Wishing that Spring blooms your each day with lots of happiness!

🌼 #TheSeasonofSpring 😃

FortnitePlayer Happy spring

PINK221 Thank you! Happy Spring to everyone!

JD2005 NP!

GemHeart Thank you!!

Finally Spring has come. I can hear cuckoos singing outside, all day long! I feel really happy and excited when I listen to their calls! 🐦 #TheSeasonofSpring 😃

lunamoonlight I hear annoying dogs barking, the TV loud as flarf, and my cat hissing at me. You're lucky.

JD2005 LOL

GemHeart Huh. I hear vultures, birds, yelling, complaining, crying, and the TV blaring.

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I pray for the Muslim and New Zealand community. My heart goes out to you

LouTheLuver how is this cool

Queeny Me too, I hope everything turns out okay :(

Kitten not "cool"

JD2005 COOL!? How can it be so?

JD2005 Praying to the God!

KnightStar I commented on the wrong post.

I'll announce an art contest and post the T&Cs soon, so anyone who is interested in participating, please keep your eyes on The Creativity Club!
😃 https://net.kidzsearch.com/group/909304 🎨

JD2005 And if you aren't a member but still want to participate, don't worry. The Creativity Club is always open, so don't mind to request for a membership and it'll be approved by me!

Queeny I'll definitely join when I have the time!

JD2005 Thanks Queeny!

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Mini clay foods

JD2005 Those are awesome! Can you remember it?

Queeny Yep! And I've made more since then, there super fun to make! Thanks for sharing!

JD2005 No problem!

I've decided to save my pocket money to buy a smartwatch for myself in the future! 💰 ⌚

cookie122105 cool

GemHeart Awesome!!!!

lunamoonlight cool

KnightStar Great idea!

FortnitePlayer Cool

lunamoonlight I save money I get from my dad (all pennies) and I once got $20 when i added up my change.

TylerTheDrummer Cool!

Queeny Cool!

JD2005 Great luna!

Tech savvy Panda!
😁 #WeBareBears 🐼 #CartoonNetwork 🐻

FunHeart1010 Dont worry panda, we all love you! :D :D

KnightStar Cute! WE ALL LOVE U PANDA!!!!!!!

cookie122105 iluv u panda

GemHeart Awww!

Queeny Aw! And we love you panda :)

JD2005 Yes, we love you a lot!

Hey, it's selfie time!
😁 #WeBareBears #CartoonNetwork 🐻

KnightStar I love that cartoon!!

GemHeart Aw! Never seen the cartoon tho, whats it like?

JD2005 Cute, cool and funny!

Who likes this 'cool, cute and funny' TV show around here? It's the main reason why I love watching Cartoon Network!
😃 #WeBareBears #CartoonNetwork 😎

lunamoonlight I dont watch it but i have seen a million comercials for it

GemHeart Never watched it, I watch Tom and Jerry and Gumball tho.

FortnitePlayer Me

lunamoonlight I watch MLP, Spongebob, and Unikitty.

GemHeart I watch Sponge too. Was gonna watch Uni but eh

lunamoonlight Unikitty is sorta.. super girly. I dont normally watch things like Unikitty but when I have nothing else to do, meh

JD2005 I watch Tom & Jerry too!

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To go along with the Pi Day stuff, my teacher gave us an assignment to do and I wrote a poem.

JD2005 Awesome!

KnightStar LOL!

JD2005 #PiDay2019

GemHeart You did a great job!!!

KnightStar He's great at writing poems!

lunamoonlight Nice!

Queeny I like it!