake things up. You wear a lot of hats, and your ability to flap your wings and handle it is something that makes your inner rubber ducky smile.

Jabber I do wear lots of hats!

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Kinso Add me @Kinso

When the view from your bedroom window is just sad...

JD2005 Oof lol

Queeny Oof

FunHeart1010 OOF

This is Eo: currently she is sayin bark bark

FunHeart1010 boRk

Kitten awww

JD2005 Aww... Wait, is that person you?

Jabber yeah

lunalovegoodmolly awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

KnightStar aww

currently typing this while I practice for voice lessons which stars it 30 minutes and eating a falafel sandwich.


Lili07 rip,kobe bryant and gianna(gigi) bryant

Kitten cool

JD2005 Wow lol

FunHeart1010 @Lili07 No offense...but what does that have to do with the post?

Lili07 well lets just say that wasnt there it was auto correct....

Lili07 but, im bout to leave kiidz search soo ya...

Jabber lol