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I have a riddle. Some Guy was told to make a sound of a roled M what sound did he make?

lunamoonlight N?

ammyk W?

boyyyy77 N?

JD2005 N?

Ash A roled M?

JHAMMER2 Ammyk Your correct

boyyyy77 H?

ammyk Heh heh

JD2005 @ammyk 👏🏻

Hey DukeSilver is Back

JD2005 I know!

GuitaristKid Nice pfp bro

GuitaristKid He my brother

Ash Yup m)

JHAMMER2 Why bro!

JHAMMER2 Kn told me NOT to tell who my brother was!

lunamoonlight Lol the brethren have been revealed.

AstrialFlames Lol

JD2005 Lol.

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JHAMMER2 Now I don't Believe this post is fake. He Does not deserve for his account to be Deleted. Only let the staff on Kidznet Fact Check the Posts

DancerForLife9821 I'm so sorry 😥😥😥

Ash This picture can be found online in a website listed about huskies. Another thing, she faked a bunch of other posts before.

Ash Now, I don’t think her account should be deleted, just a warning.

lunamoonlight @JHAMMER2 1. There has been repeated proof of this stuff being fake. 2. TomBoyFoxGrl is a she, hence "Grl", she's just a less feminine girl, hence "tomboy". 3. Your random capitols are driving me crazy.

JD2005 😶

JHAMMER2 Here is what. @TomBoyFoxGrl Posted a post That His/Her dog died and everyone says that its fake

lunamoonlight Yes, it was fake.

@ EloquentRacer92 Blocked me for no reason, I put the link bar in FOR PROOF that she blocked me Plus, She send me a friend request?

JHAMMER2 : Note use ctrl + to get a better view, if on mac try command +

Ash Ok, but can you please accept my friend request?

Pumpkin she blocked everyone

JD2005 Oof.

JHAMMER2 But I want to know How

EloquentRacer92 Ok I unblocked u srry for confusion


lunamoonlight KS removed blocking again I think. I wanted to see Pumpkin's pfp better, so I went to his page, not thinking for a sec, and I'm unblocked and didn't see the block option.

lunamoonlight (This is meant for the post above, it wouldn't let me comment) Also, TBFG, I hope you know that on KidzNet, it is impossible to change a picture when you edit. When you edit a post, you don't have the option to change whatever picture is attached, only the text. In other words, you couldn't have posted a golden retriever on KidzNet.

I made a blopra (blob opra)


lunamoonlight I thought I was the only one who played Arts and Culture games lo;

JD2005 Cool!

EloquentRacer92 I love it!

Ash Uhh... ok.

MrGoodGuy lol, its cool

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Finally I made a Meme

JD2005 XD

Ash Lol

BigBroDexter 😀😀

Scruffypenny lol

Ash 😁😂

Finally I made a Meme

JD2005 XD

Ash Lol

Ash What the-

JD2005 😶

GuitaristKid LOL