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Has anyone else had a surprise class just pop up? Because I got a design class, that is dragging my grade down and now I have four missing assignments because I had to work on the stupid prototype. And then my design teacher is a Crunchy lizard who leaves herself on unmute while she types, which is one of my biggest pet peeves, and she types a lot. Also, random thing there are things all over my room (Guess how they got there, Clue; Anger) and I'm sorry if I'm making it seem like it's worse than it is and I'm being dramatic. also, ELA is a waste of time because we have to do Acers and stuff like that is not affecting my writing skills at all, and my ELA teacher is mean and we are learning the same things over and over again each week. and if it didn't affect my grade I would probably just go to science, Social studies, and math and just get rid of those two classes because my other teachers at least try to be interactive and they make sure their directions make sense and are giving us things that we understand. and I understand that i am in honors classes, but that does NOT mean that I automatically understand how to do something, or that I automatically could make a whole prototype in the whole two days we have to sketch and build. I don't have the materials to do this but they don't care, and they don't even provide the thing we need to make it if we don't have the materials needed! and that is THEIR responsibility because it's THEIR class and we don't have any option to not go to it because THEY want us to do it so we have to do it because we are not adults and don't get to choose how our life works, and we have to listen to all of thier stupid rules.

CoralSophie08 Ouchhhh.

Ash I feel you, sometimes I have to rage because of some *bleep* teacher.

Anonymous I get you. The "learning things over and over again" is just common core schooling. But yeah, the materials thing, there should be materials given, not all families can afford to buy their kids materials for a class, that's inconsiderate.

This is hilarious

cutieDream23 i lovegacha

Me~ Takes a quiz that tells you your marauders mixture and I got Sirius and remus~

JD2005 lol

the fact that my teacher was talking about how much she loves sharks (Specifically Hammerheads) today 😂

JD2005 XD

DukeSilver What'd she say about them? It seems kind of random.

IneedsiriusHelp @DukeSilver We we doing an essay about why we like something and she was just talking about how much she loved sharks and then she started getting sidetracked and for the rest of class she kept talking about sharks

IneedsiriusHelp She also said a bunch of facts that i can't remember because i was working on my essay

DukeSilver Honestly, sounds like a pretty cool teacher.

JD2005 Same @DukeSilver.

I went bonkers about this

PurpleMochi HOLY COW

CoralSophie08 mind=blown

HarryPotterLover123 O.M.G!!!!!!

I explained harry potter to my best friends and she said "So he's a rich Orphan who fights bad guys..." and then I said "Basically" And then she said "BATMAN!".

She's obsessed with Superheros

lunamoonlight I-well, not wrong-

IneedsiriusHelp I meant best friend, not best friends

PurpleMochi I’ve never noticed that...

Kiara Lol

JD2005 XD

CoralSophie08 bAtMaN

My friends ship me with luna lovegood. 😌 😅

lunamoonlight Loll

JD2005 lol