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Currently having a panic attack
#quarantine lifee

forgxtten nice

lunamoonlight Lovely *sarcasm*

darksun honestly, same

Pumpkin Same.

Emelyisaway hope ur okay now, and same :(

FairyPrincess Same..

JD2005 Same :(

Monkeymad60 *** those panic attacks....... Hate them.

Jellyfishlover Ugh, they suck! Although I don’t have them anymore, but I do have ADHD. It’s great. #sarcasm

I just read #killstagram on webtoon, and let's just say... I am gonna crash in my brother's room tonight.

Do not read #killstagram, if you are like me and is scared of literally EVERYTHING.
I feel really dumb rn

KittyKat Thats why I never venture into the horror or thriller section of webtoon lol

darksun Ima watch it now

lunamoonlight Well, I have found what I will read tonight. Let's test my paranioa and fears in the middle of the night, yay*sarcasm*.

Pumpkin ok

Emelyisaway ah i love horror, time to read!!!

FairyPrincess I'm gonna read it tonight hehehe

Monkeymad60 Now I know not to read it... literally scared of EVERYTHING

Jabber lol

Help I'm SOOOOO Bored!!!


Queen157 Me too

forgxtten we all are lol

JD2005 AG, yup, lol.

GemHeart Can't help ya therrrre