Incredibly beautiful... Also, the national bird of India! 😍

lunamoonlight cool.

A few months after joining KidzNet, I started to fall in 💖 with anime. I'm a now a top fan of anime, manga and related subjects!
Special thanks to GemHeart! 😊

GemHeart No problem! My grandfather sorta got me into it at first! Anime is a great thing if you look in the right places... but don't look in the bad ones! Anime is for everyone, kid, teen, adult-- but you need to keep yourself in the right ones. But I do suggest you check out Bleach, it's a great teen anime about friendship... but there's also some awesome action and characters!


Which e-commerce service provider do you prefer more?
A) amazon
B) ebay

JD2005 A

JD2005 Note: Polls will end and the results will be announced after 2 days, at the same time.

FunHeart1010 Amazon 100%

Sliptooth35 A

lunamoonlight I don't use either.

KnightStar Amazon

GemHeart Amazon, totally


What has to be broken, before you can use it?

JD2005 Time: 1 Day.

Sliptooth35 An egg? A glow stick? I'm just stating the obvious. 😂

lunamoonlight a shoe, an egg, a glow stick, any number of things

GemHeart A pencil?!?!? IDK!!!

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I made this for an acrostic poem contest on KT, I had to make it using my username, what do you guys think?

L is for Learning to be stronger when using my words to have a voice
U is for Unique, perfectly me
N is for Never giving up, I will fight till the end
A is for Alone, something I no longer am
M is for Marvelous, as I am extraordinary in my own way
I is for Independant, I can do things on my own
D is for Daring, I am brave with what I say
N is for Natural, I am never fake
I is for Irreplacable, I am the only true me
G is for Generous, I give all I can
H is for Happy, something I hope to become
T is for Trustworthy, I will never tell a secret

FunHeart1010 Awesome!

JD2005 Amazing!

Queen157 Thanks for joking my contest!

Queen157 Oh dang I meant joining.

Ugh... Got a fever again...
*Hello sickness, my old friend* 😒

GemHeart Yep...

Queen157 Always happening

Tardar Sauce, commonly known as Grumpy Cat, was an American internet celebrity cat, who left us for ever recently at the age of 7. The whole internet is mourning for her loss.
Rest In Peace, Dear Grumpy... We'll never forget you...
Here's the tweet from her official Twitter account announcing her death!
😪 #RemeberingGrumpy #RIP #TheAmazingInternet 😩

Emelyisaway NOOOOO!

FunHeart1010 :'(

lunamoonlight I just found this out today, Grump Cat is my favorite celeberty, may she live on in our hearts and the memes.

FunHeart1010 R.I.P

JD2005 "Some days are grumpier than others..."

ammyk I've never heard of her before, but she was a beautiful cat, and I can tell that her family/owners loved her VERY much!

lunamoonlight HOW HAVE U NEVER HEARD OF GRUMPY CAT!? Even before I ever went on the internet I knew who Grumpy Cat was!

ammyk I don't know. I really don't know.

ammyk Also, you stole my thunder.

KnightStar *GASP*


What is your most favourite group on #KidzNet?

JD2005 Anime Art to Share, I love it the most!

GemHeart Thanks a lot JD! I don't really have a fave

lunamoonlight Either my diary or depression support group, idk, i also like gem's art groups and knight's diary

FortnitePlayer Same gem

JD2005 NP Gem! Also, I made some posts on your group!

GemHeart KK, thx!!

JD2005 NP!

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Lovable Rose Girl! 😍

GemHeart Awwww!

FunHeart1010 Aww so cute!