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I've been looking through people's feeds, and it's so cool to see how ever one has changed over the years. I think at the very beginning of KidzNet people were acting more like actual social media, but it changed into a completely different community of its own. Thank you, Kidzsearch for creating this platform, and thank you GemHeart, lunamoonlight, knightstar, funheart1010, JD2005, queeny and many, many others for being courteous and forming KidzNet into what it is today!

(This seems like an anniversary post, but as far as I know, it's not. So... I'm just really bad at timing.)

(Also, I'm sorry if you're not taghed. These are just the first people I thought of, and I'm rather tired. sorry again.)

lunamoonlight :)

KnightStar Thanks for tagging me second. And yes, I agree with you!! I've certainly changed since I was 11, lol. Like A L O T.

GemHeart LOLL thank you tho!!

JD2005 Thank you, and I agree! ❤

CSeriestechhero I'm grateful this platform came into existence. It's a good place to go to if you get tired of mainstream social media and is a very unique place. I made my KN account in February around when i was in 4th grade i think because my 4th grade teacher wanted us students to use KidzSearch. I thought at first it was just a old abandoned search engine made several years ago and was never updated until I checked out the other services KS had. KN seemed like the service that drew me in so i made an account. To be honest, i believe KN is in it's prime as it is not inactive nor extremely active. It's just right. I don't wait until I get a notification like larger platforms, which is why I like this network. I also like the layout of a lot of KN services. I like the people here, as though they may not be extremely relatable, its always interesting to see their quirks and differences. Also, thx for the @

JD2005 Thank you for tagging me! And I agree with you. KN really means much more than just a social media platform to me. We are not just friends, we are more like a big family. I would like to mention what Alan Walker said to his fans, "We're apart, but still together". I feel the same way about our KS community. Love y'all! ❤

Sugarrushfa Hey! Thanks so much for tagging me @ammyk

Queeny thanks for tagging meh :) I agree with JD, this place feels like family :)

Pumpkin Nice

JD2005 @Queeny It really does! ❤

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I’ve even been sketching swimsuits a lot recently. First time I’ve actually wanted summer lol. This was a tryout for skin, cuz I’m trying out a hardshaded stylized manga style so I can get inspired lol. T.T

lunamoonlight Cute!

JD2005 So cute! ❤

JD2005 Love it, especially those eyes! ❤


tacoboi i like the backround

tacoboi BOOTYFUL

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(Topic- Natural Selection)

Q- What is a trait variation? Give an example.
A- "raeanne"
Me- Wut?

Q- What is trait variation? Give an example.
A- "better life"
Me- I- wut?

Q- What is trait variation? Give an example.
A- "ist your hare cother and it comes from your famaley"
A- "tra drafs have long neks"
Me- Dudes. *gives a dictionary* Take this, learn to spell.

Q- How can the environment affect an organism's traits? Give an example.
A- "A white mouse can survive in the arctic better than a black mouse"
Me- You're trying. But, I very much doubt that a mouse will survive in the arctic, might be a little chilly.

Q- (Doesn't matter)
A- "layne told me to be quiet and wouldn't help me"
Me- Do your own work stupid. Layne ain't your tutor.

Q- How can the environment affect an organism's traits?
A- "it can a fekt them bay chanjing kuler or bay lanth"
Me- You- this is why my school is crap, people who don't have English as their first language can spell better than that.

Q- What is natural selection?
A- "it is a plant"
Me- No. No, it is not.

Q- What is natural selection?
A- "the process where by organisms"
Me- What does that sentence even mean?

Q- What is natural selection?
A- "wen a anmol serten anmol has a slechen"
Me- Learn. English. This looks like some other language.

Q- What is artificial selection?
A- "it is wen a heme bred anmols"
Me- Did you just come here from kindergarten?

Q- Explain how natural selection could lead to a chance in the population.
A- "Natural selection can cause micro evolution, or a change in allele frequencies over time, with fitness-increasing alleles becoming more common in the population over generations. ... It refers to how many offspring organisms of a particular genotype or phenotype leave in the next generation, relative to others in the group."
Me- Accurate, but what website... did you get that off of? (definitely copied and pasted)

Q- Explain how could natural selection lead to a change of a whole population.
A- "spider dna + dragonfly = spider dragonfly"
Me- *facial expression of someone looking at some bull crap*

Q- How could natural selection affect humans?
A- "Car crashes."
Me- You... do not understand this lesson, do you?

Q- How could natural selection affect humans?
A- "i wont effect"
Me- You exist, therefore, incorrect.

Q- How could natural selection affect humans?
A- "when you get a serten stran for a shot it dosen nessarly make youn not get the sikness"
"wen anmols over poplat it can be bad"
"animas might go extint"

lunamoonlight Note- I know some kids just don't know the answers, and I try not to pick on them, since I get it, but they at least tried. When someone doesn't even bother to make their answer good, or when they just don't try, don't want to learn the material, it just makes you seem like a stupid idiot.

JD2005 LOL, but oof. 😑

Queeny Answer 4. Actually, half true. A white mouse would survive better due to being able to blend into the snow and avoid predator detection, however I doubt a mouse would last that long in the artic temperature. A better comparison would be artic foxes vs red foxes. For the rest of these, I am praying their first language isn't English. No way someone could make it to middle school and still be that illiterate.

JD2005 What th- 😑

lunamoonlight All real im afraid.

CoralSophie08 what on earth-

KnightStar my classmates are dumbs too. for discussion essay, they write like a sentence and don't even capitalize anything. talk about grammar. well anyways i steal their idea and reform it into ~smart~

lunamoonlight (To Queeny on the original, it wouldn't let me comment) Ha. Hahahahahahaha. Oh, dear Queeny. Let's hope that by chance, you never meet my classmates. Trust me, you really don't want to.

ammyk Are- what? Gosh, those poor teachers.

lunamoonlight @ammyk Yeah, I feel bad for my Science teacher, and my Math teacher, and my ELA teachers, my SS teacher is snape tho

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"Don't the stars look beautiful tonight / Just like you"... 💜

JD2005 Original group post: Quotes

lunamoonlight Such a bootiful picture

rockstar same

Ada4 What a beautiful quote

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Agreed. 💜

JD2005 Original group post: Quotes

Raven 😎

lunamoonlight Mhmm

Ada4 Yes, agreed, for sure

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JD2005 Love it! ❤

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JD2005 Original group post: Quotes

lunamoonlight I like the quote, but "the" in "suffered the deadly pain" makes me chuckle a little.

JD2005 @lunamoonlight Yep, it should have been "suffered the deadliest pain". The author needs to improve their grammatical knowledge lol.

lunamoonlight Yeah

KnightStar suffered THE deadly pain. there's a targeted pain, which is THE pain in which Harry suffered. in some ways, it makes sense.

KnightStar sometimes when i go back it makes sense and then i go back again and it makes total nonsense and i come back and it sorta makes sense but still in a weird way

lunamoonlight Just reminds me of a cat video I watched that said "Oh nu! Do u hav the depres?" lol.

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Never give up. ❤

JD2005 Original group post: Quotes

Sugarrushfa That’s cool

GemHeart That’s from Twilight I think.... lol

JD2005 @GemHeart IDK... Maybe lol. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Chibi Linda!

JD2005 Wow, so pretty! ❤

JD2005 So cute! ❤